New kia rio will receive a new turbocharged engine

Новопоколенный Kia Rio получит новый турбированный мотор

Korean automaker promises новопоколенную Kia Rio in about six months. Among the complete sets will appear the "hot" GT version, under the hood of which there will be a turbocharged three-cylinder engine. Compact hatchback with sporty features in the lineup Kia Rio Today is the urgent need of the company. And it will be built on the platform newcomer Rio. Новопоколенный Kia Rio получит новый турбированный мотор As they say in the manual of the Korean auto brand, it would be foolish to miss the opportunity to create a hot hatchback, when such a smart engine is at hand. After all, the most part has already been done: the engine has been developed, and it is already the honor of the automaker to install it on a specific model and redo it for it. And Koreans have always been distinguished by painful ambition.

Новопоколенный Kia Rio get customized suspension and a more powerful braking system. But the decision to create горячего хэтчбка Kia Rio on the tops of the automotive corporation has not yet been finalized. The sports hatch is still in a state of fresh and interesting ideas, and it is possible that it will be made on the basis of the platform. Hyundai i20 N. Именно этот проект сегодня активно продвигается директором корпорации. Условно идея создания горячего хэтчбека Kia Rio называется примерно так: построить "crazy rio“There is no specific data confirming the real work of the Korean auto corporation in this direction. For the first time, by the way, Koreans gave a hint at this idea at the beginning of this year. Новопоколенный Kia Rio получит новый турбированный мотор New Kia RioBy the way, photo spies were recently captured quite recently at the time of passing the test trials in South Korea. The photo shows a modified front bumper, a reduced grille, which is made in the tradition of the new corporate style of the auto brand - "Tiger Smile", a completely different form of fog lights. From the side mirrors, the developers have removed the turn signal repeaters. Besides, new generation Rio got a new head optics.

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