Rating cheap crossover with automatic


As practice shows, having a small amount of money at its disposal, a person can become the owner of not only a used standard sedan, but also an impressive SUV. Often it is an inexpensive crossover with a gun, which is based on a lightweight platform with a monocoque body. At the same time it has a high landing and wide ground clearance.

Lifan X60 Budget Crossover

Off-road vehicles or crossovers are a class of vehicles that are distinguished by high traffic. It is calculated on 5-7 seats, has a spacious luggage compartment, as well as decent technical performance under the hood.

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Most popular vehicle variations

The most popular today are the modification of models from Korean and Chinese manufacturers. Although this does not affect the demand for European crossovers with all-wheel drive. For potential buyers will be interested in the following available crossovers with a gun:

  • Chery TIGGO FL;
  • Renault Duster;
  • Changan CS35;
  • Nissan Juke;
  • Geely Emgrand X7.

Of course, the advantages of each vehicle are more than enough, while the choice of the best sometimes even baffles an experienced specialist, not to mention a novice driver.

Inexpensive chinese crossover

That is why it is necessary to compare all their features in order to choose the most acceptable option. In this case, a key nuance will be the availability of the price of each car for Russian motorists.


The rating of the cheapest SUV starts Chery TIGGO FL, in which the designers tried to “hint” the connection with the coupe as much as possible. It is believed that this is why the roof line was lowered quite early, and the ground clearance is somewhat elevated. At the same time, the rear part of an SUV clearly indicates belonging to the same-named family.

Chery Tiggo FL crossover

Chery Tiggo FL

This vehicle was made on the platform of previous versions of the Toyota RAV4. However, today the differences are so obvious that it is noticeable "to the naked eye." Everything points to the fact that each manufacturer followed its own technical and design path.

Видеообзор Chery TIGGO FL:

Its cost is focused on 645 000 rubles and this is with the maximum configuration. The power plant of the model is a 1.6-liter engine with a power of 126 horsepower, a CVT and front-wheel drive. In addition, the basic equipment includes parking sensors, 2 airbags, ABS, front and rear disc brakes, power windows, heated front seats and air conditioning.

Renault Duster

The second place, by right, is occupied by Chinese crossovers with automatic transmission from Renault. In particular, this is a modification of Duster. If we talk about this version, then its minimum cost is 692,000 rubles. However, most car dealerships on it offer serious discounts, making such an SUV publicly available.

Renault Duster Crossover

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As for the internal filling, this generation is noticeably different from its predecessor. It has become more typical of the style of European manufacturers, that is, it is aimed at a youth audience. However, this circumstance did not affect the quality of the trim, comfortable and safe movement.

Video review of Renault Duster:

The motor range of this car at the time of the start of sales focused on a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 135 horsepower, 4-speed automatic and front-wheel drive. The air conditioning system, the electric drive of the fifth door, LED optics - this is the basic equipment that can be expanded at the request of the buyer. Due to its small size, it can be safely called a full-fledged city car.

Changan CS35

Collected previous SUV can be considered Changan CS35, which is more expensive than it is only a few thousand, that is, the price reaches 695,000 rubles. In the silhouettes of the body all the lines and edges are sharp: narrow diamond-shaped headlights, bulging fenders and a chrome grille. In addition, in the back of the car bumper is equipped with LED headlights.

Changan CS35 crossover

Changan CS35

In technical terms, this car is very similar to the proposals of all Korean manufacturers: four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, 1.6-liter engine with 113 horsepower. Available suspension, springs and rear stabilizers contribute to a comfortable and smooth ride even off-road. The stepless variator is oriented to the same.

Video review of Changan CS35:

This Chinese crossover with a gun is somewhat more meager than the same Renault Duster, which is manifested primarily in the technical specifications and the interior. The presence of fabric interior, basic air conditioning and heated front seats, indicates the standard offers of the manufacturer. Although outside the car is distinguished by alloy wheels and fog lights.

Geely Emgrand X7

It is believed that the Geely Emgrand X7 is the cheapest crossover with a gun, but this is far from the case. Its cost is 719 900 rubles. In it, the designers did not limit themselves to subtle cosmetic changes in relation to previous versions. Instead, they completely reworked the technical part, exterior and interior.

Geely Emgrand x7 crossover

Geely Emgrand X7

This front-wheel-drive car is fitted with a 2.4-liter engine with 148 horsepower. It is worth noting that he is the only SUV with a 6-speed gearbox and automatic transmission, which is offered by this company. In addition, the CVT provides an adequate level of comfort on Russian roads.

Video review of Geely Emgrand X7:

If we talk about the level of equipment, the list is distinguished by its materiality. This navigation system, and a rearview camera, and electronic parking brake. Also in the seat mounted 6 airbags, power windows and climate control.

Nissan Juke

It is difficult to add something to a vehicle that is already very popular among Russians. This crossover is considered one of the best in its price range. Nevertheless, some technical characteristics and exterior elements are still periodically adjusted by engineers.

Nissan Juke crossover

Nissan Juke

Its peculiar design practically does not overlap with any other machine. In addition, a modification with a CVT costs only 751,000 rubles. At the same time, the presented model is distinguished by excellent aerodynamics, substantial fuel economy, as well as low noise while driving at high speeds.

Its basic characteristics are focused on a 1.6-liter engine with a power of 117 horsepower, four-wheel drive and a CVT. Changes in the geometry of the working part was achieved through a 5-step “automatic”. In addition, improvements made by the Japanese manufacturer were reflected on the front bumper, grille and taillights.

Video review of the Nissan Juke:

The appearance of this vehicle is given by smooth lines, tacitly hinting at the completeness of the image of an SUV. Stylish LED headlights, high ground clearance, as well as "upturned" bumper edges correctly prioritize. In motion, this machine acquires swiftness, which creates a bright and dynamic image.


Of course, the combination of a wide range of advantages fully justifies the demand for any cheap crossover with automatic transmission.

Renault Duster Automatic

Foreign and domestic offers in the Russian market allow buyers to make their choice, focusing primarily on affordability. Given this, they can only decide on the manufacturer and modification of the vehicle.