Mercedes-benz w124: does it make sense to look in the

This car is not produced for a long time, it looks outdated, but still, there are still lovers of antiquity who find these cars and bring them to mind, after which they drive for some time. Moreover, it is a Mercedes, high-class build quality, so even today you can find preserved specimens. First of all, before buying you need to know what things to pay attention to when buying.

Mercedes-Benz W124

The strengths of the Mercedes in the back of a W124

For the first time this body appeared in 1984, generalists were also available - S124 and coupe C124. After the predecessor, the design of the new cars looked at first unusual. But on the other hand a revolutionary body and suspension design was used. It applies a successful rear multi-link suspension, and in front - MacPherson struts.

The size of the new E-class has now increased markedly. The car has become more secure in case of an accident, because it uses straight spars, reinforcing the insert in the doors and dashboard. Even the steering wheel - safety. There is a system of encapsulation in the engine compartment, thanks to her it became quieter in the cabin.

Airbags appeared for the first time, initially there was an airbag for the driver, and after reystayling, they were also added for the passenger, they were put in place of the glove box. Also, there was a double-sided climate control, high-quality music, electric mirrors, doors and seats, even a memory appeared on the seats, a system that maintains the level of the body during turns, one big janitor, ABS system, turbocharging on diesel engines, a V8 engine in the E500 configuration appeared. Today, of course, you will not surprise anyone with these options, but in those years it was a breakthrough in the automotive industry.

Mercedes-Benz W124 coupe

The workmanship was up to the mark, and the previous generation of the W123 was generally considered to be eternal, therefore, after removing it from production, many taxi drivers staged protests. But W124 is also quite strong, except that the price of suspension parts has increased. Produced these cars until 1996, released more than 2,500,000 cars. And this body was officially called the E-class.

Despite the fact that the car is already old, but Mercedes is a serious brand, so if the car is in good condition, then it is considered to be a rare and classic car, which is not a shame to drive even today. If the machine is not cared for, then it very quickly turns into a pile of scrap metal. But if you wish, even today you can find well-groomed cars, but you have to pay a little for them. Already killed and rusted cars give cheaply, so you need to be careful when buying.

Mercedes company goes to meet those who want to restore the old car, if you have money, then there are no problems with spare parts and service. But as a rule, those who buy such cars have no particular money, because these cars are loved for being inexpensive, as they are old, and they have a low operating cost. And since the owners have no money for repairs, it is difficult to find a decent copy in the secondary market, many cars are in disrepair.

Mercedes W124 body


For 30 years for the body - this is a serious time. Especially if the machine is operated in the winter. But since the quality of the body and its painting is very high, the rust on it almost does not appear. Over time, of course, it appears and it becomes more difficult to fight with corrosion. Therefore, now we must be prepared for the fact that rust is already beginning to appear. If the car was monitored and small foci of rust were immediately removed, then of course this is a plus, but usually all this work falls on the next owner.

Rust can be found under the bumpers, on the doors and on the bottom of the body. Glasses in the front of the car and front and rear side members are also considered a problem area. Therefore, who does not understand welding, it is better not to immediately buy such a car. And in general, bodywork is quite expensive, so it is better to look for a car with a whole body, the benefit of such machines is still there.

Mercedes-Benz W124 in winter

You also need to check the thresholds and in general, the entire bottom of the car must be checked. For those who want to serve the car for some time, he periodically need to do anticorrosive bottom. But as a rule, only fans of the brand do it, because this event costs money, and who wants to invest in an old car?

But if the car looks very good, then it is not a fact that everything is in order, maybe the car was in an accident and it was collected from several pieces, so you need to look for signs of overcooking. But if it was welded from several parts, then there is nothing really terrible here, the main thing is that the repair should be of high quality. You also need to protect the plastic elements on the body, if they are in order, then the body will last longer. Original bumper, too, should be protected, because they are stronger than the Chinese.

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W124 photo


In the cabin everywhere natural wood, leather or fabric. It can be seen that the premium class. Plastic, too, is made from it made handles and small parts of the cabin. The salon here is classic, like on a rare car, but the comfort is felt, it is cozy and pleasant in the car, despite the fact that she is so many years old.

Mercedes E-class W124 saloon

In the E-class W124 in the washer reservoir there is already a heater that works from the engine cooling system. The janitor’s stopping area is also heated, the rear windows are well blown.

The seats are comfortable, even the usual fabric, and if you find a sport version, the seats in it are even more comfortable, just like on modern cars, but without ventilation and massage. But by age, the interior is more stable than the body, but even if a car with a dead interior is caught, then all the necessary elements for the interior can be found on the market.

saloon E-class W124


Over time, wiring and some actuators can simply wear out. Usually the door wiring wears out, also plastic on switchgear is aging under the hood and the relay can wear out.

But in general, structurally, the car is quite simple, so any normal electrician will be able to solve any problem. But it often happens that to fix problems with the electrician you have to rent a salon to get to some systems. Motor control system is also not eternal, and spare parts for repair cost money.

W124 salon

The cheapest in maintenance are considered as aspirated diesel engines, because there are no electronics in them at all, in-line injection pumps are simple, which is a big plus for cars of this age. But on the 200th Mercedes used electronically controlled carburetors, with them more problems than with the conventional injection system. To set up a carburetor, you need to look for a specialist, as a rule, you can’t find them anymore; electronics can also be a chore.


In the E-class, the suspension is very strong, but in the predecessor - it was even stronger, but handling was worse, because there was no multi-link at the back. Progress is always good, so the new Mercedes has become safer despite rear-wheel drive. Even the rear axle steer a little in the corners.

Mercedes-Benz 500E suspension

When driving around the city, the suspension easily serves at least 200,000 km. Spare parts are inexpensive, easily replaced. The only thing that is not particularly happy - the body wears out at the attachment points on the front suspension. It uses MacPherson struts, and the stand is separate from the spring, while the shock is here as a supporting element.

As for the hydropneumatic system, which maintains the level of the body, its repair will cost a lot of money, therefore, usually this system does not work and instead of special shock absorbers put the usual shock absorbers.


In W124, the steering is not particularly reliable, no one deals with its bulkhead, and the new power steering pump costs a lot of money. There is a complete set with a classic steering gearbox, but over time, accuracy in taxiing disappears and backlash appears. But if you manage to restore the steering, it will last a long time.


With the brake system, Mercedes cars generally have no problems. The correct design eliminates the presence of weak points, the main thing is to change the pads and brake discs in time if necessary. ABS since 1989 is included in the basic package, it is still not very effective, but the brakes have become more effective compared to its predecessors.

Of course, there are neglected cases when the ABS sensors have failed, the cylinders have soured, the parking brake has stopped working. But it depends on the owner, spare parts for Mercedes E-class in the back of the W124 are not particularly expensive, so you can do it once and forget it.

Brakes w124

Since the E-Class in the rear-wheel drive W124, this means that you need to pay attention to the drive shaft, rear gearbox, crosses and flanges. The oil in the gearbox must be changed and monitor its level. After the purchase, you can immediately change, because it is rare when the previous owner knows when the oil in it has changed at all.

There are also four-wheel drive cars, of course, they are smaller, but there are more potential hassles in all-wheel drive versions. Especially since the parts for the front drive cost quite a lot of money. The weak link here is considered the intermediate shaft, which passes through the motor pan. If the transfer case fails, it is a big expense - repairs will cost $ 2,000, and a new razdatka assembly costs about $ 7,000 - more than the machine itself. So, such old Mercedes with all-wheel drive is better to get round immediately or ask about the condition of all-wheel drive parts.

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Even the details of the front suspension on all-wheel drive cars are more expensive than on cars with rear-wheel drive. But you can install the transfer case from the next generation E-class - W210 during the repair, but you will also have to take the motor from the W210. It makes sense just to change all-wheel drive versions in case of breakdown into rear-wheel drive. Under the hood, all-wheel drive Mercedes E-class in most cases, installed 6-cylinder engines with a volume of 2.6 and 3.0 liters. But sometimes diesel and all-wheel drive versions come across.


Automatic transmissions are quite reliable, it is 4-speed boxes with hydraulic control. If the box is to change the oil and seals, then the box is at least 500,000 km. But in fact, oil is rarely changed, the oil level is also not monitored, and no one cleans radiators, so the boxes overheat and fail faster. If the box fails, the overhaul will cost at least $ 1,000.

mercedes w124 automatic transmission

It often happens that the reverse gear starts to turn on badly. But in most cases clutches and brake bands just wear out. If you periodically change the oil in the box, then it will serve for a long time. But if you have to repair the box, then usually do it, changing it in the collection or put a mechanical box.

Sometimes there are cars produced after 1993 with a powerful engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission. This 5-speed gearbox is mechanically no different from the 4-speed gearbox, only one gear was added. The control system in a 5-mortar already with electronics. There is no forced blocking of the torque converter, therefore the HDD lasts much longer and the oil becomes more slowly contaminated. So, the automatic boxes on the Mercedes E-class are reliable, the main thing is to properly maintain them.


Motors бывают разные, качество изготовления на высоком уровне, поэтому они продолжают служить и по сей день, конечно случаются и проблемы, но при должном уходе, они сводятся к минимуму.

Petrol 4-cylinder M102 engines with a volume of 2 and 2.3 liters on cars produced before 1993

In most cases, in the E-Class Mercedes, in the back of the W124, 4-cylinder engines were installed, before the restyling of 1993, the M102 engines were installed with a volume of 2 and 2.3 liters, these are 8-valve engines, which do not have a lot of thrust, but the dynamics of acceleration is quite normal even with an automatic transmission. Electronically controlled carburetors Stromberg 175 CDT were installed on the oldest cars, they are quite reliable, but after many years its settings may be lost.

M102 engine photo

In these carburetors, the construction is not as simple as on Solex, so many owners simply installed domestic carburetors in their Mercedes cars, which can be adjusted at almost every garage service station. More modern cars with a KE-Jetronic injector last longer, because the mechanical injection system is quite successful. But when it fails, it causes serious difficulties.

In general, the system is not complicated, but it does not have self-diagnosis, therefore, in order to repair it, it is necessary to find qualified craftsmen. But if you do not want to bother, you can simply change the node assembly, but it will cost a lot of money. The new KE-Jetronic dispenser will cost around $ 500.

Some replace the mechanical injection with a simpler electronic one, and the car will be able to drive normally. After 20 years of operation, the wiring is that it crumbles if the machine is not carefully operated and was not in the garage, but on the street. The main thing is to change the oil in time with all the filters, the motor will be able to drive 500,000 - 1,000,000 km. You also need not specifically kill the motor and often do not drift on the car, if you just drive adequately, then it is essentially “eternal”. The M102 engine is a timing chain, which can be changed after about 300,000 km. Tensioners also serve for a long time.

The main thing during the purchase is to carefully inspect the car and it is better to avoid second-hand dealers and take a car from its owner, who drove and cared for him. In appearance, the car can say a lot about its owner, and how he drives.

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Бензиновые моторы M111 с объемом в 2 и 2,2 литров – 4-х цилиндровые

Эти моторы выпускались после 1993 года, как раз после рестайлинга, когда автомобили стали называть Е-классом. Они идут с электронным впрыском. Конструкция этих моторов более сложная, поэтому в обслуживании хлопот стало немного больше. Но несмотря на это, служат они тоже очень долго. Motors M111 зарекомендовали себя хорошо, их устанавливали и на С-класс в кузове W203. В этих моторах 16 клапанов, выше мощность и надежность на очень высоком уровне.


If the mileage exceeds 250,000 km., Then you can look at the timing mechanism, and listen to how it works. And if there are extraneous noises, it is better to change not only the chain, but also the whole timing mechanism. But if you drive carefully, then before 500 000 km. nothing to worry about.

Petrol 6-cylinder engines M103 with a volume of 2.6 and 3 liters until 1993

M103 W124

These are more powerful engines with a KH-Jetronic injector, the same as in 4-cylinder engines. In general, the motors are not much different. Sometimes there are cases that the timing chain is very quickly stretched - after about 150,000. But this is the result of a quick ride and not careful service.

M104 petrol engines with 6 cylinders and a volume of 2.8, 3.0 and 3.2 liters

Эти двигатели стоят на машинах, выпущенных после 1990 года. В них по 24 клапана. Motors легендарные, их можно увидеть на автомобилях с надписью 280, 300 и 320 на багажнике.

m104 mercedes w124

В этих моторах используется впрыск Bosch LH-Jetronic с системой зажигания EZL. Motors тоже вечные, не любят перегрева, поэтому за системой охлаждения также надо периодически поглядывать. Масло надо почаще менять и цепь ГРМ не ранее 300 000 км. Настоящий мотор-миллионник.

Gasoline engine M119 with 8 cylinders

Mercedes w124 M119

This is a more rare engine, which was installed on the E500 configuration, it was produced at the Porsche plant. Motor legendary, it was even installed in the Mercedes S-Class in the back of the W140.

Diesel engines

In Russia, Mercedes W124 with diesel engines is a great rarity, but in Europe there were a lot of them. Many diesel versions immediately went for analysis after fuel equipment, injectors and fuel injection pumps failed, because it was all too expensive to repair.

W124 diesel engine

In general, the motors are reliable, but too many years have passed, so even the OM601 and OM602 motors can fail. These engines are naturally aspirated, so they don’t pull too much, and the fuel consumption is about the same as on the petrol versions. But these motors are also considered to be millionaire and they can, as a rule, withstand 800,000, the main thing is to fill the high-quality diesel fuel.

Buying Tips

In general, the E-Class Mercedes in the back of the W124 is a rather interesting car that brings joy behind the wheel. Even today, it is a pleasure to drive such a car, especially to those who have only traveled to VAZs or Moskvich before. A Mercedes, even a 30-year-old, still has a Mercedes, performance at the highest level and he has his own peculiarities.

mercedes E-class W124 coupe

The main thing is not to let things take their course, if corrosion has appeared somewhere, then it is better to eliminate it immediately. Also with other details. Because if you start the car, then the recovery will cost a lot of money.

The car is good, so if you have money - about $ 5,000, and for that money you can buy a car in excellent condition, then you need to take and ride. If you take a cheap car for $ 3,000, then it will not be the best option, in such a machine, after a while, you will have to change everything, and this will draw you big money. But for those who are not afraid to repair the car, it makes sense to take the dead version and bring it to mind.

And then Mercedes W124 for 50 000 rubles: it has a rusty body, but the motor is alive: