Pilot lada xray is ready for testing

Пилотник Лады Xray готов к испытаниям

Serial production of the new Avtovaz crossover Xray is just around the corner. The management of AVTOVAZ is striving to start the conveyor at a forced pace, the pilot version of the SUV is already preparing for the test driving tests, ahead of the previously planned deadlines. The car was personally checked by Bo Andersson, reportedly he looked quite satisfied after that. AvtoVAZ has long been optimizing its work in the entire production chain, and if, as promised by its management, Lada Xray will start to be produced in lots December 15, 2015, this will be the best confirmation that the efforts for this internal optimization have not been wasted.

Photos of the first pre-series Xray crossovers have already been published online and nothing new has been added to the design features since. Next year they plan to release about sixty thousand crossovers at AvtoVAZ, and the first shipments of cars will be sent to car dealers by the end of the current - the beginning of 2016.

Models Lada Xray will be equipped 1.6-liter, 114-horsepower Renault engines, a 106-horsepower version of this engine in a VAZ version, equipped with French mechanics, and a third version of the power unit - a completely new development of the AvtoVAZ design bureau. Its volume will be 1.8 liters, the developed power will be equivalent to the herd of 123 horses, to work the engine will be paired with an automated manual transmission. Пилотник Лады Xray готов к испытаниям As for prices, the exact numbers today will not be called anyone because of the floating exchange rate of the ruble. Presumably Lada Xray will be sold for 500-600 thousand rubles. We have already written that AVTOVAZ has extended the warranty period, which applies to Vest and Xray cars, to 5 years, and it is possible that the mileage of the guarantee mileage will also be increased (for others, the warranty is 3 years or 100,000 km.).

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By the way, the project is also developing in parallel Lada Vesta. Until September 21 of this year, the management of AVTOVAZ promises to carry out closed tests of this car. The first Vesta will appear in dealer networks in October. If someone wants to take an active part in a test drive, he should win the competition "Zaste Vesta!"which is held on social networks from April 20.