Ranking of the best chinese suvs in 2018


The choice and purchase of a vehicle is always accompanied by particular difficulties. If the logical assessment of the needs of the future car owner helps to determine the type of the desired car and the functionality required by the consumer, the selection of a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer often causes a lot of doubts. To give preference to, though expensive, but reliable German cars, Japanese refinement or a Chinese manufacturer, about the quality of goods of which many dubious legends go - not an easy dilemma. In this article, we will present to the review the best Chinese SUVs on the Russian market that deserve the attention of the consumer, as well as consider new items from Chinese automakers that will be supplied to the domestic market in 2018.

Top Chinese SUVs

TOP best Chinese SUV.

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Top 5 best Chinese-made SUV

Despite the significant mistrust of consumers to products of Chinese origin, the opinion about the low quality of products from the Middle Kingdom often does not have official and truthful help, and cars from China at the present time are not inferior to machines of other manufacturers, differing by an excellent price-quality ratio. This is confirmed by independent reviews of experts, professionals and users, as well as vehicle test results. We will review Chinese SUVs with decent technical characteristics, quality and reliability indicators, successfully implemented in Russia.

Progressive popular SUVs supplied to the Russian market by China is the Chery Tiggo 5 model. Professionals and consumers confidently call this model the best Chinese SUV in terms of functionality, design development and pricing, which in 2018 will range from nine hundred thousand rubles for the base modification. The uniqueness of this car is its unique design - youth, solid and at the same time stylish, which is the automaker's own development, unlike the appearance of many other cars of Chinese origin. The advantage of the machine is the presence of an improved lighting system and a modified braking system, advanced electronics, modified according to innovative technologies.

Chery Tiggo 5

The version of the Chinese FAW Besturn X80 crossover gained a good operational reputation from the domestic consumer, confidently entered the TOP-5 best cars from China in 2018. The model is supplied to Russia in the following modification: a two-liter engine with a declared capacity of one hundred forty-two horsepower, a manual or automatic six-speed gearbox. The functional characteristics of the car are also impressive: the presence of rear parking sensors, the ability to start from a button, keyless access and electric power steering provide driving pleasure, and the interior of the cabin pleases the user with sophisticated design, including a comfortable steering wheel in leather trim, heated seats and a stylish hatch. The cost of a SUV in Russia is one million one hundred fifty thousand rubles.

FAW Besturn X80

The new Chinese SUV Changan CS55 began to be supplied to the markets of Russia only last summer, for such a short period it became the favorite of many consumers, entered the leadership position in terms of sales. The consumers were impressed not only by the rich equipment of the basic version of the car, but also by the adequate price, which is slightly more than eight hundred thousand rubles, while the maximum equipment will cost the buyer up to a million two hundred rubles. Among the advantages of the model, consumers point out its stylish exterior design, comfortable and spacious interior, rich and functional interior. The model is presented to the Russian consumer in six trim levels, which allows any consumer to choose a suitable option for himself at an adequate price. The Changan CS55 model is already considered the best SUV in terms of price and quality indicators.

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Model Brilliance V5 gained popularity after restyling in 2015. The design of the car resembles the appearance of BMW, while the model is characterized by updated systems of LED marker and daytime lights. The SUV is equipped with a four-liter turbocharged engine, a five-speed automatic type transmission, has electric power steering, a modernized suspension and decent ground clearance, which allows the car owner to feel confident in poor road coverage, which is often characterized by Russian roads. The advantages of the car users also include a comfortable lounge, which is performed in an unusual style for Chinese automakers, where the standard plastic trim was replaced with tinted chrome and soft panels. The cost of the basic model starts from eight hundred thousand rubles, however, the maximum grade is estimated much more expensive, and the price is not always considered justified by consumers.

Brilliance V5

The Chinese SUV l I rice X60, performed in a classic style, has received the recognition of many consumers due to the high quality of reliability and dependability in operation against the backdrop of budget pricing policies. Modern electronics, powerful engine, decent ground clearance, unpretentious work and high wear resistance criteria - these are only the main advantages of the car. Basic equipment modified engine 1.8 liters. and a five-speed manual transmission, has a cost of about seven hundred thousand rubles, while the top version of the model is estimated by the manufacturer at nine hundred thousand, which also falls within the budget category.

l I rice X60

Expected Chinese SUV on the Russian market in 2018

The close territorial location of Russia and China, the close economic cooperation of the countries provoke every year more and more large-scale import of vehicle models to the domestic market. In 2018, Russian consumers are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the following Chinese SUVs, which, according to professionals and experts, will rapidly take leading positions in the market:

  1. Experts predict a rapid popularity of the revolutionary SsangYong Rexton Chinese SUV. The Rexton model, improved after the restyling, is characterized by significant changes in the design of the car, the interior and the technical characteristics. An updated version of the fourth-generation SUV is expected in the Russian markets already at the equator of 2018, while the manufacturer makes the model a premium-class car. According to experts, the price policy of the SUV will start from two million rubles.SsangYong Rexton
  2. The Changan CS75 model has already been presented in 2017, however, the SUV will only be available in the Russian market in mid-2018. Worthy indicators of reliability, improved design, compared with the previous model, excellent performance criteria and the price of one million two hundred thousand rubles foreshadow its popularity among premium customers.Changan CS75
  3. Hawtai Concern, which is known in Russia for its Boliger car, plans in 2018 to put on a serial implementation the new HTM Laville SUV, modified by a radial video review system with one hundred forty-five horsepower, a six-speed manual transmission and a four-band “robot”. The cost of the basic version of the Chinese HTM Laville SUV will start from nine hundred thousand rubles for the base modification.Hawtai Housing
  4. The delivery of the new H7L SUV from the automaker Haval is also expected. The extended model will delight seven-seat spaciousness of the cabin, a strict appearance, a two-liter engine with a capacity of two hundred twenty-four horsepower. The final delivery dates to the Russian market have not yet been established, however, the official certification of the model indicates that the wait is short.A quiet ceremony
  5. Новая модель Chery Tiggo 7 будет доступна потребителю к концу 2018 года. Габаритному и мощному паркетнику Tiggo 7 в обновлённом дизайне эксперты прогнозируют большое будущее в России, хоть цена за модель и не будет относиться к категории бюджетных.Chery Tiggo 7

The well-known and not very automakers Landwind, Geely, Zotye, Haima and others are planning to import new, improved models of SUVs to the Russian market. Which of them will succeed in realizing itself on the Russian markets and become a leader in reliability and performance, compliance with quality and price characteristics, is difficult to predict, the results can be assessed at the end of the year based on statistical data.

Let's sum up

Chinese cars have been successfully sold on the Russian markets for several years now and, despite some consumer mistrust, are popular. Attracts consumers more often in cars of the Chinese automaker democratic pricing policy, in comparison with many global concerns. It is up to you to give preference to motor transport manufacturers, overpaying for the brand, or to buy a Chinese-made car at an adequate price. Professionals confidently say that at the present time Chinese-made cars have the opportunity to compete adequately in the world market with the majority of well-known automakers.