Carburetor for vaz 2109 (lada samara) is easy to maintain

"Nine" - perhaps the most popular car of the Russian car industry. Simple, fairly reliable and adequate for the price, it became a tasty morsel for not very rich motorists.

VAZ 2109 carburetor

In principle, in spite of all the claims to VAZ and some skepticism of the population, they took the car well and still buy it. Moreover, not only its modifications - VAZ 21093 and others, but also the original "nine" in the classic layout.

But, like any domestic technology, this car had a number of technical flaws. And one of the problems associated with the VAZ "stuffing" has become for drivers a carburetor.

carburetor vaz 2109 photo

Not that he came out frankly worse than his brethren, installed on other cars of the Lada family, but there were some flaws that were traditional for our cars.

In principle, the “nine” in operation and repair is far from the most difficult of domestic cars, and is easy to tune, so tuning the VAZ 2109 has recently become very popular in Russia.

The ninth model, which is officially called the Lada Samara, received several types of carburetor engines. Standard "stock" Lada received a four-cylinder carburetor engine with a volume of 1.3 liters. Her older brother on the model range VAZ 21093 received the engine VAZ-21083.

As a result, carburetors 21083-1107010 appeared on the “nines”. The carburetor on the VAZ 2109, familiar to car owners, has no complicated features. The model is two-chamber, emulsion type.

As if someone did not scold the VAZ assembly, it has its own advantages, and not only the disadvantages. At least, due to simplicity and mass character, VAZs are so popular in our country, and the plant itself survived the crisis and still produces cars, which are still in demand by the population. Tuning VAZ 2109 is very popular today.

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On the device carburetor cars VAZ 2109

Standard carburetor VAZ 2109 photo, and more precisely the diagram of the device which you can see below.

carburetor on the VAZ 2109

As we can see in this scheme (view from the throttle valves) - the device of the carburetor VAZ 2109 is quite simple. It is not much more difficult to repair it in standard conditions. You can not say about the complexity of working with the injector, doing tuning Priory.

Когда завод в Тольятти начал выпускать автомобиль VAZ 2109 carburetor для него выбрали проверенный и достаточно надёжный. Что касается настройки, то с ней в этих карбюраторах всё просто и понятно.

Our readers often ask which carburetor is better to put on the VAZ 2109?

Definitely answer this question difficult. But let's think about it. From what the market offers, the most famous are Solex, Weber and DAAZ. The first - perhaps the most common. The second is difficult to install, but it is excellent in quality. And with the third - how lucky.

Weber carburetor on the VAZ 2109

In the VAZ 21093, the Weber 40 DCOE 151 carburetors are most often placed.

It is difficult to judge how right those or other VAZ owners are, because any carburetors break. And, as practice has shown, at times, singing Weber doesn’t find spare parts, while the less sophisticated Solexs compare favorably in this regard.

Weber carburetor on the VAZ 2109

As auto mechanics say, “the life of a simple mechanic is hard and unsightly.” Carburetors do not do much better. Especially when it comes to repairs of domestic automotive technology. Disassembling, cleaning and washing the carburetor from the "nine" - that is still a headache. Especially when you have to carry out these procedures in the "field-field" conditions, and not in a cozy and warm box.

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That's what is difficult to blame the WHA, so it is in the prices of spare parts. Here they are much more profitable than most competitors. Take at least such a moment as the price of the carburetor VAZ 2109.

This spare part for avtoVAZ 2109 costs much less than in the case of most foreign cars. The retail cost of the carburetor VAZ 2109 ranges from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.

2109 carburetor

Некоторые владельцы авто выбирают такую услугу, как тюнинг карбюратора ВАЗ 2109. Сложно сказать, насколько сейчас эта услуга востребована. Но спортивные карбюраторы люди ставят. На увеличение мощности двигателя VAZ 2109 carburetor спортивного типа, конечно же, влияет. Но насколько это оправдано в условиях города, особенно в России – сказать сложно.

Owners of VAZ 2109 do not always know how to handle the carburetor. What subtleties you should know when working with him, we will tell in our next articles on this topic.

VAZ, which has become a kind of character of the new Russian folklore, nevertheless - the country's best-selling car. At the same time, all possible competitors, for example, Moskvich, or Volga, either ceased to exist or are now experiencing far from the best times in its history.

Engines and carburetors to the "Samara" are produced to this day. So you can order a new one, even in oil - straight from Togliatti. It is likely that even with delivery it will cost you less than to buy in an ordinary car shop.

And finally, a video on how to measure fuel consumption with a properly tuned carburetor VAZ 2109:

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