Uaz patriot devolro can get mercedes and toyota engines

UAZ Patriot Devolro может получить моторы Mercedes и Toyota

New Patriot may be so

Tuning studio Devolro, who took up the capital development of the design and equipment of the Ulyanovsk Patriot, is going to expand the range of its engines through the use of gasoline engines and diesel engines installed on modern Toyota and Mercedes. It will not be directly the same engines, just borrowed from famous brands, the studio is going to upgrade them and adapt them to the requests of Russian roads and weather conditions. This is the plan for deep restyling of the Ulyanovsk car. UAZ-Patriot. It is clear that such cardinal changes will entail a rise in prices for the finished car. If now UAZ Patriot available in the range from 600 to 900 thousand rubles, then after restyling it will cost two to three times more, depending on the configuration. Nobody can name more exact figures today.

As they say restylers, new UAZ Patriot will receive under the hood of a four-liter gasoline powerplant, the second in the updated line of engines will be a three-liter diesel unit, enhanced by turbocharging.

As already mentioned, no one will develop these engines from scratch, they will be modernized and “upgraded”. The motors of the three most famous car brands are considered: Mercedes, BMW and Toyota. Today, tests are conducted engines of all three automakers. Which ones will be installed on restyled Patriot, will show the results of preliminary tests. Devolro developers themselves are more sympathetic to toyotovskim and mersedesovskim engines. New Patriots will have a mechanical and automatic transmission, and the buyer can choose which one he likes. Both engines will be easy to interface with even the mechanics, even with a gun.

UAZ Patriot Devolro может получить моторы Mercedes и Toyota

or so ...

In addition to the usual fans of driving on off-road vehicles, updated Patriots may be interested in the MOE, and firefighters, and ambulance service. At least, the developers take into account this possibility and will offer several variants of the Patriot. Most likely, they will make, in addition to the classic version of the UAZ, an entry-level fire engine, and an off-road vehicle for rescuers and doctors.

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Devolro plans to open in the neighborhood with UAZ its three workshops, components for UAZ Patriot Devolro will be produced both here and delivered from the shops of this studio, working in America.