New mercedes e-class in the back of w213

Mercedes E class in the back of the W213 is so smart, he can ride and park himself. But this is in Europe, and in Russia it will be difficult for him, since the roads leave much to be desired, as well as many other nuances. The new Mercedes is not much longer than its predecessor - a couple of centimeters. But if you look in profile, the silhouette of the car is very similar to the new S-class. The hood lengthened, the front wheel went slightly forward. Now under the hood can easily be placed inline 6-cylinder engine. But in our case, the E200 Sport, is a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine.


There is not much space in the rear seats, but if you take a person with a height of 190 cm, then he will fit himself behind him and even stay about 3 cm from the legs to the front seat. There is also a high transmission tunnel, and everything else is modest. Finishing materials but very high quality, this is a luxury for passengers of the 2nd row. Salon trimmed elegant, but for the money, namely, 3.5 million rubles, it should be by itself. There is also an armrest with a secret, from which the cup holders are being pushed. Beautiful air vents, there is a 12-volt outlet and there are no displays and other elements of comfort here. But the panoramic roof is simply gorgeous here.

Self parking

There is no such thing in any other car except for Mercedes, except that in the latest BMW 7-ke G-generation. Simply press the button and the car itself will find a free parking space. It will be necessary to activate the parking autopilot and you can not interfere in the control at all, the car itself clearly parked. You can also drive out of the parking lot using parking autopilot.

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new e-class

The car goes clearly and rather quickly as for a 2-liter engine, if you put the sport plus mode, the car will accelerate to a hundred km / h in 7.7 seconds. In the new Mercedes E-class, you can essentially fold your arms, put them behind your head and rejoice at the fact that the car goes by itself. This is the first car that can officially go on their own without using the markup. It is almost entirely a robotic vehicle. But according to European laws, you still need to keep your hands on the steering wheel. But in this configuration in the menu there is about half of what should be in the E-class.

Motors are installed in the E-class initially the most inefficient. 2-liter engine with a capacity of 184 liters. with. He for the E-class is somehow weak. There is enough for a ride, but there is no that desired drive, therefore there is not much buzz from driving, there is no adrenaline rush from acceleration here. And after 110 km / h, the acceleration is generally very smooth.

There is a grade E220d, which has 194 liters. with. power. But the maximum torque on a gasoline engine is achieved earlier - already at 1200 rev / m, and on diesel - after 1600 rev / min. Diesel fuel consumption claimed 3.6 liters per hundred km! On the petrol version about 6 liters are declared, and in fact it turns out about 10.


Execution of the cabin is just gorgeous and there is nothing to complain about. The initial equipment costs about 2 800 000 rubles, in it the mechanical scales of the instruments and the interior look a bit simpler. In our configuration “Sport” there are smart 2 large monitors, as in the S-class. Each of which with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. It looks like two combined laptops, each of which carries certain information. You can manage all this information not only with the help of a joystick, but also with the help of 2 touch pads on the steering wheel. The left touchpad is for the left monitor, and the right one is for the right one.

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The right monitor cannot be called a dashboard, because it is a real monitor in which you can change pictures, it has excellent resolution, all elements look beautiful. And you can display all the readings on this monitor. But the themes can only be Mercedes: Sport, Classic and Progressive, you cannot make tuning of this panel, and you shouldn’t do it so that the whole system doesn’t become buggy.


Also, using the smartphone, you can control some of the functions of the Mercedes E-Class. It is possible without a key, using a smartphone to open the car, you can also get out of the car and park it with a smartphone. And even made friends with Mercedes with iPhone, Apple Car Play system is now used.

The seats are quite comfortable, but in order to adjust them you have to move them mechanically, it is not clear why you didn’t do the electric adjustment of the seats. Probably for weight reduction, as well as in more expensive models it should be. The steering wheel is also manually adjustable, there is no servo. But otherwise everything is fine.


Driving sensations are not quite typical for a Mercedes, it is not so soft. Even in the Comfort mode, despite the fact that the amplitude buildup increases and waves appear, it is all the same, if some irregularities appear on the road, it becomes not very pleasant. But his gait turned out to be special, and the handling became a little better than on the previous generation.

The car costs 3,500,000 rubles, and a huge part of this money went to electronics. Here, rear-wheel drive, nothing special, but for the money, today, you buy a car with features that no other car has. This machine can do what so far no machine can, but in the near future, many cars will be with such a smart system.

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And then the video where the boy rides on a new Mercedes W213 and shares his feelings: