What to choose: renault logan and chevrolet cobalt


If the Renault Logan of the first generation was considered a newcomer, a debutant in the segment of low-cost sedans, the second generation turned it into an experienced master. Now - this is the starting point for all the "recruits" who have not yet had time to smell gunpowder. And the producers of Chevrolet Cobalt, who released this model as Logan’s direct competitor, should have understood this. Let us examine both cars by the bones and find out whether Cobalt Logan is worthy?

Comparing cars Renault Logan and Chevrolet Cobalt

Comparing cars Renault Logan and Chevrolet Cobalt

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Renault Logan first generation immediately went to the masses

The fact that over time, everything changes - and the budgets of buyers, and the concept of a “real” good car is not new. It is recalled that several years ago they said that the idea of ​​the French automakers, regarding Renault Dacia / Logan, would cost a lot of good money. They thought it was worth 5 thousand US dollars and did not threaten more. And indeed, at first the project was realized and the first Logan went to the masses, only now the price confidently crossed not 5, but 10 thousandth mark. Today, the dollar is not the same as before, but Logan still holds in the segment of state employees and competitors he does not have much.

Renault Logan car

Renault Logan car

Interestingly, the Renault Logan manufacturers set out to not easily compete with A-class cars, and compete with a higher class sedans. And designers are trying to achieve, which is remarkable, by all means create a good spaciousness of the cabin and make the trunk size incredibly voluminous. This rearmost compartment is larger than that of many golf-class cars and is even able to compete with the boot racks of some D-class sedans.

A well-known car manufacturing company a few years ago also became interested in producing similar low-end models that would always keep the price. Citroën C-Elysee and the 301st, and last year Chevrolet, decided to play by the same rules and released the direct competitor, Chevrolet Cobalt, into the arena. This car - the development of one of the branches of General Motors, which was originally aimed at the countries of the so-called third world. Chevrolet Cobalt production was decided to start, respectively, in one of the Central Asian republics.

What are the differences

Let's start with the design, it would seem the most ungrateful thing, but what to do. It was the exterior surfaces of the Chevrolet Cobalt that forced us to do this. They seem to be ironed, if not by amateurs, then by novice designers, but in Logan’s appearance you cannot say exactly that. It is immediately apparent that this is a second-generation car, and they did not spare funds or energy for improving its exterior.

Автомобиль Chevrolet Cobalt

Автомобиль Chevrolet Cobalt

The interior of both cars causes almost the same sensations. Logan, for whom he limited refined solutions and expensive materials (why not be surprised, because this is a state employee ?!), should not have been, but it is perceived much more pleasant and more logical than Cobalt. It should be noted the features of the layout of the Chevrolet Cobalt, where, in order to ensure maximum capacity, the emphasis was placed on the verticality of the landing and the front seats were clearly high. It turns out that a driver with an average build, even at the lowest position of the seat, will still sit high, as on a chair. If the growth of the driver is above average, then it’s dangerous to sit in this car, as you’ll just rest your head on the ceiling. It seems that in this situation you expect excellent visibility, but alas, in order to accomplish this, you must at least double the front pillars.

Advantage Logan

It is obvious. Logan is better with a vertical seat adjustment, which is not formal, like its competitor. In addition, the range of the settings themselves is wide, and the driver's seat is very comfortable, even though the pillow is shorter in length. As for ergonomics, then Logan could be scolded only for minor issues, such as the LED button of the air conditioner, the keys of the rear window lifters, and so on.

Car Renault Logan

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In both cars, there is enough clearance in front of the knees of the rear passengers. As much as 10 cm of the gap is enough to comfortably travel long distances.

Salon car Chevrolet Cobalt

Salon car Chevrolet Cobalt

In general, both in height and in length, Logan represents more space. But the width is more spacious in Cobalt, which is clearly seen at shoulder level.


Both cars were strictly judged by nobody. The fact is that it is enough for such sedans to show acceptable control accuracy, predictability of reactions and excellent stability. The rest is not so important.

But to test thoroughly the energy intensity of the suspension is another matter. And both sedans did not let us down, showing good resistance to breakdown on a rough road. On our Russian roads, this parameter is very important.

Still more comfortable riding on the Logan. Cobalt on small bumps often shakes, and his body plays in unison with the longitudinal and transverse differences of road surfaces. All this has a negative impact not only on passengers, but also on the driver, who is constantly tense. In Russia, the roads are not everywhere asphalted and Cobalt in this regard is already losing to Logan, who is much better at handling bad roads.

But in any way you will not carp for suspensions of both sedans. They do not lead to buildup, even with alternating irregularities. In addition, when vigorously carried out maneuvering does not occur feeling valkost, as in some cars. Both cars showed themselves well in terms of motion sickness. Tested on children prone to motion sickness, and everything went without trouble.

car modelChevrolet CobaltRenault Logan
Body typesedan / 4/5sedan / 4/5
type of drivefrontfront
Weight, kg11701127
Gearbox5 MKPP5 MKPP
engine's typePetrolPetrol
Working volume, cm314851598
Maximum power, l. with.10582/102
Maximum speed, km / h170180
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, s11,710,5
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km8,4/5,3/6,59,4/5,8/7,1
Retail price, rublesof 483 000from 428 000

Dynamics and its nuances

Some of our experts during the test called Cobalt more dynamic. But this is the case, if you do not be lazy and unwind the engine more, in a timely manner switching to low gears.

In the dynamics of acceleration Logan is unambiguous. He has a great desire to accelerate, and even from the bottom (not showing special skill, you can safely start off at speed 2). Logan does not impose special requirements on the choice of the desired level and is much more convenient than Cobalt. One could say this: Logan is just the perfect car for novice drivers, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t have an automatic transmission like the expensive version of Cobalt.


And finally, the most important thing for our buyer, who only recently began to realize that his choice is not only in the value of the car. So, prices for the Cobalt versions start at 483 thousand rubles. I am glad that the basic version of the car includes heated front seats and mirrors in the set of options, this is very important for our Russian winter. As for the speaker system, only the so-called “preparation” is provided, for which the owner must already select the head speakers individually. But ABS, alloy wheels, "fog", a computer, an alarm system - all this comes only with expensive versions, already for 572 thousand rubles, which includes the long-awaited automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Cobalt car: rear view

Chevrolet Cobalt car: rear view

Что касается Логана, то у этого седана, касательно двигателей, есть неплохой выбор. С единственной 5 MKPP можно выбрать вариант с 82 л. с. или с 102 л. с. Самая доступная версия с 82 л. с. двигателем продается за 355 тысяч рублей. Она подразумевает наличие скудных опций. Стоимость Reno Logan с двигателем на 102 л. с. начинается с 428 тысячи рублей, но здесь набор опций гораздо шире. Есть АБС, ГУР и многое другое. Хотя, что интересно, кондиционер идет за доплату в 25 тысяч рублей. Самая дорогая комплектация Reno Logan включает необходимый набор систем безопасности и комфорта и плюс ко всему имеется возможность за доплату в 14 тысяч рублей стать обладателем навигационной системы Мультимедиа.

Renault Logan car: rear view

Renault Logan car: rear view

Advantages and disadvantages

Chevrolet Cobalt

  • Good spaciousness.
  • Wide rear cabin compared to Renault Logan.
  • The mirror adjustment panel is conveniently located on the door, in harmony at the same level with the mirror.
  • The width of the space in the back seat is greater than that of the opponent.
  • Convenient management of microclimate buttons.
  • Easy to read and large numbers on the instrument scales.
  • Driving seat too high.
  • Less comfortable interior in general.
  • The worst quality materials.
  • Dissonance combined digital and analog innings and dials.

Test drive car Chevrolet Cobalt:

Reno Logan

  • The convenience of landing.
  • Excellent organization of access to most controls.
  • Pleasant and high quality materials.
  • More comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetic than its rival.
  • More space in the rear cabin height.
  • No adjustment of the departure of the steering column.
  • Lack of automatic transmission.
  • Not enough engine temperature gauge in the instrument cluster.
  • Inconvenient adjustment of air flow distribution.

Test drive car Renault Logan:

Now we will try to digest all the above information. What do we get? Cobalt has less options and power unit has only one to choose from. But there is a choice of automatic transmission and manual transmission.

Logan has more options, even though there is no automatic box. Developed in this sedan and package selection system. All this a priori indicates that Renault Logan again showed a more friendly approach to the buyer than his opponent.


The experience of creating a car, honed under the budget market, played its role. Chevrolet Cobalt in terms of consumer preferences inferior to Logan. On the other hand, it has a larger trunk, and the configuration of the rear compartment itself causes only praise. Cobalt has a powerful and omnivorous suspension, it is unpretentious and simple.

If Cobalt was a bit cheaper than it is, then he managed to make Logan a competition, and so, it is still an unripe fruit, which still has to grow and grow. Logan can be reproached, except archaic engines, which the manufacturer was obliged to carry out modernization, even in the absence of real competition in the classroom.

The results of our comparative test are as follows. The game, to be honest, initially went only at one gate, and Cobalt acted as a defender. Only in the nomination "Trunk" he was able to win, but otherwise he completely lost to Logan. According to our experts, 69.5 points were given to Chevrolet Cobalt, which, in addition to a good boot, also showed good braking system functionality, excellent sound insulation and convenient steering.

Renault Logan gets 71.5 points. Practically on all points he is a head taller than his opponent, and this is not surprising, because, as was said above, experience has done its work.