Lexus px new generation with a predatory appearance

In this generation of PX designers have worked well, they have nothing to hold back, and made a predatory car with fangs in the form of protivotumanok. Although the previous generation was more good-natured - nothing interesting. On account of this is the fourth generation PX.

Leksus RH 2016

The appearance of the RC, approximately the same as that of the younger NX crossover, is a false radiator grille that looks like a tiger's open mouth, sharp and sharp edges on the body. The last generation RX in size was larger than the NX only 140 mm. Therefore, a new generation in length has increased by another 120 mm. Now the length of the new Lexus RX is equal to 4890 mm, the length of the wheelbase is equal to 2790 mm. So, the new PX is longer than all competitors: Toyota Highlander, BMW X5, Mercedes GLE and Porsche Cayenne.

The length of the machine has increased, mainly due to the front overhang, which is 80 mm longer. As for the distance between the axles, it is less than that of the compact crossover type Audi Q 5 and BMW X3.

Lexus RH 350

Inside, the RX is very spacious, there is more legroom, the rear sofa has sunk and the floor has become lower, and the roof has risen 12 mm. Chairs can be moved, the backrest can be changed with the help of a servo, on the HX, you can also do this. Among the options is a personal multimedia system with 2 displays, there is also heated rear seats, but there is no 4-zone climate control. In addition, there are still curtains on the windows.

In versions of F Sport are their devices, in the same style as the IS, can change the graphics depending on the mode. All configuration Lexus PX come with diode headlights, and turn indicators in the style of a running line. The 2-liter engine comes with a twin-scroll turbocharger, and it also has a dual VVT-iW headlight adjustment mechanism. This same engine was first installed on the NX crossover, now these engines will be placed on many other Lexus models.

Also in the hybrid trim package F Sport are active stabilizers, which have separate electromechanical actuators on the front and rear suspension.


Lexus RX 2016 salon

The interior design is not very futuristic, but not conservative, there is no this touchpad, which previously could manage the multimedia system. Instead, there was a joystick and the mouse-like Remote Touch, which comes bundled with a central 12.3-inch display. Sitting behind the wheel creates the feeling that you are sitting in a very expensive German car of the early 2000s. Nice leather, aluminum inserts, beautiful wood and original round watches on the center console. But it was not without cheap plastic, and there are a lot of it in the cabin.

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The gear selector is now on the tunnel, not on the center console, as before. There is a slot for micro SD-cards on the panel, and a niche for wireless charging of a smartphone is also close by. On the console there are holders, one of them can change the depth. You can order in the salon as a decor wood inserts from the company Yamaha. But in fact, these wooden inserts are made of aluminum, which is covered with veneer of dark maple, laser engraving is made and varnish is applied.

Lexus RX 2015-2016 salon

The interior design of the F Sport versions is also interesting because there are stitching seats and a steering wheel with a logo. On the gearbox selector - perforated leather, on the pedals aluminum lining, also made of aluminum platform for the rest of the left leg. That's why you should order a modification of the F Sport - a great steering wheel and comfortable seats. Also in the passenger compartment completely flat floor, there is a glove box in the armrest and cup holders. Rear sofa can change the angle of the backs.

The Lexus PX has a high boot floor, but there is a socket, a good underground, hooks for bags. There is a sensor by which the tailgate opens without contact, it hides behind the emblem. For Russian configurations instead of the usual repair kit, there is a dock under the floor.


Suspension осталась такая же, как и на предшественнике – спереди стойки МакФерсон, а сзади стоят двойные поперечные рычаги. В конструкции кузова стали применяться более высокопрочные стали, благодаря которым жесткость кузова на кручение увеличилась. Самые ключевые элементы в конструкции автомобиля, такие как нижние поперечные рычаги, стойки передние и задние, сделаны из этих самых высокопрочных сталей.

Lexus RX 2016 photo

Количество точек сварки в задней части увеличилось, а некоторые кузовные элементы просто соединены при помощи специального клея. Suspension стала тоже немного жестче, благодаря другим характеристикам амортизаторов, сайлент-блоков и стабилизаторов.


In the version of the RX 200t is installed turbocharged 4-cylinder engine 8AR-FTS, which is installed in the NX, and IS, he showed himself well in work. This engine is a 6-speed automatic, slightly improved, the same as in the Toyota RAV4. With this engine, the NX 200t drives quite briskly, but the RC with its heavy weight is not so smart, it clearly requests a more powerful engine. But despite this, the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 9.5 seconds. Pretty good dynamics, but it could be done faster. Automatic transmission is not very nimble, even in sport mode, explosive dynamics are not felt.

Lexus RX 2015-2016

Therefore, for lovers of fast driving, it makes sense to choose a Lexus RX 350, which drives a little faster. This is an atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 engine with direct injection. This engine has become more economical than its predecessor. In the pair is an 8-speed automatic transmission. The power of this engine is 300 liters. p., good traction, the car climbs easily uphill, but the acceleration dynamics are not as fast as those of the BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE, which can easily accelerate in 6.5 seconds to a hundred, and Lexus PX 350 accelerates in 8.2 seconds.

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But on this configuration, the Lexus PX does not end there, there is also a hybrid version of the Lexus RX 450h, whose acceleration dynamics are better. The front wheels turns an electric motor whose power is equal to 168 liters. with. There is also a second electric motor, which stands on the rear axle, it gives 68 liters. with. power. And a gasoline engine with a capacity of 268 liters. with. In sum, it turns out good power, thanks to which acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h occurs in 7.7 seconds. The hybrid RX is equipped with active stabilizers, but the car moves off smoothly, as if not in a hurry.

New Lexus RX

Inside, the hybrid version has a longer screen with a diagonal of 12.3 inches, which has a high resolution of 1280x480 pixels. When the car gives back, then on the rear view camera there are hints of the trajectory. There are also side cameras that help when maneuvering, but all this garbage, when you go behind the wheel, you have to look around with your own eyes.

But the speed characteristics of the Lexus is not in the first place, in the first place at the Lexus PX - comfort. Behind the wheel of this car, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Although outwardly the car looks very aggressive, in fact it is a comfortable and soft car.

But if you drive slowly, the steering wheel does not seem empty, just 2.7 turns from lock to lock. On the straight road, the RX clearly keeps the line; when rebuilding, it clearly follows the wheel, on the arc, too, everything is fine. Even in sports mode, the suspension, when it is as tight as possible, the car on the pavement and on the bad road goes quite softly, especially when compared with the NX.

new Lexus PX

In the car, excellent insulation, can not hear any tires, no motor, no wind noise. All thanks to the improved seals in the doorways, there is also wind triplex, with a thick layer, the engine compartment, the roof, the bottom is also soundproofed.

The Lexus PX for the Russian market will not be the Lexus Safety System +, because the radar frequencies that are used in this system are not allowed to be used in Russia. And the system itself is good, better than a Mercedes with a BMW, it is clearer, it has dynamic cruise control, active tracking of road markings and signs, and automatic braking.


The cost of Lexus cars is attractive - the front-wheel drive Lexus RX 200t can be bought for 2,499,000 rubles. For this money will get the standard equipment Standart with:

  • 6-speed automatic machine;
  • rear view camera;
  • electrically adjustable steering wheel;
  • rain and light sensors;
  • engine start button;
  • bcc access
  • 2-zone climate control;
  • 10 airbags;
  • Heated front seats and windshield.
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Lexus RX 350 2016

A version with all-wheel drive RX 350 with the same set of options costs 2,799,000 rubles, while the hybrid version of the RX 450h costs 2,999,000 rubles. In each of the configurations, regardless of which engine is installed, you can put the F Sport package, which has Sport S + mode, other bumpers, the interior is decorated more stylishly, and the grille also looks more beautiful.

There is a complete set of Lexus RX 200t with all-wheel drive, it costs 2 875 000 rubles, this version is called Executive, it will have:

  • leather interior, seat ventilation, heated steering wheel and rear seats;
  • electric tailgate;
  • memory settings driver's seat, steering wheel and mirrors.

Lexus-RX 450h F Sport 2016

The most expensive is the hybrid version of the RX 450h, which costs 4,354,000 in the Exclusive version, which includes:

  • adaptive suspension AVS;
  • all-round cameras;
  • a roof with a panoramic view;
  • blind spot monitoring system;
  • the second row seats are folded with an electric drive;
  • Mark Levinson audio system;
  • projection display;
  • assistance with leaving the parking lot.

Lexus RX radiator grille

The most successful year when 7017 cars were sold is considered to be 2012, the company hopes that in 2016 it will be possible to sell 7000 cars. It was a pretty successful year, everyone thought it would be the end of the world, and the most expensive cars were bought, for example, in 2012, the Tuareg sold 10,000, Mercedes ML - 4,500, BMW X5 - 3,300 pieces. Among the RCs, the PX 270 was considered the best-selling, this bundle accounted for 50% of all model sales, 45% - the RX 350, 5% - the hybrid version. In 2015, the most sold BMW X5 - 5045 pieces., Tuareg - 3825 pieces., Mercedes ML and GLA - 3186 combined, Lexus PX - 2,700 units.

After the release of the NX, sales of the RX have decreased, because the NX has diverted some of the buyers to itself, it is compact and smart, many liked it. Now, new PX with a 3.5-liter engine disperse like hot cakes.

And then a test drive of the new Lexus PX 2016 with a 2-liter engine: