In st. petersburg in the fall of 2015 will begin to produce

В Питере осенью 2015 года начнут выпускать Nissan Qashqai The Japanese are the people of the word: they promised to start assembling parquet SUVs at their St. Petersburg automobile plant, please - officially announced that Nissan Qashqai brand crossovers will start to go off the assembly line approximately by the end of autumn - the beginning of this winter. Today, those Qashqai that are sold on our car market are assembled at British car factories, including for this reason they are not cheap enough. It is not yet known how much the local assembly will make Nissan Qashqai cheaper for a Russian buyer, but in any case, the fact that this model will become more accessible is already good for modern crisis realities. On Petersburg plant Nissan At the moment, several models of cars are being assembled: Nissan Tiana, Ixtrail, Patfinder and Murano. Nissan X-Trail, by the way, began to produce just in the catastrophic for the ruble December last year, when many market participants generally thought about how to curtail production and get out of Russia, which, in fact, later did, in particular, Opel.

В Питере осенью 2015 года начнут выпускать Nissan Qashqai In addition to Kashkai, it is likely that the Murano’s new puncture will also be assembled at the same St. Petersburg Nissan facilities.

Nissan Qashqai parquet truck will be assembled in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. A four-wheel drive version will be equipped with a 2-liter gasoline engine with 144 horsepower. This motor can also be used in the production and front-wheel drive cars. There is also a kind of this engine - a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine, which develops 115 hp. It will be combined with both the CVT and the manual gearbox.

В Питере осенью 2015 года начнут выпускать Nissan Qashqai

Prices for Nissan Qashqai depending on the configuration today vary from one million seventy six thousand to almost one million seven hundred wood. It is possible that Nissans produced in St. Petersburg will not only be distributed among the Russian customers, but also be imported into the Scandinavian countries. With the likelihood of weak demand in Russia (no one has canceled the crisis), the Japanese compensate for the loss by selling to wealthier Norwegians and Finns. It is much more practical than to escape, as did the American General Motors, from the country at all.

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В Питере осенью 2015 года начнут выпускать Nissan Qashqai