Classic american cars are more beautiful than many modern

The 70s were not only the year of the sexual revolution and rock’n’roll, but also a new wave for the automotive industry in the USA. This era has brought us a lot of interesting models, which are still in great demand among collectors and just fans of the American automobile industry. Classic American cars of the 1970s are as much an integral part of the story as Kennedy or Elvis Presley.

classic american cars

The era of the 70s is the era of total dominance of the Detroit automotive industry. The growth rates of industry at that time were so high that entire suburbs were built for the needs of production. Now, as we know, there is almost nothing left of old Detroit, and the city has been declared bankrupt. But back to the golden era.

corvette 1970

At that time, the brightest representatives of the Chevrolet family - the Corvette, Camaro and Chevelle - were released.

chevrolet chevelle

The era of "muscular machines"

At this time, the concept of muscle car (muscle car). Such classic American cars as the 1971 Dodge Charger, Ford Torino Cobra 1970 and a number of others are considered classic classic cars. Unfortunately, the era of these wonderful cars is over. Most of the models turned into sedans. The last of the Mohicans is considered to be the Pontiac Trans Am SD455, also known as the Pontiac Firebird.

Этот шедевр американской автомобильной промышленности, как и многие другие classic american cars, выпускался более 30 лет. «Огненная птица», появившаяся одновременно с популярным по сей день Camaro, выходила с конвейера с 1967 по 2002 включительно.

Pontiac Trans Am

Classic American cars have a few common features. First, models released in mid-1970 are still on the move. In those days there was no policy "car for 3 years." The materials used to create all the elements are designed for many years of operation. The number of engine cycles is measured in millions.

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That is why these cars are so popular, both in the USA and outside the country. The second feature of these brands of American cars is their design.

The era of heroes on the iron horse

Starting from the 90s, the second wave of popularity of old cars began, which was promoted by the film industry. The first sign was the series “The Knight of the Roads”, which ran from 1982 to 1986. In fact, the main character of this epic saga was not at all the policeman Michael Knight, but his car - that legendary Pontiac Trans Am.

The series was so popular that in 2008 a sequel was filmed, the “hero” of which was the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR. And even if both cars were released in later years, the series caused a surge in the popularity of classic cars in the United States.

Hudson Hornet

The next wave came again thanks to television. In 2005, the TV series “Supernatural” was released, Chevrolet Impala became one of the main “characters”. The black Chevrolet Impala, which the heroes ride, became so loved by the audience that it is considered one of the characters, along with two brothers - fighters with evil. By the way, the project director and screenwriter Eric Kripke, previously proposed to use the Ford Mustang 1967 release.

Chevrolet Impala

Most interestingly, even the famous “Cars” cartoon helped to popularize classic cars in the United States, in which another native Detroiter came to light - Hudson Hornet, a multiple NASCAR winner.

Plymouth Barracuda

Another breakthrough for the American classics was the Fast and Furious series of films with Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel. For example, in the sixth part of the racing epic such rarities are illuminated, such as Plymouth Barracuda in 1970 and Dodge Charger Daytona 1969. Barakuda headlights are very similar to headlights tuned VAZ 2107, you can see where our craftsmen of tuning took an example to follow.

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Dodge Charger Daytona 1969

Classic American cars are so popular in the world that their photos are constantly included in men's magazines, printed as posters and participate in advertising projects. These cars have become a symbol of American quality, freedom and independence. The cost of some models is so high that it is comparable to the price of modern supercars from Germany. Some models are available in limited quantities so far.

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