Jeep renegade became the first car in the world to pass

The famous brand continues to amaze its fans. Of course, everyone knows the high technical characteristics of the Jeep, but even the most loyal fans did not expect the conquest of rafting.

The event took place in the UK, on ​​a professional stretch for rafting in Wells. The track, where Jeep Renegade has demonstrated what it can do, is part of the CIWW (Cardiff International White Water) complex, designed specifically for rafting.

The SUV passed a quarter of a kilometer of extreme road, the height differences on which reached 9.15 m, which is more than serious for a serial SUV.

The driver, who demonstrated the ability of Jeep Renegate, became an athlete - snowboarder E. Fuller. As the athlete herself noticed, the SUV made her nervous, because earlier nobody had done anything like that with the Jeep, but she was glad that she had risked and coped with the rafting track.

Despite the fact that the official news reports do not indicate a Renegate modification, our specialists are convinced that this is a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, because it is in this modification that the car has the highest clearance and the strongest off-road qualities.

We remind you that the new model Jeep Renegate Trailhawk 2016 has already gone on sale. It is available in several colors and two versions of the power unit.

Jeep Renegade Takes Part In Rafting 6

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