How to choose a rack for the car?


After reading a few articles on specialized resources, you will definitely come across a term such as "racks". We should not think that they represent any particular component of the chassis, which has to be searched for a long time when replacing. Racks are usually called MacPherson suspension assemblies in the collection - they include a shock absorber, spring, bump stops, supports, silent blocks and other parts necessary for the normal operation of the chassis. If it is necessary to replace the racks, it is best to purchase the original components supplied on the conveyor of the car manufacturer, however, some drivers want to change the characteristics of their vehicle. Therefore, in this article we will give an answer to the question of which racks are better and which brands of manufacturers are better to prefer.

Pendant MacPherson


Shock absorbers

The classic shock absorbers used in most modern cars are filled with mineral oil, which has linear elastic characteristics in compression. The use of such a filler allows you to achieve maximum comfort - when driving large irregularities, oil shock absorbers do not annoy passengers with strong blows with loud sounds of suspension work. If necessary, the manufacturer can adjust the stiffness of such components of the chassis, changing the composition of the liquid poured into them - thanks to this, it is possible to adapt the oil dampers for use in vehicles of different weights. However, the classic version, which has been used for more than 80 years, has its drawbacks - damping takes some time, as a result of which the car can continue to sway for some time after the passage of unevenness. This feature adversely affects the manageability of transport.

Читать далее о лучших стойках для автомобиля-->Поэтому многие любители тюнинга приобретают газомасляные стойки, которые отличаются адаптивными характеристиками. График изменения их упругости в зависимости от сжатия уже не будет иметь форму прямой — чем больше опускается шток, тем быстрее растёт усилие, что позволяет достаточно быстро выравнивать автомобиль, не допуская его колебаний. Газомасляные амортизаторы в составе стоек позволяют практически моментально восстановить управление над машиной даже при проезде очень плохого участка дороги. Кроме того, подобные компоненты помогают уменьшить глубину кренов в поворотах, что также положительно влияет на устойчивость транспортного средства. Однако газомасляные стойки не всегда обеспечивают должный комфорт, поэтому устанавливать их на семейные автомобили либо компактные малолитражки не рекомендуется.

The uncompromising option recommended for motorsport is a fully gas strut. To understand how they differ from the ones mentioned above, we need to remember that the characteristics of gas compression and expansion are not at all the same as those of a liquid. That is why gas shock absorbers have a very high stiffness, which in most cases makes the car uncomfortable. However, their significant advantage is the complete absence of fluctuations after the passage of irregularities. Thanks to this machine, which is equipped with gas racks, maintains perfect handling even in critical situations.

Types of shock absorbers

Dampers may have small remote tanks that allow you to increase the energy intensity of such components and help the car to maintain stability after strong vertical vibrations and even jumps. That is why such parts are most often installed on tuning SUVs. Experiments with a magnetorheological fluid, which contains particles that change their properties under the influence of electromagnetic fields, have also given good results. These shock absorbers are installed on expensive versions of prestigious cars - they allow you to change the settings of the chassis on the go.


Conventional springs for the car have an equal thickness of the coil. These racks provide good comfort and provide a linear response to the load applied to them. Due to this, it is possible to avoid strong blows when passing large irregularities. However, racks with equal thickness of the coil spring do not always provide adequate stability - their use can cause rolls in corners and braking.

Reinforced springs are usually labeled Heavy Duty or HD. They are made of more durable metal alloys and have an increased thickness, which allows them to carry heavy loads without breaking. These parts are usually offered for SUVs, but they can be installed on ordinary cars that are operated in harsh conditions.


Springs with a progressive coil thickness thicken towards the center, while at the edges they have a small diameter. The stands equipped with them are a compromise between the excellent handling, which allows to get the springs of large diameter, and the comfort of thin products. At the moment, racks with springs that have a progressive turn thickness are installed on most middle-class cars.

In addition, such elastic elements as springs can be replaced in automobiles by pneumatic cylinders, springs, torsions, and other devices. However, in such a case, it is not necessary to talk about the strut assembly, since the elastic element and the vibration absorber are installed separately from each other. Therefore, hearing about the need to replace the racks, be sure that you will have to change the shock absorber with a spring, as well as related components.


If you want to know which racks are better, you need to consider the products of the most popular manufacturers. Number one in the Russian market is considered the Japanese company Kayaba, which offers high-quality chassis components at reasonable prices. In its assortment can be found as oil, gas or combined shock absorbers. A significant advantage of racks from Kayaba is their durability, as well as full compliance with the stated characteristics - so be careful when purchasing all-gas racks, as they can completely change the control character of your car. The only drawback is a huge number of fakes - the inscription Kayaba or the KYB logo is put on its products by many third-party companies that produce low-quality products, so it is recommended to buy such racks in a specialized store or in a wholesale warehouse.

Stand Kayaba

Also, be sure to pay attention to the Dutch racks Koni - this company is famous for the fact that its products are supplied to the conveyor of such companies as Lamborghini and Bentley. However, it also produces racks for cheaper vehicles, including subcompacts. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% and golf class cars. Oil and gas-oil shock absorbers Koni pass a long test cycle, during which engineers manage to get their ideal settings. The result of their use is a significant increase in the stability of the car, which has almost no effect on comfort, as well as achieving a long service life of the chassis. A significant lack of Koni racks can be called only their high cost, which forces them to give 2-3 times more money than for counterparts from other manufacturers.

Standing Koni

If you want to install oil racks that will exactly match the parameters of the original car parts, you should contact your Bilstein representative. It is known for supplying its products to the conveyor of such well-known manufacturers as BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and Honda, which can already say a lot about the quality of the racks of the German company. If you choose the rack from the sports or tuning series Bilstein, then you will get products with excellent characteristics that ensure the stability of the car in any situation and allow you to use a very wide range of adjustments. At the price of Bilstein racks, they do not reach the products of the Dutch competitor, so it’s worth preparing for their purchase in advance.

Bilstein racks

The best option in the ratio of cost and quality parameters are oil racks Sachs. This company is part of the international concern ZF, with which almost all car manufacturers in the world cooperate. The company's model range includes both oil shock absorbers with settings similar to the factory ones, as well as sports products filled with gas or having a gas support. In addition, Sachs racks are easy to adjust, which allows them to be used for all occasions - including for serious tuning of the car. The cost of racks Sachs is comparable with the products Kayaba, however, some models may be more expensive, due to the use of fundamentally different technologies.

Sachs rack

In addition, you can give preference to other manufacturers of quality parts for the chassis of the car. Among them, the following brands should be especially noted:

  • Monroee;
  • Wabco;
  • Ruville;
  • Meyle.

An economical option for a domestic car will be high-quality Lemforder racks or Topran. Regardless of which brand you prefer, you need to carefully monitor that you are not sold a fake, as in this case, the good characteristics of the racks can no longer be said.

Tough choice

If you want your car to please you with a combination of good handling and comfort, you should get high-quality oil racks. For fans of non-professional tuning, we can recommend gas-oil products, which are inferior to simple oil in comfort, but provide better stability. Professional athletes choose gas shock absorbers - they allow you to achieve perfect handling, but can significantly reduce the level of comfort. Regarding the brands of racks, it is recommended to purchase products of such manufacturers as Kayaba, Sachs, Bilstein, Koni, Monroe and others.