The right choice of fluid for cleaning the car's injector


Every motorist can tell a lot about the carburetor. But modern manufacturers of not only foreign, but also domestic cars have long ago switched to mass production of injection engines. In addition to the advantages, such a solution to some extent added problems to motorists - for high-quality and stable operation of the nozzle system, the mechanism must be regularly cleaned. Today it is available in two ways - a special liquid and ultrasound. The first method is most popular because it can be done independently. To do this, you will need a special fluid for flushing the injector, which is not as easy to choose as it may seem.

Injector flushing

Injector flushing

Causes of clogging

Прежде чем приступить к выбору жидкости для промывки инжектора, необходимо знать, почему же происходит загрязнение системы. Итак, форсунки выступают в роли распылителя топлива в двигатель, после чего оно сразу же сгорает. Ввиду того что качество бензина далеко не самое лучшее, в нём часто находятся мелкие частицы, что и становятся причиной засорения каналов форсунок. А также в результате сгорания некачественного топлива на форсунках появляется налёт из смол. В результате этого появляются такие дополнительные проблемы:Читать далее о секретах выбора жидкости для прочистки инжектора автомобиля-->

  • detonation begins to appear;
  • motor loses its power;
  • start up difficulty is noticed;
  • unstable idling.

Stages of clogging

Experts say that at different stages of clogged nozzles should act differently. There are three main stages:

  • The initial one - at this stage the engine works with almost no visible changes. The only thing you can pay attention to is a slight increase in fuel consumption. The performance of the injectors here is reduced by 10%.
Slight increase in fuel consumption

Slight increase in fuel consumption

  • Medium - here the gas mileage increases, and a sharp smell is emitted during operation. As well as the driver can identify the instability of the engine at idle and a slower acceleration of the car. The performance of the injectors here is reduced by 20%.
  • At the last stage, the performance of the injectors may be reduced to 50%. Here the motor constantly “twitches”, when you press the gas pedal, sharp sounds will be heard.

Professionals recommend flushing the nozzles at the first manifestation of any of these problems. Most often it turns out at the middle stage. Do not neglect the equipment and bring to a critical stage.

How to clean the injector

As mentioned above, today everyone can choose one of two methods of cleaning nozzles - using ultrasound or using a special liquid. The first method involves the use of special equipment. With it, diagnostics of malfunctions is first carried out, and only then the nozzles are cleaned. This is a more expensive way, so domestic car enthusiasts prefer cleaning with a tool.

Hardware injector flushing

Use of special equipment

Nozzle Cleaning Fluids

Manufacturers of injectors cleaning agents offer two types of liquids: direct exposure liquids and so-called additives. The first are used for direct injection, the second - for dilution with gasoline directly in the tank. Of course, direct injection is more efficient.

The main problems that should be dealt with the cleaning fluid nozzles:

  • cleaning of all mechanisms of the system from carbon deposits and deposits;
  • reducing the amount of fuel consumed;
  • complete combustion of fuel.

It should be emphasized that among the most popular manufacturers the mixture of RVS Master Injector Cleans Ic is in the greatest demand. With the help of one such tool you can reduce fuel consumption, increase and maintain acceleration, stabilize engine performance. And also means instantly cleans a torch of nozzles, for a long time keeping it in working order. And also important is the moment that the interaction of the fuel will not change its composition or structure.

RVS Master Injector Cleans Ic

RVS Master Injector Cleans Ic

Professionals recommend starting with RVS Master Injector Cleans Ic, and then watching how the engine behaves after its impact.

Use of a mixture to clean the nozzles

Before understanding what means to choose, it is necessary to familiarize with some nuances of structure and their influence. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that some funds may be too aggressive, say, for plastic or rubber parts. As a result, these nozzles will not last you long.

Note that for a diesel engine Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% needs to use another nozzle cleaner because diesel has a different density. And also after the cleaning procedure, experts recommend replacing the fuel filter - it stabilizes the operation of the entire system.

Flushing diesel injectors

Diesel Engine Injector Cleaning

And also there is such a characteristic as the density of substances. If the density of gasoline and the liquid itself is too different - it is not recommended to use it, since the consequences may be the most unexpected.

It must be borne in mind that high-quality fluids (such as RVS Master Injector Cleans Ic) completely clean and burn all the dirt. Substandard analogs only wash carbon from the injectors. As a result, in the future it gets into the catalyst, which disables the control sensors and spark plugs. You should not rejoice if an inexpensive tool quickly cope with the task - the speed is not an indicator in this choice.

Surely, you have often heard that self-cleaning nozzles are much more profitable than contacting a specialized diagnostic center. Of course, it will be cheaper, but it is necessary to take certain points into account:

  • Professionals will immediately determine the right cleaner for your motor.
  • The mechanisms and components of your car will not be broken or damaged.
  • Warranty to work.

As you can see, it is not as easy to choose the flushing agent for cleaning the injector as it seems at first glance. If you have already encountered a similar problem, share comments under this article.