Rating of new cars worth up to 600 thousand rubles


A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Therefore, many quite reasonably assume that it is unwise to get into loans and take expensive cars with some constraint in funds, or even just in the absence of a large amount in free circulation, and choose an inexpensive comfortable car. Fortunately, today's market without problems allows you to keep within a small amount that everyone can manage, and the choice is quite decent. Almost any automobile brand offers quite comfortable low-cost models as standard. In fact, it looks like this: the car is as simple as possible, without luxury in decoration, design, no extra electronics and other goodies. A sort of workhorse in the austere version. What else is needed if the car is for business?

The best new cars up to 600,000 rubles

TOP best new cars up to 600,000 rubles.

Более того, в рассматриваемую нами ценовую категорию попадает фактически любая машина на выбор: и кроссовер, и внедорожник, и хэтчбек, и седан вы сможете легко приобрести, вписавшись в вышеуказанную сумму. В общем, купить недорого автомобиль вашей мечты – вполне реально. Информация ниже поможет вам разобраться, какие новые автомобили до 600000 рублей предлагает сегодня рынок, и определиться с выбором.Читать далее про лучшие новые автомобили до 600000 рублей-->

What you need to pay attention

What parameters should be considered first and only after analyzing them to make the final decision? First of all, we should be concerned about the engine power of the car in question, and it should exceed 100 horsepower. Anything less powerful is not suitable for Russian conditions. Just because the domestic seasonality implies a good powerful car with a stable job: ice, mud, slush, the car must be confident enough on the road in all these conditions.

Next, it is important for us to estimate the fuel consumption. This is also a serious criterion. A car can “eat” a little more only if there are serious advantages: speed, space (to give the opportunity to carry goods, for example, which helps a lot when moving or dimensional purchases), to allow an increased number of passengers to be carried. A more powerful (and, accordingly, less economical) machine will allow you to drive out of deep snow or mud. In any other case it is unjustified. All this applies to those cases when you choose new cars up to 600 thousand rubles. If you are interested in used options, then there are still certain nuances to which you should pay attention.

In addition to this important characteristic, you can also pay (or not pay, according to personal preferences) attention to the following points.

  1. Air conditioning in the basic configuration may well be very necessary, if the hot summer, you live in the city or in the icy winter, on the contrary, often sit in a cold car away from civilization. Be sure to decide for yourself how important this item is.
  2. The ESP system, which in the case of skidding will allow you to maintain control of the car. If you like speed, you often drive on country roads, where it can be very slippery in winter, most likely, this point should not be neglected either.
  3. The ABS system with a similar principle of operation will maintain the controllability of the car in the event that you have to apply emergency braking.
  4. The presence of airbags and their number is simply because accidents are always unexpected, and these devices will allow you to maintain health and life even in fairly serious situations.

We tried to include in our selection cars that meet all these points, cost no more than six hundred thousand rubles, and smashed them into groups for your convenience.

City car: compact, stable and easy

In this category there are only two heroes, but what kind of heroes! A car on automatics is always expensive, and only a quirky Koreans and experienced pragmatic Japanese have such an unbeatable combination. So, a new car for 600 thousand for a city can be chosen from the following two options:

Hyundai Solaris

The Korean company Hyundai has released one of the most popular cars in the world, pampering buyers with price, features, in which the distinctive point is the automatic transmission. Of course, this is absolutely exactly known to you Hyundai Solaris. Despite the fact that the official price is slightly higher than the bar set by us (you can buy Solaris for 640 thousand rubles), a large number of shares held by all dates will allow to keep within the specified amount.

Hyundai Solaris

Why he still has no competitors is absolutely clear. In addition to the automatic transmission, the car itself has very tasty configuration options:

  • depending on the configuration, Hyundai Solaris has under its hood from 102 to 123 horsepower;
  • despite a noticeable plus of automation, you can also choose a car on mechanics, saving both at the time of purchase and later during operation (thus, whether your car will be automatic or not depends on your personal preferences);
  • Hyundai Solaris also has heated seats, mirrors and windshield wipers are also able to thaw on electronics;
  • There are 6 airbags in the car;
  • well and from pleasant bonuses - high-quality acoustics.

In general, Hyundai Solaris is really an excellent machine for urban conditions at a very humane price.

Nissan Note

The second car in the selection - Japanese Nissan Note. The car is mobile, compact, while the owner of a spacious trunk, which can be valuable for a large family or owners of large dogs. This five-door hatchback is a direct competitor to Hyundai Solaris. 110 horsepower, a choice between manual transmission and automatic transmission. Characteristics of almost 1 in 1 repeat their competitor, which allows the buyer to choose solely on personal sympathies and personal preferences.

Nissan Note

The best sedans in 600 thousand rubles

The next category we’ll look at is sedans. We will not be mistaken if we say that this is one of the most popular categories on our roads. Roomy, economical, pleasant to the eye, they perform well as a working function, and aesthetic, pleasing the owners with their thoughtful design. Cars up to 600,000 rubles from sedans can be chosen from:

Nissan Almera

The first sedan, which we consider, is the Nissan Almera - Japanese, which, while maintaining a low price, offers a rather pleasant list of characteristics:

  • the number of "fillies" - one hundred two pieces, engine size - 1.6 liters;
  • two airbags, which save in a frontal impact, are located on the steering wheel and on the torpedo;
  • good electronics for smart braking system operation;
  • adjustable seats and steering for the comfort of a particular driver.

You can also add an electric lift system, heated seats and many other nice "buns" to this budget.

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Mitsubishi Lancer

With some stretch we include Mitsubishi Lancer in this rating, since it can fit in 600 thousand only in the simplest basic configuration. It will include:

  • 1.6-liter engine;
  • power of 117 horsepower;
  • ABS to help maintain vehicle drivability during emergency braking;
  • 2 airbags to help with a frontal impact - on the steering wheel and the front panel for the passenger;
  • steering column, which can be adjusted by itself.

In general, such equipment for your budget, for a proven reliable machine, is very good. Mitsubishi Lancer, in addition to a very presentable appearance, offers its owner quite reliable engineering solutions. And for a small surcharge in excess of the amount specified by us, you can get a lot of nice and useful additions.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Hatchbacks and wagons are not more expensive than six hundred thousand rubles

Another popular choice of car enthusiasts around the world is hatchbacks with a very distinctive body. This preference is due to the fact that the capacity of the trunk of this car will be much higher than that of a sedan, and sometimes this factor is decisive. Yes, and apparently many like it hatchback. In addition, such a car is almost always equipped with additional electronic systems that are responsible for the safety of all passengers and, of course, the driver. So, what hatchbacks can you buy at 600,000?

Ford Fiesta

The first car in question is the small, compact Ford Fiesta. This fordik is one of those who are “small and distant”: very inexpensive and economical, he unexpectedly showed excellent results in quite demanding crash tests, which the Euro NCAP agency once conducted. This series of tests from all sides carefully checks the car on the indicator of the level of car safety for both the driver and passengers. The owner of the Ford Fiesta, due to the fact that his car passed all exams with distinction, receives a special certificate, which indicates the security guarantees of people in his car, subject to certain rules, of course.

Ford Fiesta

Well, let's go through the complete set of Ford Fiesta:

  • 1.6 liter engine.
  • 105 horsepower;
  • a car up to 600 thousand is available only on the mechanics - the machine costs more;
  • The maximum speed of the Ford Fiesta is indicated by the manufacturer as 182 km / h;
  • both the driver’s seat and the steering wheel are perfectly adjustable for the driver by adding extra points to the car’s box;
  • Ford Fiesta on-board computer will be a good helper: in the case of some extreme situations, he is able to give invaluable clues and smooth out driver errors.

This entire list clearly indicates that Ford has once again made a wonderful car that will satisfy the most demanding car enthusiasts, and is second only to much more expensive cars.

Mazda 2

The next car we are considering is priced at around 600 tonnes. - well-known to our roads Mazda 2. Designers paid a lot of attention to the appearance of this baby - it is bright, even somewhat aggressive in appearance and compares favorably with the others in its lineup by its appearance. The palette of colors in which you can choose for yourself a true iron horse is very diverse and will satisfy any exquisite tastes.

Mazda 2

And also the Mazda 2 is:

  • Two frontal airbags for use during a frontal impact, plus side airbags, also called curtain airbags, will work if the blow is on the side
  • ABS to keep the brake running when skidding;
  • special system that correctly distributes braking forces;
  • immobilizer for anti-theft;
  • central locking with a special updated protection against reading the impulse by the attacker.

Lada Kalina Cross

It is necessary not to mention in the list the domestic car Lada Kalina Cross, which is the only station wagon that broke into our charts. Despite the prejudice actively promoted in our society to the domestic auto industry, it should be noted that the Kalina bundle is very good. Having laid down in 600 thousand rubles, you will receive:

  • gearbox using modern robotization;
  • comfortable front-wheel drive;
  • engine power is 106 horsepower;
  • engine capacity - 1.6 liters;
  • special reinforced suspension for poor conditions, which shows itself well on country roads and in general in places with poor traffic;
  • the car is quite high - ground clearance is 208 mm., and the tires are specially increased.

Lada Kalina Cross

All these characteristics clearly show that the car is very good in its price category. Perhaps stereotypes acquired by obtrusive anti-advertising prevent you from seeing a very good car?

Buy a crossover or SUV and meet in 600,000 rubles - really

Find an SUV in this amount is almost impossible and this is due to quite objective reasons - the car with increased requirements for maneuverability, power and safety is quite expensive. However, nothing is impossible - for you we have compiled a list of crossovers and SUVs that you can buy without exceeding the sum of 600 thousand rubles.

UAZ Hunter

We start in our hit parade together with the domestic development of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. And if we put Kalina in the rating with doubt, because the “Ladas” in our society is a pretty strong prejudice, then this all-wheel drive SUV is placed here with a pure heart. It’s not just that it is included in many ratings of top cars for hunting, fishing and traveling in badly traveled places, successfully competing with expensive foreign cars. UAZ cars generally enjoy popular love and recognition - for their unpretentiousness, high technical indicators and a strong integration of almost every citizen in the history.

UAZ Hunter

Among other things:

  • five-speed manual gearbox;
  • 134 horsepower under the hood;
  • 4 x 4 wheel drive.

Hunter can be a five-seater or seven-seater, and engineers have designed it specifically for the Russian uncomfortable roads. If you have a dacha, if you have a hobby "in nature", if you often drive into the mud, rain and slush where the primers stretch for miles, this car is an excellent choice for the budget.

l I rice X60

This Chinese crossover looks very neat and even compact, which is not very typical for all-wheel drive cars. Despite the fact that Chinese cars are taken with doubt and very carefully, this representative of their automobile industry deserves very close attention. It is really worth buying if you are determined to buy a really good all-wheel drive car. The car has a very thoughtful design: both outside and the exterior of the cabin is pleasing to the eye and looks very European.

l I rice X60

Технические характеристики l I rice X60:

  • engine capacity 1.8 liters;
  • under the hood, “hidden” herd 128 horsepower;
  • l I rice X60 может развивать скорость до 170 км./ч.;
  • five-speed manual transmission.

In addition to these basic points, it should also be noted that some electronic systems are presented in the basic configuration, and advanced versions in the expanded configuration. The car has high levels of terrain, including in difficult environmental conditions. In addition, he was awarded a serious degree of security in several reputable crash tests. In general, this representative of the Chinese automotive industry really deserves its place under the sun on our difficult roads.

Renault Duster

Well, the leader of our rating - meet, this is a French Renault Duster. This is a car out of cars. For his low price, he easily sneaks into the most impassable jungle. Immediately after Renault released this model, Duster became the leader and participant in a large number of ratings, both in price and in technical characteristics: convenience, safety, maneuverability and functionality. In addition, the car is equipped with inexpensive and easily replaceable spare parts, which are widely represented in the domestic market in the most remote cities. The car is so popular that in Russia it can be said that it ranks first among the most popular all-wheel drive cars. On this good note, we give him the first place in our mini-rating among SUVs and crossovers for less than 600 thousand rubles.

Renault Duster

Whatever car you are looking for, a sedan or a crossover, a mechanic or an automatic transmission, beautiful or functional, a small budget is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to pick and find your dream car.