In beijing, showed a new suv iat karlmann king for 1.85

Visitors to the Beijing International Auto Show were able to truly appreciate one of the most extravagant premieres of the show - the IAT SUV Karlmann King. Note that the car is distinguished not only by its appearance, but also by considerable cost.

SUV Karlmann King from the Chinese manufacturer IAT can compete with cars such as the H1 Hummer and Kombat Dartz. The 6-meter model impresses with its angular body, designed in the spirit of the Lexus LF-NX concept car. The sample presented in Beijing is still a concept car, although IAT representatives say they are ready to release it with at least 10 copies. True, the price of each of the cars will be considerable - 1.85 million US dollars.

It is known that at the heart of IAT Karlmann King are knots and engines of Ford off-road vehicles. And above all, it is a gasoline 6.8-liter power unit V10 Triton capacity of 362 horsepower. Also, the car took in part from the "donor" some elements of the interior. Looking into the IAT Karlmann King salon, you can find a lot in common with the 2014 Ford F-150 pickup.

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