In a series of smart fortwo replenishment: a new convertible

В ряду Smart ForTwo пополнение: новый кабриолет

Anticipating the presentation of the new car at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, Smart managers showed the mass audience new ForTwo Cabriobuilt on the third generation Smart ForTwo platform. A small car with big “summer” ambitions in the form of a removable roof will begin to be sold at all off-season: orders will start to be accepted for it in the month of November. Actually, the unscheduled announcement of this mini-gig did not surprise anyone, since at the end of this spring, photos of the prototypes of this model, made by the photospies during the tests, were leaked to the Network. All who bookmarked photo prototypes Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2016, today can compare them with modern official photos. Very soon, at the showrooms of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in mid-September, this model will be officially presented. В ряду Smart ForTwo пополнение: новый кабриолет Model ForTwo Cabrio is one of the most popular and sought-after urban "openers". Its first generations were sold worldwide in excess of two hundred and twenty thousand pieces. It was for this reason that developers could not “miss” with a third-generation microcabriolet. They come to complete set Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2016 with all the design meticulousness and responsibility. The developers said that the qualities for which the client bought their little car are not only preserved, but also replenished with new functionality. В ряду Smart ForTwo пополнение: новый кабриолет The length of the Cabrio is only 2 meters 69 centimeters, this figure is similar the length of the hatchback Smart ForTwo, but the width is increased by ten centimeters, which increased the comfort of the car and its safety, as it became more stable on turns. The roof is made of three layers of durable water-repellent fabric with a thickness of two centimeters. The roof is available in three colors: red, black, blue. In the back, it has a heated glass. The roof is equipped with an electric drive that flings it open in just twelve seconds. Now you can open the roof in any speed mode, up to a maximum of 155 km per hour. The horizontal door beams are removed manually. This is the only inconvenience when bringing the car into an open view: the beams are removed and hidden in the luggage compartment. В ряду Smart ForTwo пополнение: новый кабриолет The third generation of Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2016 Bole has a stronger body than its predecessors. This is due to the use of new materials. There were no changes under the hood: gasoline engines for 70 and 89 horsepower, paired with five-stop mechanics or a two-linked robot. How much does Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2016 cost? Official prices will be announced at the showroom, and now only the estimated amount is known: 14,000 in European currency.

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