Demand for lada west grows like a snowball

Спрос на Lada West растет как снежный ком By the end of March this year the number of sold sedans Lada Vesta three times higher than in January. Dealers are rubbing their hands and getting ready for the fact that if the growth of popularity of the novelty stops, it will not be very soon. Among the reasons that influenced the progress of the popularity of domestic auto industry products, Avtovaz employees call not only keeping prices at the same level, while the main competitors went up in price by thirty to fifty thousand wooden ones, but also the fact that the Russians finally felt the taste of a real car, about which so long dreamed of. Over the past March, Russian motorists snapped up more than 4,600 cars Lada Vesta. This is more than half the February figures, when 2,955 new sedans were purchased in the country, and almost three times ahead of the modest sales pace in January 2016, when only 1,643 left the dealerships Lada Vesta.

AvtoVAZ management initially planned to sell fifty-sixty thousand new ones before the end of the year. sedans Lada Vesta, about four to five thousand units per month. The March reporting figures suggest that if this continues, these targets will be achieved by the end of December. And no crisis situation falling in love with Lada West Russian motorists will not hurt to buy the desired device. Спрос на Lada West растет как снежный ком "The Russians tasted the car," approximately these words were spoken by the leadership of the car factory. And once tasted, they will take. Moreover, Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio, which are the main rivals of this car in its market segment since January 2016, have risen in price by thirty to fifty kilorubbles. And the cunning AvtoVAZ with which tsenik started massive sales Vesta, with such still and sells. Why overpay for the "Koreans", if you can take the same "Russians" at a more tasty price?

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Besides that Price tags on Lada Vesta for three months have not changed, the purchase can be cheapened by participation in special promotions, which announced the Russian auto giant. Their action, by the way, is spread throughout April, so if someone wants to bring Vesta to the house, he will run to the car dealerships. Under the recycling program and trade inu, the cumulative benefit for Vesta’s buyer will be about seventy thousand rubles. Спрос на Lada West растет как снежный ком In addition, over the past March, the Russians bought one and a half thousand Lada Xray, the so-called "high hatchback". This is more than two times more than in February, although the X-Ray sale was started not from the beginning of the month, but from the middle. The region in which both new products of our car industry are most bought is Tatarstan.