Features of the choice of hydraulic jacks for cars


Every motorist, experienced and not very familiar with such a device as a jack. That jack allows you to lift and fix the car if necessary repairs. There was a problem at home or on the road - no difference. Without a jack to repair will not work.

The jack goes to the basic configuration of many cars from the factory. However, as a rule, the device that the manufacturer offers us is the simplest and most budget. This is a mechanical automobile jack, which, in addition to its low carrying capacity, has another huge disadvantage - the need to exert great efforts to raise the machine to the required height. Yes, and stability, he also does not differ. That is why many car owners for travel and for home repairs think about acquiring a good jack. One of the best in terms of price / quality ratio today is considered to be hydraulic bottle and rolling jacks. Here, instead of ordinary human physical force, the pressure of the working fluid is used. Such jacks are much easier, easier and more reliable to use. They are quite mobile and not heavy in weight. In addition, they are able to cope not only with the usual unloaded passenger car, but also with a more serious car: a jeep and even a truck.

Lifting a car with a jack

Lifting a car with a jack

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How does the hydraulic lift

The principle of communicating vessels with technical oil is the basis of the work of hydraulic lifts. Any hydraulic lift contains two vessels with two valves: pressure and suction. It is the valves that help to create and maintain the necessary pressure in the working cylinder. In one of the tanks there is hydraulic oil, which with the help of a special handle is pumped into the second, which raises the piston, and with it the machine. Valves do not allow spontaneous return of fluids back, they keep the set pressure. Lowering the car to the ground occurs only after opening the valve with a special screw. Thus, the design allows you to confidently and securely hold the car for the required time.

The principle of operation of the hydraulic lift (jack)

The principle of operation of the hydraulic lift (jack)

Types of hydraulic jacks

There are two types of car lifts on hydraulics:

  • bottle or vertical;
  • podkatny or horizontal.

Also additionally allocate the transmission, as a kind of rolling. Each of them has its own scope, specificity of work, its own pros and cons.

Vertical jack

Hydraulic bottle jack is one of the simplest devices. It is quite popular among drivers. The lifting capacity of such a jack varies from two to several hundred tons, which makes it possible to use it both in passenger cars and trucks. There are single-rod and multi-rod lifts. Their main difference is that when there are several stocks, the height of the lift increases.

Vertical (bottle) jack

Among the advantages of the bottle jack should be highlighted:

  • large area of ​​support, which makes such a jack sufficiently stable on any surface;
  • the possibility of its use as a passenger car or jeep, and on the truck;
  • relative compactness and mobility for models with a small carrying capacity.

Disadvantages he also has:

  • Features in storage and transportation.

Such a jack can only be transported in an upright position. It is impossible to put it in any case, as the oil may spread, and accordingly such a lift will not work.

  • Slowness

Rise for one pumping small. And because download, even without effort, but will have a lot.

One-rod bottle jacks with a load capacity from 2 to 5 tons are most often chosen by drivers for home repairs and trips. Large capacity and multi-rod - this is for specialized service stations for the repair of large trucks. This is the so-called heavy artillery, when you need to raise and repair a multi-ton machine.

Rolling or horizontal jack

Movable in appearance it is similar to a cart on wheels, perfectly transported on a flat surface. As well as the bottle, the roll-on lift is equipped with a hydraulic drive. However, it is located here horizontally, which at the same time does not affect the principle of operation. The interaction of the rod and the body of the lifted machine takes place through the stop lever. First, the rod rests on the lever, and then he raises the car.

Horizontal (rolling) jack

It would seem, why such difficulties, because you can use the usual bottle. However, for repairs in the garage rolling jack is indispensable. It has a lot of advantages over the bottle:

  • It is more versatile than bottled, as it is much lower. It can be rolled up under any car, even with very low ground clearance.
  • Ease and speed in management. Raising and lowering the car using the same handle. You do not have to stoop to install, raise, start a descent or remove it from under the car. All work is much faster.
  • Maneuverability. It is achieved by the wheels mounted on the lift.

However, there are disadvantages. While the bottle has a sufficiently strong base, and it can be installed on almost any surface, podkatnoy should be used only where there is a flat and preferably hard surface. In addition, these jacks are very bulky and rather heavy, it is inconvenient to carry with them. That is why the rolling jack is most often used in a workshop or in home garages. The transmission jack is a kind of rolling. It will be necessary only if there is a need to repair parts, access to which is possible only from under the bottom of the car. For example, for removal and repair of the transmission Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. It works on the same principle as rolling, but the pick-up lever can, if necessary, be easily rotated and fixed in different positions.

What to consider when choosing a hydraulic jack

If you decide to purchase a hydraulic jack, you should first of all decide on where you are going to use it. You will carry it with you in the trunk, you are going to use it only at home in the garage, or even buy it for industrial use, for example, you are going to open your car service center. You should also determine the type (movable or bottle) and the basic parameters of the desired device. Today, there are many offers on the market that vary greatly in cost, quality and basic characteristics. What exactly is better is difficult to say for sure. Here everyone must decide for themselves. Someone chooses cheaper options from unknown manufacturers. Others are trying to buy a device of the Chinese assembly, on the principle of "cheap and angry", without thinking about how and how long it will work. And the third consider that at a choice it is necessary to pay attention and to a brand. It is better to overpay a little for a well-known brand than to regret later.

However, there are basic parameters that should be considered regardless of whose assembly hydraulics you buy.

  • Load capacity (how much weight can lift and support the jack). This is one of the most important indicators. After all, an incorrectly selected jack lifting capacity negates all its other characteristics. When choosing a car jack for home use, load capacity should be taken taking into account the weight of the car and the possible additional load that may be in the car at the time of the breakdown. After all, the situation with the breakdown of the car on the road is impossible to foresee. And what exactly will be at this time in your trunk or cabin, too. It may be a half-empty car, for example, only with a spare wheel in the trunk, and maybe a fully loaded car. Therefore, it is the most rational for calculating the carrying capacity to take the weight of the car and throw 300 pounds on top. Much more taking is also not rational. This is the same as buying a truck with a lifting capacity of up to 20 tons, and transporting only 3.

The correct parameter for lifting capacity will allow you, firstly, not to break the jack, and secondly, it will save you from possible injury if you are under the car, but it will not stand. Yes, and to damage a car with a properly selected capacity and using a jack according to the instructions is not possible.

Internal device of a vertical jack

  • Pickup height. This parameter indicates from which minimum height the jack can begin lifting. This parameter is extremely important if you have a low-slung car. After all, a newly acquired jack may simply not fit under it. Therefore, there can be no talk of raising. The lowest pickup has a rolling jack, from 6–9 cm. Therefore, if your car has low ground clearance, it is better to take it.
  • Lifting height The indicator, which characterizes the maximum possible height of the lifting machine. If you need to raise the car solely to replace the wheel or steering rack, it will be enough to lift it to a height of up to 0.5 m.
  • Maximum working stroke. This indicator is directly related to the previous two, indicates the difference between the minimum and maximum height.
  • Parameters of the reference site. It should be quite massive and stable. When taking on the weight of the car, it should not be pressed into the ground and slide.
  • Jack stability is also very important. Depends on the support area. The car and the jack should not slide during work or from the wind, even if it is not quite correct to install it. For example, when the machine is on a slope and the jack will be slightly angled.
  • Versatility is the ability to use on different machines.
  • Jack weight and mobility. Considering that using a car jack often occurs not only in a garage, but also on the road, it should be easy and mobile enough for you to cope with it yourself.
  • Price. The cost can vary greatly depending on the type, manufacturer and basic parameters. Choosing a car jack, you should pay attention to the models from well-known manufacturers in the middle price category, this will provide you with the purchase of a reliable and high-quality device. The low price often speaks of the low quality of the lift.

After examining in detail the types and basic parameters of hydraulic jacks, you can make the right choice, which you will not regret in the future.

And finally, a few tips on working with the jack

Of course, I would like to wish every motorist that his car broke down as rarely as possible and he did not have to use a jack. However, if all the same trouble happened, when working with a jack should be very careful, follow certain rules, including traffic. So, if something happens on the road, you are broken, then you should immediately park, if there is a possibility, then first choose a suitable level place (shoulder) for parking. Stop and repair the machine should be only with the included emergency. After a stop, it is important not to forget to set up an emergency sign (at a distance of 15 meters in the city and 30 m outside the city).

If you are repairing something in the garage, be sure to additionally fix the car. And in any case, do not work under the machine if it is on one jack only.