Big losses: the most expensive accidents in the world


Expensive cars are always fast, comfortable and safe - this is what wealthy people require from personal transport. However, the high cost does not always bring only benefits - for example, after an accident such cars require a very long, costly recovery. And, although their owners are protected from losses by insurance policies, this does not completely relieve them of all problems. An example of this is the most expensive accident in the world, which occurred recently in one of the most luxurious resort cities in Europe.

Bentley Azure

The accident in Monte Carlo involving Bentley Azure

Recent history

The incident occurred in 2011 in Monte Carlo, near the most prestigious institutions of this small principality - the famous casino Monte Carlo and the fashionable hotel De Paris. The girl who ran the sky-blue Bentley Azure cabriolet was about to visit a gambling establishment and was already intending to drive into his parking lot. According to eyewitnesses, the young lady stopped, looked at her feet, tried to orient for about 15 seconds, and then pressed the gas, apparently missing the brake pedal. The posh car rushed forward and nevertheless drove into the parking lot, but rammed the cars standing there, stopping only on the fourth.

Читать далее далее о самых дорогих авариях в мире-->Среди пострадавших бюджетных автомобилей не обнаружилось, что вполне логично — было бы странно увидеть рядом с наиболее дорогим казино Европы Renault Logan или Volkswagen Polo. Наиболее пострадал стоявший у края Aston Martin Rapide, оценённый страховщиками в 220 тысяч долларов. Также существенные повреждения получили Ferrari F430 (270 тысяч долларов), Mercedes S500 и Porsche 911 (оба по 95 тысяч долларов). Стоимость Bentley виновницы составляет 383 тысячи долларов — как результат — наиболее дорогая авария в XXI веке. Подробности не разглашаются, однако можно быть уверенным, что сумма превысит миллион долларов, поскольку собственники авто могут также выставить счета за моральный ущерб в результате огласки их имён и нанесения ущерба собственности.

Other use cases

The most expensive accident in Monte Carlo can be considered as such only in Europe - in other countries there have already been cases in which premium cars of even greater value have participated. So, on the highway near the Japanese city of Shimonoseki, a unique accident occurred, in which 12 supercars (most of them - Ferrari) hit, as well as two simpler cars. Participants in the accident, belonging to the motor racing club, gave completely different testimonies - some say that the fault of Mercedes, who went to overtake, not following the rules, and caused a very serious collision, and others - that Mercedes pushed one of the Ferrari from its lane. Whatever it was, the accident caused the closure of the road for 6 hours, during which the wreckage of vehicles was removed from the road, and the total amount of damage calculated by insurance companies amounted to $ 1.5 million.

Accident near the town of Shimonoseki

However, it is not at all necessary to split several cars at once in order to get damage that exceeds a million dollars - after all, exclusive or antique transport may well be involved in diesel fuel. This happened to the owner of the most rare Ferrari in the world - 250GTO, which was acquired for 28.5 million dollars. After buying a car at auction, he decided to ride his exclusive on public roads. The car that drove ahead slowed down sharply, and the driver did not have time to react - as a result, an accident worth several million dollars and many more years of repeated painstaking restoration of a rare book by professional restorers.

Ferrari 250GTO car

And it is even not necessary to get into an accident in order to get a huge loss. The owner of a unique coupe Ferrari 250 Spyder decided to park near the beach and relax for the glory. But a hurricane that flew completely unexpectedly threw sand at the car and badly damaged its body. When the car was dug up, it turned out that it was completely beyond repair. The insurance has reimbursed the owner $ 11 million spent on the car - but where can I get one more?

Ferrari 250 Spyder covered with sand

There are people who get into accidents on exclusive cars ... during races! So, in 2003, the traditional rally sponsored by Shell, which hosts owners of rare Ferrari and Maserati, was marred by an unpleasant event - the Ferrari 250 GTO TDF, created in 1959, flew over the fence and rammed the concrete wall. The result was damage that required $ 1.65 million to be repaired.

Modern exclusives

Accidents on modern cars are estimated at a huge amount. The owner of Bugatti Veyron SuperSport decided to ride in rainy weather, completely failing to calculate that the wide tires of the car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% are highly susceptible to aquaplaning. Having accelerated to 160 km / h, he lost control and got off the road, severely damaging the front of the car. It is also worth remembering the case when the driver Bugatti also abruptly lost control and crashed and stepped off the road - however, his path was not a roadside landing, but the lake where the car stopped.

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport in the lake

The record for accidents among expensive cars is Ferrari Enzo, which is estimated at about 1.3 million dollars. A total of 14 cases of accidents in which these hypercars participated were registered. And every time the cars were very seriously damaged or not at all recoverable. The reason is easy to understand, if we recall the accident of Stephen Eriksson, who was involved in an accident at a speed of 316 km / h.

Ferrari Enzo car

Interesting Facts

Despite the tremendous speeds that accompany accidents on exclusive expensive cars, their owners rarely suffer damage to health. The reason for this is the use of high-tech security systems in such transport. In addition, they do not suffer too much and materially, since the cost of restoration usually pays for insurance. And if we are talking about Russia, you can even use the non-stop insurance program that protects the policyholder from persecution as a result of administrative offenses.