The new generation skoda superb can be ordered from

Новопоколенный Skoda Superb можно заказать уже с 30 сентября

A few days left before the appearance on the Russian market of a new, third, generation Skoda Superb. Prices have not yet been announced, however, as well as the configurations created specifically for our market, but the fact that dealers will begin to take orders for a novelty on the last day of September is known for sure. It is on this day that all the other technical and price details will be announced. If you compare externally new Skoda Superb and its predecessor, the increased angularity of the front optics and side mirrors is striking, and LED taillights give the new car a certain charm with its three-dimensional contours, it seems that they are made of Bohemian mountain crystal, not otherwise. Новопоколенный Skoda Superb можно заказать уже с 30 сентября Optics new superb retooled biksenon and LEDs running lights, in the trim levels are available advanced adaptive cruise control: this is an assistant when driving on the lane, and control of blind zones and distance to the car ahead, and if this distance is less than the critical value, braking is automatically performed. There is an emergency braking system in case of emergency situations, the state of all "vital organs" of the car is displayed on the display interactively, including the current pressure in the chambers. Among all the Skoda of this class, new superb probably the most voluminous luggage compartment. Whole 584 liters. Mother-in-law will be glad. Новопоколенный Skoda Superb можно заказать уже с 30 сентября The back door has the ability to open without hands. She has a so-called "virtual pedal", which is triggered when holding the toe of the boot under the rear bumper. There is installed a sensor, which, when determining the owner's feet at a certain point under the bumper, gives an order to the electric luggage door to open.

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It is known that for the Russian market Skoda Superb will be equipped only with gasoline engines that comply with the safety of emissions of the sixth environmental Euroclass. These are TSI engines: 1.4-liter, developing power of 125 and 150 horses, 1.8-liter for 180 and two-liter for two hundred and twenty horsepower. In the new line there is an all-wheel drive version, which is equipped with a 280-horsepower two-liter TSI. The car is based on the MQB-B platform, it is a modular front-wheel drive platform, on the same, for example, assembled VW Passat V8. Новопоколенный Skoda Superb можно заказать уже с 30 сентября Produce Skoda Superb at the Czech car factory in Kvasiny. Models of the third generation began to go off the conveyor lines of this plant in March 2015.