Swedes sell their volvo xc60 to russians on credit at a

Шведы продают в кредит свои Volvo XC60 россиянам по сниженной ставке The Swedish Volvo XC60 crossover is the most popular car among Russian drivers from the entire line of this auto brand. That is why the managers decided not to tighten the screws with prices, but to make the dream more accessible to have a cool car for most people. The credit margin for the purchase of this particular all-terrain model was reduced to seven and a half percent. Terms of this special offer provided by two credit organizations - Unicredit Bank and VTB24 Bank - extend to Volvo XC60 cars all presented on our car market complete sets of both the current and future model year. This loan offer is subsidized by banks directly, so the available margin is fixed directly in the contract with the client when it is signed. 7.5% auto loan for Volvo XC60 will be valid only if several conditions are met. The first is that the borrower will immediately have to deposit at least half the cost of the Swedish crossover to the bank. The second condition - for issued loan for the purchase of Volvo XC60 the customer will have to pay within one year, not more. Within the framework of this program, VTB24 can give no more than two and a half million rubles into one hands, and Unicredit Bank - just one million four hundred thousand. In the Russian representative office of Volvo, it was noted that under this program it is possible to buy not all the cars available from dealers, but only a limited number of them, so that those who want to become the seducer of the Swedish "omnibus" Volvo XC60 hurry up, until the "pies" are disassembled by more agile citizens. In addition, there are additional conditions that you should definitely ask dealers before putting on a credit yoke on your neck that is emaciated from the crisis. Шведы продают в кредит свои Volvo XC60 россиянам по сниженной ставке The Swedes themselves believe that Volvo car loan direct subsidy program is by far the most efficient way to sell a car. Moreover, it has been proved by practical results, because a similar program has already been tested on Russians a little earlier. In particular, in 2015 the same approximately credit offer allowed to buy with the help of banks a brand new Volvo XC90.

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Volvo XC60 crossover of the future, 2017 model year in Russian dealerships is available for purchase in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive assembly. Under the hood of a crossover installed 245 and 306-horsepower gasoline engines and 150-220 strong diesel units. Only automatic transmissions work with this engine range. Price tags for Volvo XC60 Future model years begin from 2318 thousand wooden. The 2017 crossover, by the way, has an additional color gamut in which it can be ordered, and a more extended electronic kit compared to last year’s version.