New ford mondeo 2014: photos, specifications and price in

Manufacturer Ford has released a new city car with a bright color, elegant appearance and stylish interior. In one car were combined style and diversity, and called this model Ford Mondeo 2014.

Ford Mondeo is new generation

Car design

The new Ford Mondeo has completely updated its design: a new suspension has been installed, the control system has been improved, and the designers have been quite worried about the high level of passenger safety. The car is designed for daily trips, in combination with the sports and business class. Engineers have equipped the car with modern technology, powerful engine, advanced control system. Consider each feature separately.

The car was fitted with a modern futuristic appearance, although the front Ford Mondeo has some similarities with the Aston Martin Rapide. The similarity was obtained through the use of a massive grille, bright xenon headlights, a massive front hood. All innovations hint at the powerful engine of the car and its extraordinary power. On the body are brightly highlighted edges and transitions, a sloping roof and a narrow window line that looks similar to a sports car. Powerful look front and buildings bumper with headlights, which are complemented by a huge grille. The chrome elements that the whole body is equipped with give the car a rich look. Also added to the exterior side mirrors to create aesthetics of the car and set the rear multi-link Integral Link.

Ford Mondeo 2014 sedan

We are looking for new in the cabin

Car interior - strict and compact. The first thing you need to pay attention to in the cabin is the exceptional quality, powerful sound and navigator. Everything is here: from the navigation system to the climate control system. All this is well-equipped, which creates a feeling of extravagance. The interior is pleasant to the touch, and the multifunction panel will fascinate the views of all passengers. The speedometer is also unusual, and has a blue backlight. There is also installed electric steering. Front seats with massagers, seat belts for the rear seats with shooting pads. Multifunctional Sync panel with 8-inch screen, Wi-Fi access point and voice recognition system.

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Designers "Ford" are engaged in a detailed study of the car, to adapt to the Russian roads. Just one car connected modern technology, attractive design, functionality, maneuverability and practicality. This model previously debuted in Detroit under the name Ford Fusion, in Europe this model is produced under the name "Mondeo". As can be seen from the pictures, the differences from the North American Fusion model are minimal, only the lighting technology and the structure of the rear bumper differ. And then a photo of the new Ford Mondeo, which shows how much this car is so dynamic and smart.

New Ford Fusion (Mondeo)

The characteristics of the new Ford

Now new Ford Mondeo belongs to the class D (class of large cars), with the type of body sedan, with 4 doors.

Although we already said something about the new product in this article, we decided to bring the general characteristics of the Ford Mondeo:

  • 1600 cm3 engine;
  • power is 179 horsepower;
  • automatic gearbox with 6 steps;
  • 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds;
  • maximum speed of 217 km / h;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • total weight 1551kg;
  • 5 seats;
  • Crowd consumption of 9.5 liters for every 100 km of the way, 6.5 liters on the highway.

Ford Mondeo 2014

What is the choice of complete sets of new cars

New Ford Mondeo in Russia may be released in several trim levels depending on the type of powertrain and gearbox. The car is equipped with a turbocharged engine EcoBoost. This system significantly saves fuel and reduces emissions to the atmosphere.

The basic version of the "Mondeo" class S includes: a 2.3 liter engine with 170 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque. 6-speed automatic transmission and PowerShift robotic box.

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The SE version includes, as a rule, a 237 horsepower EcoBoost turbine engine or another engine, depending on the manufacturer.

There is also an expensive equipment version of the Titanium, which includes a version of the "S" and "SE" with 18 aluminum lithium disks, Sony audio system with 12 speakers. This kit comes with all-wheel drive, while obtaining maneuverability on the road.

New Ford Mondeo

Designers plan to install in the "Mondeo" engine for 1 liter, which in principle does not fit into the segment of this model. This unit has already managed to get the award "Engine 2013". Here, optimal engine requirements and the necessary transmission are combined, which create the perfect car for driving pleasure.

This car not only looks confident, but also behaves on the road. This is a great option for young successful people with a fast-paced grain. The new Ford did not become more expensive than its predecessor, thus цена нового Ford Mondeo 2014 is 1235,000 rubles.

By the way, here is a small review on the 2014 Ford Mondeo, which was done by good gentlemen. Now on the Internet can not find better: