Leaders of car sales 2016 in russia: the rating of new and

Since then, as a private car has ceased to be a luxury, the official statistics of sales of passenger cars. Unfortunately, the results of the analysis of the Russian market show year after year the disappointing dynamics of the country's car industry - buyers still prefer foreign models. Consider the rating of the best-selling cars 2016 in Russia in detail.


  • Choosing a car for an average Russian buyer - aspects of influence
  • Rating of new cars in the Russian market in 2016 - top-10
  • Rating of used cars, popular in 2016
  • Future projections

Choosing a car for an average Russian buyer - aspects of influence

Buying a new car is a whole event for an ordinary Russian family, as the social situation rarely allows you to change the car when it pleases. Also, not all drivers can afford to buy a car right away - a loan program is chosen. The moment is carefully considered, and the decision is made together on the following grounds:

  • A new car is more profitable in economic terms - less fuel consumption, rare appeals to a specialized service.
  • The number of family members is changing and a new version of the car is required.
  • Reviews and recommendations from competent sources are investigated.

Today the automotive market is rich in diversity. Choose your own car from the best-selling cars in Russia in 2016 according to the required criteria - the task of the future owner.

Rating of new cars in the Russian market in 2016 - top-10

The report of dealer networks speaks about sales of 400 thousand units of new cars of various brands. The network covers the whole country, and therefore the data differs by region. For example, the most "dense" section of sales is Primorye. This is natural - new models come by sea, which is reflected in the cost - in Moscow the price is invariably higher, therefore, implementation is less common. Now specifically on the models - the leaders of car sales in Russia in 2016:

  • Lada Granta - sales fell by almost half. From 11 thousand to 6300 pieces.
  • Lada Vesta - a similar situation. In 2016, only 2900 units were sold.
  • Lada 4 × 4 (Niva) reduced sales by 1.5 times.

And even Lada Largus wagon, assembled in the likeness of Renault Logan does not cause a stir among buyers. Sales fell by 1,000 units - from 2,300 last year.

Rating of used cars, popular in 2016

Radically different situation in the best-selling cars in the secondary market. There in the first places, VAZ reigns supreme. This is due to the low cost - cars are purchased for commuting to the country, gaining experience, for dismantling parts. This is not too flattering information for the domestic concern, but you cannot throw out the words from the song. Consider in detail:

  1. Lada Samara. In just six months in 2016, more than a quarter of a million copies were sold. The car is popular at the price of the 2008 and 2009 models are no more than 230 thousand. These models are most popular with consumers, since in recent years the concern has been finalized.
  2. VAZ 2101–2107. The people - Lada. Salon asceticism, moral and technical obsolescence - do not reduce the popularity of cars. The car is considered one of the best-selling in Russia in 2016. It is just used for training matured offspring or for economic, country needs. Issue price - up to 100 thousand rubles.
  3. Lada 110. It is considered among motorists the most reliable model of all VAZ products. Able to safely carry all the nuances of Russian roads, has several modifications - sedan, hatchback, station wagon. The price in 2016 was 90–180 thousand rubles, depending on the year of production. By the way, Lada Priora is a deep modification of the model 110 and therefore is also popular in the secondary market.
  4. Niva. The popularity of the Russian SUV is growing every year due to the situation with roads, especially with winter tracks, at the time of snowfall - no passenger car can compare with the Lada 4 × 4. On cars easy to find parts.

Consider the best-selling cars in the secondary market of European production:

  1. Ford Focus. Sales declined slightly, due to the crisis, but not critical - to 0.7%. Already by the end of the first half of the year, 80 thousand Russians bought a used foreign car. The machine successfully combines cost and quality. Ford is economical in any plan - low fuel consumption, available to stock, it is possible to find any type of capacity. The average cost of 250 - 400 thousand rubles.
  2. Toyota Corolla. The foreign car is reliable, imprecise, provides the driver with convenience when traveling long distances. Used Corolla can not be considered a budget car (price up to 600 thousand rubles), but experienced drivers will prefer the D-class b / y, than buy a new car below the level of comfort.
  3. Toyota Camry. The demand for this model is due to a special way cars - the appearance of the car resembles a representative class and this is its main advantage. The high price - up to 950 thousand rubles, too pretentious for a new car. But people buy - in 2016, it acquired more than 40 thousand Russians.
  4. Daewoo Nexia. Contradictory car model. There is an electric filling - air conditioning, power windows. Very economical engine. But at the same time there are serious shortcomings: rusty sills, inconvenient ergonomics and so on. The main advantage is the low price for a “foreign car” up to - 150 thousand rubles.
  5. Renault Logan. The car is already considered popular. Russians are pleased to get reliable models that are not inferior to new cars of class-C. The car is unpretentious - cheap parts, low consumption of gasoline, spaciousness of the cabin and unpretentious content. The price of the car in 200 - 350 thousand rubles in 2016, organized more than 50 thousand Russians. It is considered to be the best-selling used car in Russia in 2016.

These are the realities - the leaders of auto sales in Russia in 2016 remain almost unchanged. This can be noted in the statistics of the last year.

Future projections

Will the Russian auto industry become competitive over time? Will the markets fill up cheap Chinese cars with quite a decent bundle? Reliable to say no one takes. There has been a tendency to increase sales of Korean cars - low price, excellent quality, stability and reliability. What will be the best-selling cars in Russia in 2017 - new or used - will indicate statistics.