Rating of the best cars of 2000



Ratings, which include only the best cars, are not only for potential consumers. No less interested in the quality of the produced vehicles and the largest insurance companies. In view of this circumstance, the most famous foreign printed publications, such as, for example, What Car?, Make their lists of the most reliable and sustainable cars. Correspondents are trying to assess not only the external advantages and disadvantages of cars of 2000, but also their driving characteristics, resistance to impacts and scratches of various kinds. Thanks to statistics compiled by insurance companies, one can find out not only about the strongest machines, but also about the most unreliable ones, which, even after a minor blow or collision, need serious repair.

VW Passat B5 - one of the best cars of the 2000s

В нижеприведённой статье рассмотрим только те автомобили, которые производились всемирно известными концернами в 2000 годах. Десятка самых лучших машин состоит из набора моделей, которые за время своего функционирования проявили себя как самых надёжных транспортных средств, обладающих минимальным количеством отказов системы за несколько лет эксплуатации. В расчёт также бралось качество сборки, удобство использования и личные мнения владельцев нижеупомянутых автомобилей.Читать далее о самых лучших автомобилях 2000 годов-->

List of the best and most reliable cars of 2000

Ford Ka

Recently, super-mini cars have been particularly popular. Most often, these cars with small dimensions have balanced technical and external qualities, which makes them quite optimal vehicles that are indispensable for driving through a large metropolis. One of these cars is the presentable modern Ford Ka, which during its existence has gathered a huge circle of people who prefer compact city cars to large, comfortable cars.

Compact Ford Ka 2000 with a nice exterior is completed exclusively with petrol power units, having a volume of 1 liter and 1.3 liters. The return is 53 liters. with. and 69 p. with. The cars are equipped with a mechanical transmission, independent front wheel suspension and a semi-dependent rear wheel axle. A distinctive feature of the vehicle are the disc brakes, which are equipped with a front axle, and a drum-type brake system installed at the rear.

The model with a 1.3 liter power unit allows the owner to reach a speed of 155 km / h. The outstanding dynamics is easily explained by the minimum weight of the machine (871 kg). One of the major drawbacks is the suspension with a small working stroke, directly affecting the stiffness of the car. Because of this, the owner has to drive around almost all uneven areas on the road surface.

Ford Ka 2000

Ford Focus

The best cars of the 2000s, which claimed the role of the leaders of the golf class, gave way to the first model of the Ford group, in particular the Focus. This presentable vehicle was produced in 1998 - 2005. Remarkable is the fact that experts almost unanimously say that Ford Focus cars are a perfect new generation of vehicles represented in the modern global automotive industry, which, in terms of price-quality ratio, are in many ways ahead of almost all their competitors.

Ford Focus, which replaced the Escort VII, fell in love with many motorists. The machine, which has small dimensions, is a technical object of the new century. The beauty of the car emphasizes the unique “clean” design, completely independent of previous models. Speaking about the Ford Focus, it is worth noting its excellent driving characteristics, spaciousness, maneuverability and, not least, the average cost.

Especially popular the car began to use in Europe, where a potential consumer could choose the unit, which is more acceptable to him for price and equipment. On sale are models with petrol power units belonging to the Zetec family and Zetec-SE. The future owner can purchase a device with a motor volume from 1.4 liters to 2 liters, the return of which will be 75–130 liters. with. In the Russian market there are models with diesel power units with a volume of 1.8 liters and a capacity of 75, 90 and 115 liters. with. For the American consumer, the manufacturer produces cars with gasoline engines of 2 liters, which have a capacity of 110–172 liters. with. and equipped with automatic transmission.

Ford Focus 2000

Audi A

Great attention at all times of the existence of the foreign car industry deserve premium cars. Compact, aggressive, comfortable and very presentable cars are in demand from many car owners. 2000 was no exception, when the Audi A was recognized as one of the best cars. For ten years, a lot of cars came off the concern tape, which were completed with completely different variations, but with the same platform. Along with the Audi A, there are no less attractive BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, however, these cars did not receive a palm because of their higher cost.

The basis of the new Audi A was taken from the quality base of Volkswagen Golf, which “donated” its powertrains to the best C-class car. The consumer of the Audi A can choose absolutely any engine that they wish, as there are both atmospheric and turbo models with simple units with a volume of 1.6 liters and powerful devices of 250 liters. with. Those who prefer sports cars can pay attention to the S3 and RS3 versions, the return of which may be several times higher than the capabilities of the standard A3 motor. Audi A took over from the concern VW diesel engines of 1.6, 1.9 and 2 liters.

Audi A 2000 года

Volkswagen passat

Список, в котором участвуют только самые лучшие семейные автомобили 2000 годов, возглавил презентабельный Volkswagen passat. Главным преимуществом модели является то, что в Европе большинство автолюбителей предпочитают иным подержанным машинам именно это авто. Как показывает практика, автомобили Volkswagen passat отличаются от своих конкурентов феноменальной надёжностью.

Thanks to the regular modernization carried out in 2000, the car received a new appearance, which, compared to its predecessors, was more modern, solid and dynamic. The beauty of the exterior was additionally emphasized by the chrome-plated elements that decorated the grille. The improvements have helped to “finish” the model to the level of the more representative Audi A6 and Volkswagen Concept D.

Новые автомобили Volkswagen passat выполнены в привлекательном спортивном стиле, который дополняют оригинальные задние фонари круглой формы. Покупатели этой машины часто отмечают просторный салон, декорированный большим количеством деревянных элементов, кожаных и хромированных вставок. Приобретая авто хотя бы с базовой комплектацией, владелец получает ABS, ESP, несколько подушек безопасности, кондиционер.

Developers of the new Volkswagen passat spend a lot of time on continuous improvement of power units, trying to make them more powerful and at the same time improve their environmental properties. Completed cars of the 2000s have petrol engines complying with Euro 4 standards and diesel engines - Euro 3. Passat is available in 8 variations (5 petrol and 3 diesel). The model with a turbocharged diesel power unit is especially in demand on the European market. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, equipped with 6 cylinders and having a return of 150 liters. with. This version combines excellent dynamic performance with high fuel economy (when mixed driving a car consumes only 7 liters per 100 km).

Volkswagen passat B5 2000


The BMW X5 became the winner in the category of the best cars of 2000 among luxury cars. This model enjoys unprecedented popularity not only among Europeans, but also among Russians. It's no secret that many consider the BMW X5 direct evidence of the financial success of its owner. Those who are considering purchasing a used car should be interested in the fact that the BMW X5 has a relatively low cost compared to its competitors.

At the heart of the fast BMW X5 SUV is the E53 model. The car produced for 7 years, first of all, was aimed at the American consumer. With its own brands Range and Land Rover, the concern took a lot of components from them. Two systems - Hill Descent and Off-road (powertrain manipulation) have become especially popular. The letter “X” in the name of the car is evidence of a complete set of vehicles with four-wheel drive, the number 5 is the basis of the 5th series.

BMW X5 2000


The best cars of the 2000s are vehicles that possess not only excellent driving parameters, a high level of reliability and the minimum number of failures during the operation of a technical object. The above list of vehicles was observed by experts for several years, which is why only the most presentable and high-quality models were selected that function well even after ten years of active use.