We select wheels on the car

Большинство владельцев авто задумывались о том, how to pick up wheels on a car. Но в процессе выбора некоторые автовладельцы делают одинаковые ошибки, не изучив особенности исполнения дисков. Диски бывают:

  1. Cast light alloy.
  2. Forged alloy.
  3. Stamped steel.

All three types have their disadvantages and advantages, unique features and characteristics, all are made in different ways and have different prices: some are expensive, others are cheap.


  • 1 Stamped discs
  • 2 Alloy wheels
  • 3 Forged wheels
  • 4 Features
  • 5 Tips and Tricks

Stamped discs

how to pick up wheels on a car

Stamped disc - the most common and available worldwide

This view is the most budget. In the people he is called "stamping" and is the most popular in the world. On the one hand, such popularity is caused by a low price, and on the other hand, by the fact that they are installed on almost all vehicles by default. The advantages of "stamping" include the fact that they are very durable. If we talk about the shortcomings, it should be noted their large weight and low precision manufacturing.

The choice of this product is not an easy process, so for reliability it is better to visit not websites, but shops, because the easiest way is to select discs for cars visually.

Alloy wheels

If we talk about cast disks, the first thing to be mentioned is their diversity. Having come to the store, you will immediately see hundreds of different copies. They are very lightweight, durable, have excellent thermal conductivity and do not corrode. To all this, you can add a unique design. All the advantages of alloy wheels make their price high. But, despite their strength, they often break. There are cases when the selection of disks on the car is a better solution, because manufacturers are well versed in this topic and can determine which type is better suited for a particular brand of car.

how to choose wheels on cars

Active drivers should pay attention to the rims with a large number of spokes

Forged wheels

The best qualities of cast and steel wheels combined forged wheels. They are expensive, but their qualities correspond to their value. They are very light durable.

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What type and type of discs do not take, whoever they were made, they are all characterized by several basic parameters that must be taken into account when buying:

  1. The diameter and width of the rim.
  2. Wheel departure.
  3. The diameter of the mounting holes.
  4. The diameter of the center hole.

Currently on sale you can find discs with a diameter of 10 to 19 inches. The most popular sizes are from 13 to 16 inches. You should definitely pay attention to the fact that the rim should be narrower than the profile by about 25-30 percent. Ignoring this advice, it can badly affect the driving characteristics of the vehicle.

One of the most important parameters is the diameter of the location of the mounting holes. Here everything should be exactly up to a millimeter, otherwise the wheel nuts can loosen independently, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. For each model of car should consider separately such a parameter as wheel departure. This parameter can be negative or neutral if the hub is concave. When the hub is relative to the center of the rim, this parameter will have a positive value.

selection of bolts for rims

Particular attention should be paid to the size of the mounting bolts of the wheel

Useful tips

Before choosing disks on a car, you should remember a few rules:

  1. Alloy wheels are fixed with special elongated bolts. There are cases when such bolts are not included, and you have to purchase them yourself. In this case, be sure to choose the correct size of the bolts, as if they are too long, they can cause damage to the drum brakes. With a shortage of bolt length there is a risk of being left without a wheel on the road.
  2. If the vehicle is under warranty, it is important that the new drive is certified. The certificate should contain all the information about the features of mounting the wheels on certain car brands. Before choosing a drive for a car, it is useful to also consult with insurance agents.
  3. Careless installation can lead to chipping and cracking on the discs. In this case, you should immediately paint these places with epoxy enamel or special varnish. It is better to mount expensive models not on your own, but in special workshops equipped with necessary tools and accessories.
  4. Disks with a lot of thin spokes are recommended for lovers of sports driving. Car enthusiasts who prefer to drive safely can easily choose any wheel available on the market.
  5. Choosing a drive by brand of vehicle, you need to turn your attention to more than one type, because automakers in most cases allow installation of various options.
  6. Many motorists are trying to find a point in the manual, where there is information about the possible installation of wheels with small reach. According to drivers, cars will be more sustainable. On the one hand, the stability will allow the car to better enter the turns, and on the other, the stability will increase the sensitivity. It means. That when driving on a bad road you need to be very focused so that the steering wheel does not vomit out of your hands.
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