The best car navigation with the function of informing about


Living in a big city with car owners has several advantages, but also has some disadvantages. One of them is a large number of traffic jams. To know where to go and which roads are best to go around, many use a special navigator with traffic jams. This is a convenient and multifunctional device that can quickly and timely provide the driver with the necessary information. But with a huge variety of car navigators with traffic jams, not all of them do an excellent job with their tasks. Some people download information for a long time, others constantly cannot catch the signal to receive data. There are those who are only conditionally considered to be navigators with the “traffic jam” service, although in fact they are not able to fully cope with this function. Consider the best navigators with traffic jams and understand the features of the work of such multifunctional devices.

The best navigators with the service

TOP best navigators with service "traffic jams".

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Information Providers

Choosing a navigator for a car is quite a difficult and responsible task. The devices are not very cheap, which is why it is necessary to consider each question and the proposed function, evaluate their performance and make the final decision. If you are interested in a navigator with traffic jams, you need to at least decide whether the model will suit you more without the Internet or functioning by connecting to the world wide web. First you need to determine where the information comes from the driver. Currently, there are many different sources, but in fact modern navigators use data from Yandex Jams and Navitel.

Moreover, services based on Yandex are gradually gaining increasing popularity. The system works fairly quickly, and information about traffic jams comes through satellites and directly from other drivers. Navitel has a similar scheme, but more stable and proven. Between them there is a difference in the frequency of updating information. If this happens every 6 minutes for Navitel, then Yandex is updated in 2 minutes. An important argument in favor of Yandex Jams is the creation of statistics by them. That is, over a long period the system collects information, analyzes it and creates a kind of forecast. So the driver knows which roads usually create big traffic jams in the mornings or evenings, whether they can be driven around and which workarounds are the most optimal.

Getting information about traffic jams

Some devices can receive information via SIM cards installed in the navigator with traffic jams. Others use radio for this purpose. In general, all navigation systems collect information via the Internet or FM receivers. The same devices from Garmin, where there is a function of traffic jams, use only radio reception. They come with a special antenna. An important advantage of such a system is free service and the absence of any subscription fee. If we talk about navigators that inform the driver about traffic jams at the expense of the Internet, then they are divided into 2 categories.

  1. Navigators working in tandem with a smartphone. Using Bluetooth, the navigator receives the Internet from the phone, which allows you to connect the device wirelessly. Here you need to pay for the work of this function according to the tariff plan of your mobile operator. The downside is that not all phones support the Internet, and also for some car owners it is expensive. In addition, for incoming or outgoing calls from your phone, the connection with the navigator is broken, so you stop receiving traffic data.
  2. Navigation systems using GSM GPRS technology. Many of the best navigators with traffic jams for the car are equipped with slots for SIM cards. Through them you connect the mobile Internet, and the navigator works independently of the smartphone. Some devices are sold already bundled with SIM cards and favorable rates. It is important to always maintain a positive balance of the SIM card, because without the money in the account you can not use the traffic warning function.

Can not be called objectively the best solution. Every motorist must individually approach this issue.

Device Rating

Navigation equipment gets a lot of motorists. Some navigators are already available in the configuration to the car. Others buy them separately. You can connect the navigator to any car. As of the beginning of 2018, the following companies are considered to be leaders among manufacturers of navigators with traffic jams:

  • Lexand;
  • Oysters;
  • Navitel;
  • Explay.

Separately, we consider each GPS navigator with traffic jams, which fell into the rating. Each device has certain advantages, has an additional set of functions and features, in addition to informing the driver about traffic jams. Therefore, when choosing a navigator for a car, you should pay attention not only to the fact that it has a “traffic jam” function, but also to other functionality that can be useful to a motorist.

STR 5450

Opens our rating of navigators with traffic jams for the car in 2018 development from the company Lexand. This is a good midrange device that attracts with its value and functionality. On average, shops ask for such a device about 2.8 thousand rubles. But the modest price should not confuse potential buyers, because in terms of quality and performance, users do not have any complaints. Navitel software is used to operate the navigation system here. Information is displayed on the display with a diagonal of 5 inches. Downloading traffic jams by using Bluetooth. So here you will additionally need to use your smartphone that has an Internet connection. The connection itself is easy if you read the corresponding instructions in the kit to the navigator. Good design, good technical characteristics and low cost allowed the product from Lexand to enter this rating.

Lexand STR 5450


Хорошие и эффективные навигаторы с пробками и сим картой выпускает компания Navitel. Помимо разработки самих карт, они производят линейку собственных девайсов. Ярким представителем линейки навигаторов с пробками является модель Awakening. Это девайс с дисплеем на 7 дюймов и разрешением 1024 х 600. Размеры самого устройства составляют 188 х 108 х 10 мм. при весе 300 грамм. Достаточно компактный, но с хорошо просматриваемым экраном навигатор. Отличается достаточно мощной аккумуляторной батареей ёмкостью 2800 мАч. Очевидно, что для навигации используются карты Navitel. А для отображения информации о пробках на дорогах здесь задействуется GPRS модем. Опыт использования показывает, что соединение получается качественным и устойчивым. Информация о пробках отображается быстро, достаточно регулярно обновляется, что позволяет водителю наблюдать актуальную ситуацию на разных участках. Покупка такого навигационного устройства с функцией отображения пробок обойдётся примерно в 8 тысяч рублей. Цена полностью оправдывает качество.

Navitel Awakening


Another worthy candidate for your car, if it is important for you to get current data on the state of congestion in different cities of Russia. Navigator is released by Explay. Such a gadget is worth about 3.8 thousand rubles. With a relatively low cost, the device shows good performance, has a good display for easy reading of information. The display itself has a diagonal of 5 inches, and the screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. Expecting more for such money was hardly worth it. But user reviews show that these characteristics are quite enough for convenient operation. Bluetooth is used to download traffic data. The information itself is provided by navigation software from Navitel. The signal is good with an adequate smartphone. You do not need to have a state-of-the-art telephone in order to establish communication with the navigator.

Explay WRC5 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

Chrome 5500

Достойный GPS навигатор производства компании Oysters. Девайс использует карты Navitel, имеет неплохие технические характеристики и демонстрирует слаженную работу всех опций. Сам навигатор оснащается дисплеем на 5 дюймов с разрешением экрана 800 х 480 пикселей. За счёт аккумулятора на 1200 мАч он может работать без подзарядки продолжительное время. Для получения сведений о состоянии дорог потребуется отдельно приобрести внешний 3G модем. Но это не смущает пользователей устройства, поскольку у Chrome 5500 имеется ряд дополнительных функций и возможностей, нареканий к работе которых нет. Хороший бюджетный вариант для тех, кто не хочет тратить больших денег на навигационное оборудование, но желает получить достойную функциональность. Стоимость девайса составляет около 3,4 тысячи рублей.

Oysters Chrome 5500

Aaa 0

Another representative of the company Navitel, which occupies a worthy high place in our rating. This is practically a novelty of the manufacturer, since the device entered the market only at the very end of last year. Navigator is equipped with a display of 7 inches with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The built-in battery has a capacity of 2800 mAh. The very same navigation system uses maps Navitel. To download traffic jams, a GPRS modem is used here. Users note good communication and fairly rapid update information. This is more expensive when compared with previous navigators. But the price of 8 thousand rubles is fully justified.

Navitel Aaa 0

SG615 Pro

Interesting navigator from the company Lexand, which has a decent technical equipment and at the same time is relatively inexpensive. Here we also deal with navigation systems from Navitel. The device itself received a display with a diagonal of 5 inches and with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The device is equipped with a 950 mAh battery. Navigator demonstrates the good work of all functions, including the display of traffic jams on roads in different cities. For information use the built-in GPRS modem. With all the objective advantages, the average cost of such equipment does not exceed 5 thousand rubles. Relatively low costs allow you to get a navigation system with additional features of a very decent level. Hence, a well-deserved place in the ranking.

Lexand SG615 Pro

Eh 05

Another representative Navitel. This company successfully conquers the domestic market by offering modern solutions in combination with a very attractive price. The device runs on the Android operating system. The display size is 7 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. As you understand, Navitel is used for navigation. But to activate the function of loading traffic jams, you will have to buy a 3G module separately. It has an external connection and is used as needed. Despite the lack of built-in function of traffic jams and the cost of 6.5 thousand rubles, the model is in high demand in the market.

Navitel Eh 05

Chrom 6000 3G

Already from the name it becomes clear that you can download traffic jams only via a 3G modem. In the configuration, it does not go, because the user will have to buy an external modem separately. The very same device looks good and offers extensive functionality for the car owner. The device is offered with a 6-inch display and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Navigation itself is carried out using Navitel maps. The cost of such a device is one of the key advantages. Very budget solution with solid functionality and good technical characteristics. For the navigator asking an average of 2.7 thousand rubles.

Chrom 6000 3G

NX6121HD More

The next in the ranking is another representative of the Navitel company. This model uses its own navigation maps, and uses Bluetooth technology to load traffic jams. The device is suitable for those who actively use smartphones and mobile Internet. This device has a 6-inch screen and a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Navigator has a touch screen with very good sensitivity. Problems with the management of users does not arise, as well as complaints about performance. The model received high-quality stuffing, but it does not have a high cost. The actual price of the device with the function of traffic jams is about 5 thousand rubles.

Navitel NS6121ND Plus


Our rating is closed by a representative from Lexand. This is not really a navigator. The manufacturer positions the device as a full-fledged tablet, which in fact is true. Very interesting device running the Android operating system with a display of 5 inches and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. In his favor speak mobility and versatility. The manufacturer has not deprived the tablet-navigator of the option of loading the caps, which is implemented here using the GPRS navigator. It works efficiently and effectively, there are no complaints from users. With all the possibilities and objective advantages of the device, such a device costs only 5.7 thousand rubles. This is more than reasonable price for a gadget of this level. Because the model is deservedly included in our rating.

Lexand SB5 Pro HDR

Choosing a navigation device, be sure to analyze your own needs, wishes and financial capabilities. There is a huge list of navigators, which cost far beyond 10 - 15 thousand rubles. But they do not always give the result that the car owner counts on. The function of tracking traffic jams is very important and useful for the residents of megalopolises. Because it is almost impossible to predict the situation. Accident, planned or unscheduled repairs, some other factors can drastically affect the state of congestion of public roads. Having a navigator with the function of identifying traffic jams, you can quickly respond to the situation and avoid the wrong routes.