Updated subaru xv - 2018 subaru xv: price, start of sales in

The premiere of the restyled version of the Subaru XV 2018 (photo below) took place almost a year ago at the Geneva International Motor Show. Why the manufacturer chose to familiarize themselves with their own products is a European country, it is not quite clear: Subaru usually focuses on motorists from their native Asia and North America (USA and Canada). The updated HV of 2018 will not be an exception: sales will start in these two regions, and only after that the Japanese auto giant will start expanding into Europe and the CIS countries, including, of course, Russia.

Photo: Updated Subaru XV 2018

Photo: Updated Subaru XV 2018

Such a delay may seem annoying to a domestic motorist: you always want to join the new products, especially from your favorite manufacturer, along with the rest of the world. But there is an obvious plus: the Russian client will have plenty of time to get acquainted with the technical characteristics, features of the exterior and interior design of the updated 2018-2019 Subaru XV (photo below), study the opinions of “like-minded people” from abroad, come to the right decision and Compare the Subaru mid-size crossover with similar offers from direct competitors: Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Jeep. The list of opponents is not accidental: it is with them, as Subaru himself claims, that the updated HV will compete.

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