Which cars are the best in terms of price and quality


The essence of a person is such that he wants to pay less, but receive high quality. This does not always work, because saving often entails even more serious costs. But if we talk about cars, then with the current range you can find a lot of options that will satisfy the price and meet the expectations of quality. To find and buy such a car, you need to correctly prioritize. Do not chase exclusively for the brand and the maximum configuration, half of the equipment in which you simply will not use. The quality of the machine is not determined by the equipment and the number of additional options. Here, the key role is played by the manufacture of the body, the platform on which the machine was built, the engines used and the quality of the direct assembly. You can choose the right car for yourself with the help of car rating by price and quality. We deliberately did not distribute the cars in places, since this is quite a subjective criterion. But each of the cars on the list deserves your attention.

Rating the best cars in terms of price - quality

TOP best cars in terms of price - quality.

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Representatives and rating criteria

Among the best cars in terms of price - quality, there were many quite popular models that are actively used in Russia and the CIS countries. In drawing up the list of the best cars, the following factors were taken into account:

  • cost;
  • build quality;
  • reliability;
  • owner reviews;
  • expert ratings;
  • official market presence;
  • adaptation to Russian conditions of operation;
  • maintainability;
  • cost of service;
  • price of operation.

Since we were looking for practical cars that are not worth the fabulous money, but at a relatively budget price we are ready to provide all the necessary features, representatives of BMW, Mercedes and other expensive brands were not included here. The focus is on machines with good value for money.

The rating covers both the market of new cars and used cars. According to the results of research and study of the opinion of car owners, cars from the following manufacturers were included in the final rating:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Toyota;
  • That;
  • Nissan;
  • Ford;
  • Skoda;
  • Hyundai;
  • Mazda;
  • Renault.

As you can see, all brands are more than famous. Some are presented at once by 2 models. After examining each candidate, you can personally choose for yourself the best car in 2018 in terms of price-quality ratio.


Immediately we start with a very popular car in Russia, the adequacy of the price-quality ratio of which is beyond doubt. Therefore, this 2018 rating is deservedly opened by a representative of the German automaker. In the range of Volkswagen a lot of decent cars. Some also hit the top. Polo attracts with its value and the fact that we are talking about German quality. It uses excellent components, reliable and durable platform, decent materials for the manufacture of the body and trim. The current price starts from 580 thousand rubles. But if you want to take yourself a Polo, it is recommended to buy a version of the average or maximum configuration. The basic version is too poor, there is practically nothing in it. Machines reliable, durable, equipped with efficient engines for 90 and 110 horsepower. The car in the basic configuration is already equipped with a special package, including a modified suspension, which adapts the Polo to Russian conditions of operation. And this is a very important point and a key advantage.

Volkswagen Polo


Judging by the reviews about this crossover from Mitsubishi, nothing better exists. This is not an objective assessment, but simply the owners are really very pleased with the quality of the car at its relatively low price. The Japanese were able to make a confident step forward in terms of quality, but they did not overstate the price tags for their models. This crossover demonstrates excellent resistance to our climate and not the best quality roads, while offering a wide range of options and a high level of comfort. To choose from under the hood are gasoline engines for 140 and 150 horsepower. Dynamic, practical, economical enough and affordable to operate a car of a certain should interest those people who are looking for a decent crossover at a price of from 1 to 1.5 million rubles. And you can count on a very rich equipment for the money.

Mitsubishi ASX


If you are interested in the price-quality ratio applied to more prestigious cars, then the Camry from the Japanese automaker Toyota will be the obvious leader. Japanese fans will tell you that this is the most optimal machine for price and quality. One can argue with them endlessly, but one cannot deny the fact of excellent performance and a fairly adequate price. Actual price tags on the E class sedan start at 1.4 million rubles. If you want the maximum configuration, get ready to give more than 2.3 million. But it is not necessary to take only the new version. Even previous generations have all the characteristics to satisfy a demanding customer.

All Camry created to conscience. Moreover, true connoisseurs of the model point out that earlier generations were doing better and for a longer period. The approach to the auto industry has changed a bit, but the Camry continues to be a popular and desirable car. Given all the advantages of the Camry, this model deservedly falls into the rating of the best cars in terms of price-quality ratio in the current 2018. A striking proof that you have a good and reliable car in front of you is the sales results in Russia.

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We get down to the ground a bit, and move on to more budgetary representatives of the rating. But in terms of price and quality, these are still very decent cars. Over the last 10–15 years, Kia has managed to rise significantly in terms of the quality of the machines produced. Now they can be safely attributed to the number of the most reliable and durable. A striking example of this is the Rio model. These cars are class B are practical, a good combination of dynamism and efficiency, plus the model has a lot of fans due to its attractive appearance. Although the design of the new generation is a lot of controversy, the objective merits of the machine has not been canceled.

Pleases and pricing. In many ways, it was the excellent balance between quality and cost that allowed Rio to be on this list. For the initial version in the showrooms are asking about 680 thousand rubles. If you want top picking, you have to give almost a million rubles. But this is not so much money, considering what you get for them. The current generation of Rio is equipped with petrol engines of 100 and 123 horsepower. To them in a couple choose a mechanic or automatic gearbox. Each on 6 steps. This is a worthy choice for those who need a reliable and durable city car. With adaptation to Russian conditions of operation, everything here is at a high level.

Kia Rio


The car does not have a unique and incredibly attractive design. But if a person buys a car, for reasons of practicality, reliability, dependability and long service life, then Caddy will be a great solution. Value for money here is one of the most optimal. But it is up to you to decide which car is best to buy, based on personal needs and tastes. The Volkswagen company once again proves that it really knows how to create high-quality cars. Let the design is not their strength, but all the other indicators are at the highest level.

The model has existed since 1995. This minivan is available in cargo and passenger performance. The new generation is made in the corporate style, retaining all the main advantages of a roomy minivan. The price matches the quality. For basic equipment in car dealerships they ask from 1.35 million rubles. The top versions will cost more than 2.5 million. But in the case of the Caddy, buying the most expensive configuration does not make much sense. The latest generation is equipped with diesel and petrol engines with a capacity of from 102 to 140 horsepower. There is even an opportunity to take the all-wheel drive version. Practical, versatile and well-assembled car for a large family.

Volkswagen Caddy


The Japanese crossover from the company Nissan from the very first appearance has managed to loudly declare claims to high positions in various ratings. Qashqai car can not be called cheap, because there are more affordable crossovers. But the initial price tag of 1.15 million rubles is definitely not considered high. After all, for the top-end equipment will need to pay a little more than 1.7 million. The machine has become better technically after the change of generation. Improved appearance, added many new and modern options, significantly improved the technical component. At the same time, the previous generation is very much in demand on the secondary market, since the crossover is distinguished by high reliability and reliability. There are not many problems with Qashqai. Given the current price tag for a new generation and used cars, the crossover is deservedly included in the top of the best cars in terms of quality and price. The current generation is offered by diesel and petrol engines for 110 - 163 horsepower with front-wheel or all-wheel drive at the buyer's choice.

Nissan Qashqai


Among the really budget cars in 2018 in the rating of cars on the best price-quality ratio, Solaris of Korean manufacturer Hyundai can be considered the definitive leader. The new generation quickly conquered the domestic market. The car was not just affordable, but also surprisingly high quality made. The assembly does not cause any particular complaints, many competitors will envy the bundling, and in terms of reliability, the car managed to get a lot of laudatory comments from consumers and experts. Solaris is objectively one of the best Hyundai projects lately.

For the basic equipment of this car asking for 600 thousand rubles. In our rating of cars in terms of quality - the price of the car got deserved. And many would surely put Solaris in the first place. But predecessors have decent quality and reliability indicators at more than low cost in the secondary market. If you are not chasing premium cars, but just want to get a reliable city car with a decent level of comfort, safety and low cost of operation, choose Solaris.

Hyundai Solaris


World bestseller from Ford. The American car under the magic name Focus is a regular participant, and sometimes the leader, of various ratings and tops. It could not be included in this list. Buy Focus new generation can be priced at 830 thousand rubles. For more expensive configuration ask about 1.2 million, excluding a wide list of additional options. If you want to buy a car, where price and quality will fully satisfy you, then many will advise you to buy the Focus. This is due to the excellent assembly, the presence of a large number of useful equipment already in the basic configuration. The American manufacturer has never stint on the basic version, because from the start you will get what is offered from competitors only at least in the middle trim levels.

Focus objectively practical, ideal for a large city. The body seems small, but inside it is quite roomy. Plus, under the hood are high-performance engines that are ready to give the dynamics, but they will not spend a lot of fuel. The choice offered petrol power units with capacity from 85 to 150 horsepower. In addition to them, there are automatic, robot and mechanic boxes.

Ford Focus


The Czech state employee, called Rapid by Skoda, quickly enough managed to find its niche and attract a large number of buyers. The car is inexpensive, but it has all the advantages of Czech-German quality. The fact that the production of Skoda puts a hand Volkswagen, fans of the Czech company are very pleased. This allows you to rely on real German quality at a lower starting price. Rapid was created for those who are not ready to spend big money on the purchase of a car, but expects reliability, reliability and long service life from it. Skoda has managed to meet the needs of its customers.

You should not expect cutting-edge solutions like premium cars. Skoda focused on creating a comfortable cabin, practical boot, safety and economy. This is a car for people with average incomes who do not want to spend all their money on the maintenance and servicing of the car. The car costs from 600 thousand rubles, if we talk about Rapid from the salon. But taking such a version is not recommended, since there is practically nothing in it. This is not the best strategy for the Czechs borrowed from Volkswagen. Therefore, for complete satisfaction from the operation of Rapid, you should buy a complete set of medium or maximum level. Top versions still cost up to 1 million rubles.

Skoda Rapid


When the car is called the whole segment, it is already worth a lot. Golf production of the German company Volkswagen has always been considered a model of practicality and reliability. With the change of generations, nothing has changed in this component. The model continued to be on the list of the best cars in the world. Modern Golf received new specifications, updated appearance and high-quality platform. The cost is not the lowest for a C class hatchback, but many are willing to pay from 1.2 to 2.6 million rubles for a German car. Currently, the Golf is considered the most successful car in Europe. Its sales amount to almost 30 million copies. At the same time, Volkswagen continues to improve its creation. Predecessors and used Golf cars are cheaper. But they should not be abandoned if you are looking for a decent option in the secondary market for less than 1 million rubles. Cars can be purchased with motors ranging from 110 to 300 horsepower. Although the owners themselves say that for Golf the best engines will be 125 and 150 horsepower engines.

Volkswagen Golf


The representative of the European C class from the company Toyota. The car is among the best-selling and sought after in the world. Each generation was distinguished by high-quality assembly, adequate cost, and a high level of practicality. The last generation is made in the corporate style, which pleasantly pleased many fans. Although the Corolla is not very different from Avensis or Camry, in terms of value, it objectively wins. For basic equipment in the cabin they are asking about 950 thousand rubles. But in the case of the Corolla, it is better to take the version for about 1.2 - 1.4 million. So you will get good equipment, an efficient motor and additional equipment of your choice. Under the hood, the new Corolla hides gasoline engines with power from 99 to 140 horsepower. The car is beautiful and practical inside, extremely attractive outside. Build quality is beyond doubt. But Toyota is demanding in terms of quality service. Since breakdowns and failures are rarely met with proper maintenance, you will not call a car expensive in terms of operation.

Toyota Corolla


One of the most practical cars available on the Russian market. With an incredibly low price, which is from 470 thousand rubles for the new Logan, this creation of Renault offers a lot. Yes, external data is not the most attractive and exemplary. But Logan buy not for design, but for practicality, reliability, versatility and quality. And let's be frank, the new generation has become noticeably nicer than its predecessor, due to which the model has added fans. Even the top grade costs less than 800 thousand rubles. For the money you get a full package of equipment and options, a good engine and an incredibly spacious interior. Appearance is deceptive, because behind a modest-sized body lies a huge cabin and no less impressive luggage compartment. Solid dynamics and high speeds should not be expected. But the motors with power from 82 to 113 horsepower will allow you not to think much about how to get to the nearest gas station.

Renault Logan

Mazda 6

Just beautiful, this car is difficult to call. Describe the design solutions developed by Mazda, is not easy. The car really turned out prohibitively attractive, which could not fail to attract to the Mazda 6 a huge army of fans. It is important to note that a very technological and modern in all respects car is hidden behind a beautiful wrapper. High-performance engines, a comfortable lounge, a fairly roomy trunk, a wide range of all kinds of equipment and options. If BMW, Audi or Mercedes had released something similar, the car would definitely not have cost the buyer 1.2 million rubles for the basic version. And so, spending even less than 2 million, you can take the Mazda 6 in the richest configuration, and even additional options to choose from. The car objectively deserves high marks for build quality, reliability and reliability. Statistics of calls to garages and reviews of the owners themselves confirm this fact. In addition to the Mazda 6, the Mazda 3 should also be included in this rating. It is more compact, cheaper, but not much inferior to the older model. In terms of price - quality among new cars, this is one of the best solutions in Russia.

Mazda 6


Many experts and car enthusiasts agree on the fact that currently the most attractive in terms of quality-price ratio is Octavia from Skoda. Let's start with the price. The new generation in the base set costs 950 thousand rubles. The top version will cost 1.75 million rubles. With the current prices for really good cars with a high level of equipment, this is not so much. That is, the price of Octavia is justified by its key advantages. Quality has always been the hallmark for Skoda. Octavia was created on the platform from Volkswagen, with great support from the German experts. Add to this the true German approach to assembly, high-performance motors, used finishing materials and careful fitting of parts, and get one of the best machines. Yes, not everyone is attracted by the low-key design of the Octavia. Young people such cars are not very attractive. But if you look at the car from the perspective of practicality, it is objectively a worthy copy.Skoda Octavia

What kind of car to buy, everyone decides for himself. In this ranking, we tried to collect the most high-quality cars at an attractive price and with decent technical characteristics. Some are in the budget category, others are more expensive. It all depends on your budget and the tasks that you set for the purchased machine.