Rating of used cars up to 500 thousand rubles


The used car market offers a wide selection of good models. It all depends on what requirements you make to the vehicle and what you expect in terms of operation. There are good cars that can be bought for such money, but they are distinguished by the high cost of operation. That is, the maintenance of the car will require a lot of money. Or you can take more practical used cars. The choice is yours.

500 cars

Used cars up to 500 thousand rubles

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Criterias of choice

Our rating is based on the following criteria and characteristics:

  • relatively fresh year of release;
  • good condition of a used car;
  • decent performance;
  • reliable and durable body;
  • comfort and safety;
  • cost of service.

We offer to get acquainted with the rating of used cars up to 500 thousand rubles and make a decision about buying a car.

Rating Representatives

If you are looking for cars for 500 thousand in the secondary market, it is better to choose models that do not require large maintenance costs, but can serve for a long time and reliably.

Therefore, representatives of the following automakers are in the ranking of the best used cars for 500,000 rubles:

  • Renault;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Skoda;
  • Toyota;
  • Mazda;
  • That;
  • Hyundai;
  • Opel;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Ford;

Now we will get acquainted with each car separately and find out what they deserve to be in the rating.

Mazda 6

mast 6 for 500

For 500 thousand rubles you can buy only previous generations of this Japanese car.

At once we will say that for 500 thousand rubles you can purchase only previous generations of this Japanese car. New generation came out only in 2014 and costs between 750 - 800 thousand in the secondary market.

But the predecessors of the current Mazda 6 also have an attractive appearance, decent performance, comfortable interior and competent assembly.

There are no complaints about the body. It is made well, qualitatively, serves relatively long. Plus auto offers dynamic engines paired with a responsive gearbox.

This car for 500 thousand can be bought among the samples of 2008 - 2012 years of release in excellent condition.


last vw 500

Over 500 thousand rubles is to look after a sedan or wagon Passat from 2006-12

Not the cheapest car in terms of maintenance and maintenance in our rating. But this is the true German quality from the company Volkswagen.

In the b / y market for 500 thousand rubles it is worth looking at a Passat sedan or station wagon from 2006 to 2012. They are reliable, durable, perfectly assembled. Yes, there are certain complaints in terms of the high cost of spare parts and repairs. But these are German cars that can be driven for decades.

Pay attention to the control unit, which in some cars is considered a weak point. If you do not want to overpay the extra 1000 dollars for repairs after buying a used Passat, conduct a pre-emptive diagnosis of the condition. As you know, in the secondary market there are many cars with hidden defects, which the seller is silent about.


toyota corolla за 500

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru Over 500 thousand you get a car sample 2008 - 2013

A good car from the company Toyota, which is produced since 1989.

The machine has all the necessary characteristics to become a worthy candidate for purchase. Over 500 thousand you get a car sample of 2008 - 2013 years. This is a comfortable, roomy enough car with good technical parameters, excellent cabin ergonomics and a good trunk in terms of volume.

Auto is in high demand on the secondary market, due to its quality combined with cost and maintenance.


avensis for 500

For 500 thousand you will get a car of 2006 - 2012 model year.

If you like cars of several large sizes, then instead of the Corolla at Toyota, you will find a worthy alternative in the form of the Avensis model.

This car is mainly for city driving, as the Japanese have a low ground clearance. The car feels confident on the tracks, as it is offered with quite powerful, but economical power units.

Avensis attracts with its spacious interior, beautiful interior design, attractive appearance and relatively inexpensive service. But we are not talking about the latest generation, but only about the predecessor of the sample of 2006 - 2012 release.


reno sandero for 500

Over 500 thousand rubles you can find fresh cars of recent years in the maximum configuration

The cost of this car from the company Renault begins with 480 thousand rubles from the salon. But the car fell into our rating, despite the attitude to the budget segment, precisely because of its availability and benefits in terms of maintenance and operation.

Sandero is available only since 2009. Therefore, for the available 500 thousand rubles you can find very fresh cars of recent years in the maximum possible configuration. And these are robotic or automatic transmissions paired with gasoline 1.6-liter engines with 102 or 113 horsepower.

In the top equipment Renault offers practically everything that a modern city car driver needs. So if you are looking for a practical and affordable car, Sandero will be a good choice.


volkswagen jetta за 500

For the available 500 thousand you will find a good option around 2010 - 2015

Who can not afford to contain Passat, can choose a model Jetta. The new version costs at least 900 thousand rubles, and for the existing 500 thousand you will find a good version from about 2010 to 2015. It all depends on how expensive the equipment you need.

The car is considered a slightly simplified version of the Golf. Although more recently, engineers have ceased to build on the Golf and have made a fully independent model of the Jetta.

The car looks attractive and restrained, as is typical for Volkswagen. Plus, the car has good technical characteristics, a comfortable lounge, a decent organization of the driver's seat.

This is not the brightest, but practical, safe and reliable machine that is worth its money and deservedly enters our top.


chevrolet lacetti за 500

Lacetti - budget, high-quality, reliable and durable car

This model has not been updated for a long time, because gradually its relevance decreases. But not in the secondary market. Here the Chevrolet product is one of the most popular and sought after.

Lacetti can be positioned as a budget, high-quality, reliable and durable car. At the same time, he combines a stylish appearance, roomy interior and economy.

On the Lacetti will not have to spend a lot during maintenance, spare parts are cheap enough. But reliability is amazing. That is why the car is so popular and interests those who need to get a durable car for little money.


0 за 500 тысяч

За 500 тысяч рублей можно найти 0 в хорошем состоянии за 2011 – 2016 годов

An interesting car in the performance of the company Hyundai, which attracts with its appearance, practicality and technical characteristics.

0 выпускается в кузове хэтчбек и универсал, что позволяет покупателю выбрать оптимальный для себя формат. Хэтчбек более компактный и молодёжный, а универсал отлично подойдёт для молодого семейства.

In general, Hyundai recently ceases to please. Markedly improved build quality, the design has become more attractive, and with a combination of dynamism and efficiency of power plants there are no problems.

Если говорить про доступные 500 тысяч рублей, то за них можно найти 0 в хорошем состоянии за 2011 – 2016 годы. Только с самыми свежими авто будьте аккуратнее, поскольку ниже 500 тысяч они могут стоить только при наличии скрытых проблем. Лучше не рисковать.


Ford Focus for 500

Over 500 thousand rubles to find a car about 2010 - 2016 release

One of the leaders of our rating. The Ford Focus is one of the best-selling cars in the world.

Therefore, the demand for it among used cars will surprise no one. Stylish appearance, excellent build quality, roomy interior with well-thought-out ergonomics and economical engines make the Focus a desirable car for many potential buyers.

Depending on your preferences or needs, you can take a model in the sedan, station wagon or hatchback. They all offer a spacious luggage compartment, but the wagon is out of competition.

The new model from the cabin costs from 800 thousand, which allows for 500 thousand rubles to find a car approximately 2010 - 2016 release.


Opel Astra for 500

With the specified budget, you can find cars 2010 - 2015 release 

A worthy alternative to the American Ford Focus by Opel.

After serious tests that fell on the fate of the automaker, Opel managed to gather with new forces and create a number of really great cars.

Among them is the Astra model. With the specified budget, you can find cars 2010 - 2015 release. The assortment of body versions has a wagon, hetchekke and sedan.

The model has a very interesting, attractive and dynamic appearance with notes of a sporty character. This is confirmed by the technical characteristics.

The car is practical, reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Therefore, it is a worthy candidate in the leaders of our rating.


Solaris for 500

Solaris for 500 thousand rubles in excellent condition and rich configuration, you can take 2013 - 2016 release

Another inexpensive car that can be bought on the secondary market in a very fresh state.

Model sedan from the company Hyundai produced since 2008. A new car costs from 600 thousand rubles in 2017. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a Solaris in excellent condition and a rich configuration even for 2013 - 2016.

The car is practical, roomy, with a fairly well-organized interior space and a well-developed driver’s seat. The technical characteristics fully satisfy the needs of a city dweller, both in terms of dynamics and economic indicators.

The car justifies its cost and does not require large maintenance costs. Because a place in the ranking for Solaris provided.


kia rio for 500

Over 500 thousand you can afford the version of 2013 - 2016

One of the favorites of the domestic public in the performance of the company Kia.

The Rio model quickly gained popularity in Russia. Active sales of new cars make it possible to find a used version among a rich assortment.

Although the Korean car has been produced since 1998, you can afford the 2013 - 2016 version. After all, the new Rio model costs from 600 thousand rubles.

Interesting updates took place in April of the year before last (2015), when the sedan and hatchback versions were released in a new version. Because it is on these Rio we recommend that you focus on choosing a used Korean car.

The machine is practical, comfortable inside with an interesting interior and reliable body. Perfectly adapted to the urban conditions of operation, although on the highway in the insult itself will not give. If you need a good and inexpensive to maintain a car, with an eye on city driving with periodic departures outside the city, then the Rio will be a worthy candidate to replenish your garage.


folksvagen polo for 500

Polo - budget car in the assortment of the German auto giant

Inexpensive car performed by Volkswagen.

The Polo model is positioned as a budget car in the assortment of the German auto giant. Hence the impressive popularity. With a low price, the manufacturer offers decent technical characteristics, a very high-quality body, in which durability there is no doubt.

Plus, the car has a good technical characteristics, restrained German design and an increased level of practicality.

Choosing a Polo allows you to buy yourself a real Volkswagen for little money and not spend a lot on its content. This, for example, the same Passat can not boast.


reno logan for 500

For 500 thousand you can take the version of the last years of release in the maximum configuration

One of the most practical cars in the world among all that offers the Russian secondary market.

The Renault company has taken an important step by updating the frankly boring and uninteresting interior not so long ago. Largely because of him, Logan has lost an impressive part of the audience, although he doesn’t particularly complain about sales figures.

French budget car costs from 470 thousand rubles from the cabin. Therefore, for your 500 thousand you can take the version of the last years of release in the maximum configuration.

We advise you to take Logan in a new design. The car retained all its advantages and became much prettier. This makes the purchase competent, practical and inexpensive. Logan content is quite budget, but the car will be able to serve a very long and trouble-free.


Octavia damage by 500

Over 500 thousand rubles guided around 2012 - 2015 years of release

Worthy completion for our rating and, according to many motorists and experts, is one of the best cars that can be bought on the secondary market with such a budget.

Focus around 2012 - 2015 years of release. This is the best option for buying a used Octavia, since the model will be fresh, and the risks to get on cars with hidden serious problems are much less.

Octavia offers a spacious cabin, a huge luggage compartment, excellent organization of passenger and driver's seats, excellent technical characteristics and low fuel consumption. There is a choice between sedan or station wagon.

There are versions with both full and front-wheel drive. Under the hood are economical engines in the development of which the most directly involved Volkswagen engineers.

The cost of operating Skoda is also quite low. Because the Octavia model can be considered almost the best candidate in the leaders of the rating.

And which car would you call the best for 500 thousand rubles and why? Write your versions, leave comments and be sure to subscribe!