We remove scratches on the car with your own hands

The occurrence of scratches on the paintwork is not always the result of carelessness. It plays a role, rather an accident than any regularity. Even the significant experience of the driver can not guarantee the absence of defects on the car. After their occurrence, the question immediately arises how to remove scratches on the car and at the same time avoid the complete painting of body parts. There are several ways to remove scratches on the car body, however, not all the options are really effective. In case of deep damage with an enamel chip to the metal surface, it will not be possible to do without painting. But more often scratches can still be removed, and now we will figure out how to do it.


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How to remove scratches on the car

First, it is necessary to determine how severe the damage is, and then select the appropriate method of surface restoration. The paint and varnish covering (LKP) of the car consists of several layers:

  • Outer layer It is a protective lacquer of high strength;
  • Enamel. This layer creates the color of the car;
  • Primer coat.
  • Phosphate layer. Not all cars present.

It is one thing when the upper layer is damaged or partial enamel damage is caused. And a completely different situation occurs when a scratch cuts through all the layers and reaches the metal.

Scratch remover polish

If the scratch is not deep and only the top layer is damaged, then you can use a special polish for cars. Option with a protective polish is unlikely to be an effective option. The principle of its operation is that it fills the defects that have arisen. Often it is silicone, wax or teflon. With deep scratching, the use of such a substance will not help. Abrasive polish, which is used at the final stage, is capable of qualitatively performing the procedure.

How to remove scratches on the car с помощью полировки

Types of scratches and their removal by polishing

To properly remove a small amount of damage with an abrasive polish, you must first make the scratch less deep. This will require the use of ordinary fine-grained sandpaper. The surface is cleaned until the scratch is no less noticeable. The stripping process itself should be done very carefully. Care must be taken that the top coat of lacquer is not completely removed. For deeper defects use other methods.

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After cleaning the place of scratching, you can use abrasive polish. At first it is rubbed carefully into the surface, and then the polishing process itself takes place. A similar operation is performed with a special polishing machine, turning on the low speed mode. Such actions will help wax or Teflon to penetrate deeply into the paintwork defect. Further, the polishing process is carried out at high speeds. It should be understood that, most likely, there will be a need to polish the entire area around the damage, and in some cases even the entire body of the car. Otherwise, the treated area will stand out strongly against the general background of the machine.

Scratch removal with a pencil

Scratch Pencil
Scratch masking pencil
Bumper scratch until removed
Zapapina on the bumper before removing with a pencil
Bumper scratch until removed крупным планом
Scratch before removing close up
Result after removing scratches with a pencil.
Result after removing scratches with a pencil.
Result after removing scratches with a pencil. крупным планом
The result of removing scratches with a pencil

Now a pencil has become very popular for removing scratches. It should be understood that the principle of its action is very similar to the effect of a pasty polish. The pencil is filled with material that fills defects and hardens. He cannot cope with very deep damage, but he is quite capable of removing minor scratches. It is only necessary to correctly determine the depth of the defect. The restoration of the surface with a pencil is important in the case when the top layer is scratched, the enamel is partially damaged and there are no chips. Remove a scratch done to the metal, the pencil is unlikely to. When the substance is completely dry, it is recommended to polish the damaged area.

Using paint to remove scratches

The use of this technology will really help to cope with the scratch, however, on the other hand, it can severely damage the surface of the body and other parts of the car. The fact is that the method requires careful selection of identical paint. And it must be done given the degree of wear of the coating. During the operation of the car paint burns out and changes its original color. For this option, the correct selection of paint is very important.

scratching the car body with a paint brush
You can remove the scratch with special paint brushes.
scratching a car with a paint brush
Another example of repairing scratches on a car with a brush
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To prevent the accidental hit of paint on the intact parts of the car can be pasted over the damaged area with masking tape. You should not use the usual tape, because it remains from the adhesive composition, which is extremely difficult to remove. Next, the scratch must be carefully and carefully degreased. Carrying out this procedure will require special attention, restraint and precision of the hand. It is likely that after the final solidification the paint will slightly weaken in the crack. Nothing wrong with that. Easy subsidence will be completely eliminated due to the effect of polish. The substance will fill the desired volume, which appears after the paint sags.

In a situation where it is impossible to perform the procedure for eliminating scratches on your own or the required experience and skills are simply not available, it is best to contact a specialized service that carries out such work. A significant part of the workshops uses the method of restorative polishing, using abrasive polishes. The service can also perform a qualitative assessment of the damage received and accurately select the method for eliminating scratches on the back of your car.