Which cars are the most reliable

When buying a car, most citizens seek to balance all the criteria for evaluating a vehicle, and as a result, a final choice is made on the basis of some decisive factor. This factor is the trouble-free operation of all components and mechanisms of the vehicle for as long as possible. Increasingly, buyers are striving to choose the most reliable cars in order to save themselves from the hassle of contacting service centers, and additional expenses of finance and time.

Estimates, which are mainly based on buyers, are made by car owners who have driving experience with selected cars. More literate buyers try to find ratings of independent professional companies or unbiased experts. In such a TOP, we get a more weighted assessment of the brand or specific model of car.


  • 1 What is the basis for the rating of the most reliable cars
  • 2 Vehicle Dependability Study Reliability
    • 2.1 Chevrolett Scion Mercedes Benz
    • 2.2 Lincoln Porsche Honda
    • 2.3 Cadillac Toyota Buick
    • 2.4 Lexus

What is the basis for the rating of the most reliable cars

Different studies are based on different methods. So, a popular American monthly magazine. «Consumer Union» provides its readers with the results of their own testing of various products. More than fifty laboratories help in this work. In no industry does the company cooperate with manufacturers, and also prohibits the use of its data in advertising goods.

what are the most reliable cars in 2015

Consumer Union Data

British consulting company J.D. Power also produces the annual TOP of the most reliable cars. In the result of the report Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) get a car no older than three years. Both the European continent and the American continent serve as a testing ground. The analysis is conducted on the potential problems, which are currently highlighted 177, and they are divided into 8 categories.

For example, problems with the engine or gearbox, the operation of the entire vehicle control system, the quality and durability of the paintwork of a car, etc. As a criterion of reliability, a quantitative indicator of the problems that arise for every hundred machines is taken. The smaller the index, the better the car is made.

What is the rating of the most reliable cars

Warranty Direct Information

UK Insurance Company Warranty Direct I generated my own reliability statistics based on inquiries of my own clients regarding the insured events. The report collected real breakdowns, and determined which cars are the most reliable without subjective sensations of comfort or reduced ergonomics.

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The most famous and most authoritative organization in conducting inspections of cars in Germany is Association for Technical Inspection, translated as "Union of Technical Supervision." All technical inspections of German cars over 3 years old are engaged only here. At the same time, the organization is a private company and was founded in the XIX century.

what are the most reliable cars

Result of German TUV

The analysis of the company about which brands are the most reliable, is taken from the statistics of failures after vehicle inspections at technical inspections. The results of the checks are entered with German thoroughness into the base, and later everything is built into a kind of TOP-list. The data are presented in the form of percent refusals by stamps.

Vehicle Dependability Study Reliability

Consider the most popular reliability rating of cars by brand, and evaluate the parameters due to which the auto companies were on this list.

Chevrolett Scion Mercedes Benz

In the top ten is Chevrolett, which according to estimates of failures per hundred cars received 123 negative reviews. However, the downgrade did not occur across the entire brand, but due to GMC products. Models Silverado, Malibu and Camaro are in a better position than the rest of the company's cars.

which modern cars are the most reliable
which domestic cars are the most reliable
which cars are the most reliable
Mercedes Benz

Toyota company with its Scionwhich is more obliged to attract young drivers, slightly lowered the bar with 121 problems per hundred vehicles of its new brand. This indicator in 2014 was 13 points better. It is worth noting the positive trend of Mitsubishi Ram, but the number of negative points did not allow to get into this TOP 10 list.

The difficulty in manufacturing and a large number of components and parts often lead to increased chances of failure or breakdown of some of the mechanisms. So it turns out and Mercedes Benzon line 8 with 119 negative points. This does not interfere to be the GLK leader among premium off-road cars.

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Lincoln Porsche Honda

Ford is ranked seventh with its brand. Lincoln. According to experts, it was only possible for one ball to beat German manufacturers in reliability. The MKS and MKZ sedans provided this result.

what car brands are the most reliable in the world
what brands of cars are the most reliable in Russia
what brands of cars are the most reliable in Europe

Buyers of the 911 Alpina coupe will be pleased with the sixth position according to the research, because Porsche deservedly earned only 116 penalty points per hundred proven thoroughbred sports cars.

Exactly the same negative scores were scored for the brand. Honda. The only difference is that the model range of the Japanese, fallen under the watchful gaze of the researchers, is wider and represented by Civic, Fit and Ridgeline. A well-deserved fifth place was the logical result of many years of efforts by engineers who constantly improve the quality of their products.

Cadillac Toyota Buick

For models from Cadillac There were 114 problems per 100 cars. Posh car confidently bypassed its closest competitors. In this case, no outstanding models on the general background of the whole brand could not be noted. All machines are about the same consistently high quality.

what is the top most reliable cars in America
What is the top most reliable cars in Russia?
What is the reliability rating of cars by brand in Russia?

The bronze winner in reliability is the brand Toyota. Regularly, this brand is in the leading positions of almost all TOPs. With 111 problems for the entire brand, the leaders turned out to be consistently reliable not for the first year the Corolla and the Sienna minibus.

Silver medal can boast Buick. His numerical result this year is 110 points. The improvement in points from last year was three units. Considering how tight the seats are, this is a great result. Personal high score from the brand model LaCrosse. She bypassed Avalon and Ford Taurus, ranking the highest line among auto models.


With a huge margin by the standards of specialists in 89 negative points, the first line in reliability took Lexus.

which foreign cars are the most reliable


In fact, this is the third brand of the Toyota group in the TOP 10 in terms of reliability. Gold takes this brand for the fourth year in a row. Such stability with general competition indicates a really high reliability of the car.