Should i buy a right-handed car?

Lawful cars

Lawful cars

On the roads of Russia for quite a long time driving cars with the right wheel. The attitude of motorists to such cars is quite different. Someone admires them by right, and someone finds them uncomfortable and treats them coolly.

Maybe it looks strange, but in our country "right-handed" cars do not disappear from our roads, but on the contrary, they are becoming more and more, and no matter how the state “tightened the screws” in the customs process, motorists would not stop purchasing them. Especially they are quite a lot in Siberia and the Far East.

The advantage and dignity of right-hand drive cars of Japanese assembly

There are many advantages in such cars. The most important advantage for our buyer is the price. A similar car, but with the left-hand drive, will cost almost twice as much as its Japanese right-hand drive brother. Another big plus is the bundle. In the stock Japanese, the following options are already included: automatic transmission, ABS, autoregistrar with a rear-view camera, navigator, power steering, climate control, four speakers and so on. Internal combustion engines put powerful, but quite economical. Their efficiency can be shown by the example that the Japanese Honda will consume less fuel than the well-known Nexia. All products and components of the unit are quite reliable. If you take the passive and active safety, then you should not compare left-handed and right-handed cars, in both cases they are very reliable.

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Lawful cars

The disadvantages of right-hand drive cars

Of course, along with the pros, cons are also quite a lot in right-hand drive cars. The biggest drawback is, of course, driving on the road, as the driver is sitting in an unusual place for him. When turning right, the driver practically does not see if the left lane is free for traffic. The most unusual and most important is overtaking. Here you should, as a rule, apply things, and in no case do not overtake from under the “tail” of the truck! Still a lot of inconvenience the first time will bring you addiction to the location of the gearbox, relay turns and wipers, well, all the usual buttons.

Lawful cars


On newer cars installed navigation systems with a large monitor. As a rule, a camera is built into the edge of the left sun visor, which transfers the situation ahead of the road to the monitor. This helps the driver to overtake.

Lawful cars

If there is no such option, then you can install circular mirrors that clearly convey the image on the oncoming traffic of the car.

Lawful cars

Минусу в у таких приспособлений не много. Главным является то что, довольно сложно оценить скорость автомобиля едувшего по встречной полосе.Overtaking на узком участке трассы нужно совершать так, чтобы выдерживать дистанцию до спереди идущего авто, при начале совершения маневра, необходимо резко ускорится и совершить обгон. Такой маневр хорошо выполняется из-за неплохой мощности японских двигателей.

If you still decided to take the Japanese, then think well, if you can get a right-hand drive, you can better add some money and buy it from a fellow, but with a right-hand drive.