When and how to change the brake pads in the car

When replacing the brake pads so that everything goes well and without errors, you should understand how the car's brake system works. Therefore, now we will fully understand the device and functions of the brake system and move on to changing the old pads to new ones.

car brake system

The brake system of the car performs the following functions:

  • at the request of the driver lowers the speed;
  • if necessary, stops the car;
  • keeps the car in a static position on an inclined surface when parked.

In a car, braking is carried out by the wheels on which brakes are installed, as well as the engine and gearbox. The engine and gearbox are like additional ways to reduce the speed of a car. The main and most important method of braking is brakes - brake discs, and the brake system as a whole.

Each car is equipped with a working brake mechanism, a parking brake and a spare brake. A spare brake is required for braking in emergency situations when the service brake system stops working. Spare brake system is part of the main system or is separate from it.

The braking system of the car consists of a drive (brake pedal) and a braking mechanism, which includes a brake drum or disc, and brake pads.

Disc brake system

If a car has a disc brake mechanism (and this is in all modern cars), then in this case the brakes are considered fixed, there are two fixed pads, a caliper, which consists of a body and cylinders. When you press the brake pedal, the disk is simultaneously compressed with two pads.

disc brake system

There are still a caliper with a floating caliper, when braking the piston of the caliper cylinder presses on one block, setting it in motion, it, pressing against the disc, moves the floating caliper bracket, ensuring the second block is pressed to the disc.

Когда пора заменить brake pads?

All parts have their own service life, which can be determined by mileage. Usually it is prescribed in the manual of the car.

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В среднем, тормозных колодок хватает на 10-15 тысяч километров пробега для отечественных автомобилей, а если говорить про иномарки, то у них brake pads более долговечны, их хватает на 15-20 тысяч километров. А в спортивных автомобилях, при серьезной эксплуатации, тормозных колодок хватает на 5000 км.

brake pads для авто

There is another type of brake system - drum brakes, today it is already a rarity, but what they are good about is that the pads in them should be changed much less often - once every 100,000 km. run Depending on the method of operation of the vehicle and other factors, wear pads may occur faster or slower.

Brake pad wear sensor

Many modern cars have special sensors that determine the degree of wear pads. Usually this sensor looks like a light bulb, if it is on, it’s time to change the pads.

Of course, there are cases when, due to the oxidation of the contacts, the light bulb may not warn that it is time to change the pads, therefore it is sometimes important to visually determine the condition of the pads and the braking system as a whole.

It is important to understand that if you do not change the old pads with new ones in time, the brake disc will begin to actively wear out and then you have to change the whole brake mechanism. Determine the degree of wear pads can be on their thickness, if the pads are thin, it means it's time to change, you can understand it without a sensor.

The critical thickness of the brake pads is 1.5-2 millimeters. In many cars, you can visually determine how badly the pads are worn out, that is, to see the thickness of the pads, while you can not remove the wheels. If the thickness of the pads is less than 5 millimeters, then it is better not to wait for the critical thickness and replace them with new ones. Safety is paramount.

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brake pads

What else is characteristic of worn-out pads is a reduced level of brake fluid, and the brake pedal is pressed quite gently. Also, the signal to change the pads is a characteristic squeaky sound when braking, and all because it is the pads creak, because their plates have worn enough and touch the brake discs.

Как заменить задние brake pads

In all cars brake pad replacement happens on the same principle. First you need to put the car in gear so that it is stationary. Do not turn on the handbrake, because it will press the pads against the disc and will not be able to change them. It is also desirable to put bars under the wheels so that the machine does not swing in the process of replacing the pads.

Then you need to remove the wheel, unscrew the guide pins with the key number 12. After that, it's time to remove the drum. Further, using a screwdriver or pliers, disconnect the upper and lower springs from the pads.

задние brake pads

Then remove the front shoe and disconnect the drive lever from the cable and remove it. On the same principle, remove the other block. Then we do the opposite - we take new pads, connect them with a spring and a spacer plate and insert into the slots for pads. On the spacer spring there is a concavity, which should fall into the groove on the hub. After the pads have become in its place it is time to install the lower spring. After that, tighten the guide pins and turn the wheel. It is clear that replace задние brake pads It is not difficult if you know how to do it.

Меняем передние brake pads

Передние brake pads change according to the same scenario - clearly fix the car, you can already use the handbrake, put bars on the wheels. You need keys number 13 and number 17, as well as a screwdriver.

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We remove the front wheels, after which it is necessary to see what level of brake fluid, it is necessary to make sure that the level of brake fluid was less than the maximum, so that when changing brake pads it did not spill. Next, you need to press the piston into the cylinder with a screwdriver and pull the caliper to the stop.

front brake pads

Затем следует снятие нижнего болта с крепления скобы ключом №13, а ключом №17 надо придерживать направляющий палец. После этих действий пришло время поднять корпус скобы и снять старые brake pads. Обязательно надо удалить грязь, если она есть.

Then we install new pads, we put the springs parallel to the top of the pads. Turn down the bracket body, tighten the lower bolt on the mount and hold the guide pin in the same way as when unscrewing. Then bend the barb of the lock washer.

brake pad replacement

After the pads have changed, you can safely put the wheel in place and lower the car. Then press the brake pedal several times so that the piston is in the working position. Again, check the level of brake fluid in the tank, if it is low, then we must also add to the level of the norm.

В теории мы разобрались как поменять brake pads своими руками, осталось всего лишь проделать все это на практике, если все это вам кажется сложным, то стоит отдать эту работу техникам в СТО, поменять колодки сейчас не проблема. А для тех, кто все же решил менять колодки самостоятельно можете посмотреть видео по замене тормозных колодок: