Kia sporteydzh: test drive 2014

An updated version of the Kia Sportage was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. Not much time has passed since the demonstration, and sales of this model have already begun in Russia.

KIA Sporteydzh test drive control

This car was a utilitarian front-wheel drive frame SUV, and now it is a front-wheel drive SUV with torque transmission to the rear wheels using an electro-hydraulic clutch.

First look

Conducting Kia Sportage 2014 test drive, the third version of the car really struck big changes. Distinctive LED lights, fin on the roof, branded grille, which consists of glossy cells, are noticeable.

Kia Sporteydzh always had a bright appearance and reasonable price. For the price previously could only compete car Nissan Qashqai, but the new version is out of competition, because for the basic equipment the cost of the car is 848,000 rubles, with an engine for 2 liters the cost will be 970,000 rubles.

KIA Sporteydzh test drive photo

Great news for all Russian car enthusiasts, in the new Kia Sportage installed front parking sensors for easy parking. With the installation of the winter package, the heated steering wheel option will be available. The rear of the car was changed in the lanterns, especially changes are noticeable in the dark, their shape can, and remained the same, but the location of the LEDs was different. The wheels were specially selected to be light alloy at 16, 17 or 18 inches (depending on the configuration), such a detail made it easy to touch the road and also easy to maneuver on difficult sections of the road. On the roof of the car is a shark fin, which comes complete with a navigation system. Parking sensors in body color can be installed on the front bumper. Body shades abound, among them: Delux White, Space Blue, Planet Blue and Pegasos Silver.

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Test Drive KIA Sportage

Evaluation of the inside of the car

Will hold Kia Sportage test car interior. The first impression is the quality of the cabin and sound insulation. The windshield is made compact, it protects the Sportage from wind noise. An insulating bushing was installed in the stretcher, and plastic was added to the door. The speakers are located in the corner of the front windows, which saved the salon from rattling. Thanks to the new plastic and other details, the interior has become better. There is a 4.5 inch LCD screen in the middle of the dashboard for important information to the driver. The front desk has the best range of visibility, it was thanks to plastic equipment. The top version of the car includes Infiniti multimedia system for 6 speakers with a subwoofer. The door panel has nice touch inserts. Salon assessment: comfort, ergonomics and impressions on the top five. Any driver can figure out the instrument settings, thus creating an easy and easy journey for himself.

KIA Sportage test drive engine

Technical component of KIA Sportage

Kia Sportage 2014 test drive The internal characteristics showed that the engine became lighter by 10 kg, the torque became less by 6 Nm, and acceleration added time to 0.5 seconds and now amounts to 11.7 seconds. Transmission automatic on 6 steps, in the cabin you can feel the roar of the car and the revolutions of the wheels.

The car shows light lift characteristics, easily overcomes narrow mountain turns, thanks to a modified suspension. Especially noticeable new suspension on large irregularities and hard potholes. In addition to the suspension, there are additional valve blocks, shock absorbers that instantly work in emergency situations.

KIA test drive

Photo Kia Sportage 2014

The new car has an additional option, FlexSteering, which operates on 3 steering modes. Among them: comfortable, sporty and normal mode. If your trip implies frequent winding mountain roads, in this case you simply cannot do without a sports package. The steering wheel in any configuration is made heavy, which allows you to have better handling of the car.

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Carried out Kia Sportage test drive with a diesel engine with 184 horsepower, showed that the car can easily drive into winding roads, and also behaves easily on a city road. The car is now a little harder and tougher. The engine will be available not only in the top configuration "Premium" but also in the "Luxe" and "Prestige". Now you can buy a car with a diesel engine for just 125,9900 rubles. The transmission is automatic, remained the same as the previous generation, all the same power 392 Nm and 1800-2500 revolutions per minute.

Test drive KIA Sportage

In the configuration Prestige and Premium, the engine will be started using the button, without a key. With any engine you will not feel the vibration in the cabin, this contributes to high-quality sound insulation of the engine department. The diesel engine comes with an automatic gearbox, fuel consumption is 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new company KIA - Supervision all-wheel drive combination for 2 liters and a capacity of 150 Nm. A car with him will be more compact, he threw off 10 kg of weight, this allowed him to install an automatic transmission. The chassis of the car is made of the highest quality, the wheel tightly clings to the asphalt.

Thus, the new Kia Sportage has an attractive appearance and balanced characteristics. Browse Kia Sportage 2014 test drive videoTo make sure in the characteristics of the car: