Tuning the engine vaz 2110 with their hands seriously

Cars of the Russian manufacturer are increasingly used as a "platform" for making various changes in the design and appearance. Some do it in order to show their abilities as an auto mechanic and show their talent as a designer, others just want to create a truly comfortable, comfortable vehicle for movement.

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In both cases, this issue must be approached thoroughly and comprehensively, since colored or installed alloy wheels on a car cannot be called good tuning.

How to improve the engine VAZ 2110?

The engine is a fundamental part of any car and it is she who most often becomes an object for tuning with her own hands. Tuning engine VAZ 2110 can be carried out independently, but for this you need to know the principle of its operation, the device, what can be improved and how changes will affect its work, and, of course, be able to carry out dismantling and installation work. That is, about the same as in tuning VAZ 2109.

engine tuning vaz 2110

All the work to improve the engine can be divided into the following main steps:

  1. Preparation for the work, which includes the provision of a warm garage, when working in the cold time of the day.
  2. Making a plan of upcoming work.
  3. Finding
  4. Find the right parts.
  5. Dismantling the engine.
  6. Installing new parts.
  7. Checking the correct operation of the engine after the work performed.

All stages of the improvement of the installed engine is very important, and they must be performed on a mandatory basis.

Improving the air supply system

VAZ 2110, which engine tuning is carried out very often, has, to put it mildly, not a very good air supply system, which degrades the motion characteristics of the car. When installing a new air supply system, it is possible to increase the value of torque, engine power. For this, a low resistance filter is installed, as during tuning of the VAZ 2107.

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It is worth noting that this stage becomes the very first in the way of improving the engine. Some skeptical auto mechanics may say that such changes lead nowhere. However, it is not. Ensuring a good air supply gives an increase in power of 8%.

engine tuning vaz 2110

Improving the throttle is one of the important stages of tuning the engine. This work also has the effect of increasing the volume of air supplied, which, as noted earlier, affects the various performance characteristics of the engine.

As a rule, to increase the amount of air supplied to the engine throttle valves of increased diameter are installed. Today there is an opportunity to purchase throttle valves with a diameter of up to 54 millimeters, which can be installed on the engine VAZ 2110.

It is worth noting that the installation of a new throttle system cannot be neglected, since the old will not be able to cope with the increased load when modernizing the air supply system to the engine. Particularly relevant is the installation of a new throttle system when tuning the engine of the VAZ 2106, because the six are not as advanced as the ten.

The intake receiver can be called "car's lungs." Many values ​​of engine performance depend on the value of its volume. When installing a new enhanced receiver, you can achieve the following:

  1. A large amount of air can be supplied to the cylinder.
  2. Smooth, to some extent, the pulsation of the supplied air, which makes it smooth flow.
  3. Changing the length of the inlet nozzles allows you to adjust the power at different speeds.

Speaking about this element of the system providing air supply to the cylinder, it is worth noting the following: when you are in the store a sports sample of this element of the system, you shouldn’t believe the rumors or, in some cases, the seller’s advice that this version is customized for your engine.

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Tuning the receiver is a complex due to the installation and precise adjustment of the valve timing. VAZ 2110 engine tuning, the photo of which can be found on the network, is carried out exclusively with a good knowledge of the device and the principle of operation of the system.

VAZ 2110 engine tuning

The engine control unit

Modern cars in their system have a special control unit for all mechanisms, which was named among auto mechanics and motorists "brains". It is thanks to this unit that the work of all systems is synchronized. As you know, the standard installed program for such cars as the VAZ 2110 is set up in such a way that the fuel consumption and power are optimal.

To increase power and improve other characteristics of the engine, taking into account the changes made, you need to install a different program of operation of all systems, which is now called chip tuning. Experts can carry out similar tuning by installing a previously recorded program. However, there is a certain hitch in this question.

VAZ 2110 engine tuning

Recorded programs for changing the work of the "brains" were created with the calculation of the installed standard equipment, including the air supply system to the engine. Installing such a program will not help to drastically change the mode of operation of the engine.

Therefore, to install the program, whose work will be written with the features of the engine elements, you need to visit special workshops where you test the engine and write the program for the control unit according to the readings of the tests. This pleasure is not cheap, but a well-designed program can also drastically affect the operation of the engine.

And here goes the basin 2110 after tuning the engine, the wheels are already stalled: