Now you can become “deprived” for hiding state numbers

Now you can become Many smart drivers regularly disguise their license platesso that do not pay fines for violation done by do not pay parking bills. In this case, the fraudulent talent of some citizens reaches certain professional heights. The tricks leading to the concealment of license plates set. And before, in most cases, this rolled. But not now.

The traffic police of the Russian Federation officially stated that the perpetrators of such actions will be punished not only with fines, but also deprivation of driving license. The increase in the number of paid parking lots in cities has led many drivers to cheat. Video recording systems can be deceived in only one way: to cover up or seal the license plates of the car to such an extent that the video lens cannot identify them clearly. Accordingly, there is no one to write out the fine, since the car and, consequently, its owner cannot be identified.

Now you can become There are a lot of options for masking automotive state signs, it’s worth asking in the browser search barhow to mask numbers"- a lot of interesting information will fall out. The simplest thing is a sheet of paper pasted on the numbers, plastic dialing numbers imitating real, so-called turning frames, which when turning close to the cameras turn the numbers backwards out and so on. Everything is easily removed: attached usually on adhesive tape, all kinds of clothespins or magnets.

The traffic police say that they will be able to recognize the car without numbers, the practice is already gained, because the cameras record not only numbers, but also the appearance of the car, too. Therefore, if you wish, a specialist with a fake or disguised license plate will unambiguously determine by the combination of make, model, color, etc., nuances. Now you can become According to the Code of Administrative Offenses, use of fake numbers shall be punished with a fine of two and a half thousand rubles. If the driver is charged with driving a car with such deceptionists, he can be left without rights for periods ranging from six months to a year. Now you can become By the way, in December 2015, the Ministry of Transport of Russia wished that drivers of horse-drawn transport also obtain rights. And in addition to rights, of course, it is also required to install state numbers on various carts and carts, wedding carriages, gigs and other things. Baby carriages, according to officials of the Ministry of Transport, should also be equipped with number plates.

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