Ranking of the best wagons 2016-2017

For many years, station wagons have been one of the most demanded types of cars. They are convenient and practical, have moderate fuel consumption, stylish appearance, dimensions that allow you to feel comfortable in the city. That is why such cars are extremely in demand among travel enthusiasts, as well as connoisseurs of comfort and practicality. Universals in Russia and other countries are very popular.

Compiling this list, we studied the universals of the 2017 model year and compared them in terms of:

  • Body and interior design;
  • Efficiency;
  • Practicality of the car;
  • Driving performance;
  • Security.

Based on these characteristics, we were able to make a rating of universals of ten models that, in our opinion, can be considered the best representatives of this class.


  • # 10 - Citroen C5 Tourer
  • # 9 - Skoda Octavia Combi
  • # 8 — Opel Insignia
  • # 7 - Peugeot 308SW
  • # 6 - Ford Mondeo
  • # 5 - Touta Mark X Zen
  • # 4 — Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake
  • # 3 — Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class
  • # 2 - Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • # 1 — Skoda Superb Combi

# 10 - Citroen C5 Tourer

Front-wheel wagon class "D", which premiered in 2014, the year. Since then, the model has undergone certain changes in configuration and design both in this and in 2015.

Citroen C5 tourer

The use of a number of new technologies, including active and passive safety systems that minimize the likelihood of an accident and the resulting damage.

Given the rather modest cost of the Skoda Superb Combi, all these advantages allow this station wagon to take first place in our ranking.