The japanese brought to sao paulo a prototype of the new

Японцы привезли в Сан-Паулу прототип нового компакт-кросса Honda WR-V At the world auto show in Sao Paulo that started today, representatives of the Japanese car brand brought several models. One of them is a compact crossover model. Honda WR-V. More precisely, this is a conceptual development provided for the court of the world automobile fraternity, although if something else will be refined in the design and architecture of the new product, there will not be any drastic changes, because the appearance of the production version of the car has already been announced next year. Simply do not have time to radically alter something. And is it necessary? Budget compact, market oriented poor countries in Latin America. Although Honda always put the quality of their cars above all else in big and small. Otherwise, the innate samurai pride does not allow.

Японцы привезли в Сан-Паулу прототип нового компакт-кросса Honda WR-V

The appearance of the prototype new compact crossover was not developed in the Japanese office, but in the Latin American division Honda. Accordingly, it turned out to be somewhat "excited", there is no typical smoothness of lines in it, typical of Japanese cars. Some he "bristling" like a Latin American porcupine. By God, look like! Actually, there is nothing surprising in this design, because a compact cross is built on the platform of a compact minivan Honda Fit (or on some car markets - Honda Jazz) When a compact vein is redrawn into a compact cross, something else can happen. On the technical characteristics of the model, while the Japanese are not particularly applicable. It is known that the serial version of the model will have under the hood a more economical engine than the one that stands today under the hood of the Jazz. The motor is unlikely to be different, it is simply a little mordernizing and reflashing to achieve the stated efficiency. If this is the case, then the new compact cross will be driven by a one and a half liter 116-hp bit-fuel engine, which can "digest" with equal success both gasoline and ethyl alcohol. It will transmit its power to the wheels through a five-speed manual transmission or variable speed drive. Definitely a car will be only front-wheel drive.

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Японцы привезли в Сан-Паулу прототип нового компакт-кросса Honda WR-V Brazilian car market budget compact cross will appear closer to the summer of the future of 2017. Having "tasted" the Brazilian market, it will move on to conquer other Latin American car markets. Europe is unlikely to see a novelty. At least, at the expense of European sales, the Japanese did not even make conversations. Japanese position new SUV just below the crossover HR-V. The novelty will compete for the market on a par with Ford EcoSport and the basic assemblies of Renault Duster.

The closest premiere of the Japanese auto brand in Russia will take place in early 2017, when the new generation will come to us Honda CR-VPresented to the general public last month.