Restyled kia soul 2016 started selling in russia

Рестайлинговый Kia Soul 2016 начали продавать в России

The line of cars of the Chinese Kia brand sold in Russia has replenished with one more model today - updated kia soul. Base hatchback is available from 830 thousand rubles. In total, the car is implemented in eight trim levels. Despite the restyling, Kia Soul 2016 in the initial version it costs even five thousand cheaper than its predecessor of the current year of release. Under the hood of the Kia Soul 2016 registered 1.6-liter 132-horsepower GDI engine, which has direct injection. There is another version of the power unit: the same volume, but only for 124 horsepower, it has a distributed injection. Both six-speed manual transmission and six-range automatic are available as transmissions. Рестайлинговый Kia Soul 2016 начали продавать в России In the basic version, there are electric door windows, an adjustable driver's seat and a steering column. The first in height, the second in height and on the flight. The steering wheel is a multifunctional instrument with adjustable effort; there is an air conditioner and a music system that understands the mp3 format, there is something to connect a USB flash drive and headphones, as many as six speakers. Optics has several modes of emission.

Aboutдние пассажирские кресла складываются in all trim levels Kia Soul, the luggage compartment can be separated by a curtain from the cabin. Brake discs have both front and rear wheels, there is an emergency braking function, an anti-lock braking system and automatic stability control, two front airbags in the event of a collision, and many other snap-ins. Рестайлинговый Kia Soul 2016 начали продавать в России Grade Classic costs up to 88,000 rubles, it includes a package of "warm options", which is selected for specific Russian weather conditions. Front seats, windshield and rear-view mirrors are heated.

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Kia Soul 2016 Comfort traded from 880,000 to 930,000 rubles. Sixteen-inch alloy wheels, fog, in addition to the frontal side airbags, while moving the door locks are automatically locked. Рестайлинговый Kia Soul 2016 начали продавать в России Kia Soul 2016 Luxe starts from 920,000 rubles. Light-alloy, but already seventeen-inch wheels, LED daytime running and rear lights, a two-color body painting option. 4.3-inch multimedia system with which you can synchronize the phone, light and parking sensors, climate control and other "bells and whistles" over bluetooth.

About Kia Soul 2016 Prestige you will have to give 1 090 000 wooden, it stands on 18-inch disks, there are luggage rails on the roof, 4.3-inch informative tidy, parking sensors, it is possible to start the engine with a button, etc. Рестайлинговый Kia Soul 2016 начали продавать в России Premium grade is equipped with everything else xenon headlights, automatically adjustable, has a glass roof, equipped with an electric drive. Multimedia Infinity with an eight-inch display, there is a navigator, voice control, sub and external amp to six speakers. The top version of the Kia Soul 2016 имеет функцию автопарковки. About весь этот функционал всего-то от 1 170 000 деревянных.

It is necessary to remind that the Kia Soul 2016 manufacturers are distributing five year warranty or 150 thousand kilometers roads.