How to remove stickers from the car

You can often see things on the bumper and the rear window of the car: all sorts of advertising stickers, parking tickets, car makers' stickers, etc. Sooner or later, the owner of the vehicle has a desire to get rid of such tuning, but this is not easy to do because, over time, the stickers very firmly sit on the surface, and the glue changes its properties under the influence of direct sunlight and temperature drops. It is difficult and long to remove the self-hardened film with the help of the blade, besides it does not peel off, there is a risk of scratching the surface of the vehicle. There is a natural question: how to remove a sticker without visible traces of glue without spoiling the paintwork of the car?

Remove the sticker from the car body

Stickers on cars


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  • 3 How to remove the sticker from the glass of the car?
  • 4 Remove the sticker from the car
  • 5 Remove scotch from the body

The cost of removing films, advertisements, stickers

In order not to puzzle over the process and not lose time, you can send your car to the salon, where unwanted items will be removed in two accounts. The price for such pleasure is calculated only after: inspection, assessment of the degree of complexity and deduction of dimensions. Thus, the approximate cost of dismantling glue from the flat sides of the car and the removal of advertising films varies from 200 rubles per meter. But as for polyurethane or vinyl film, the approximate price goes from one and a half thousand for the part. If you have enough time and are ready to finish the job, proceed to the independent consideration of the issue.

General information

To remove the sticker from the car body is a responsible and laborious process, as the films and decorative stickers behave differently. Some depart without difficulty, and some completely attached to the surface. It depends on many reasons: on quality, pasting age, manufacturer and operating conditions. If we talk about vinyl stickers, then all with the exception of magnetic and temporary labels are designed for one-time use, so they have a special adhesive that is resistant to frost and heat. For this reason, you can not just wash off the film with water. When the sticker has served for three years, it becomes covered with microscopic cracks, begins to polymerize, and also shrink. Invisible cracks externally lead to the fact that during the removal there is a break into small pieces.

How to remove stickers from the car

The process of removing the stickers

It is easiest to remove the glue residue after removing the labels from the glasses under the action of hot air. This method is far from harmless. Sometimes there may be a color change in the glass. Heating is able to discolor the protective film of the windshield or rear window, which is present in one of the many layers of the car glass. Note that hot air can also deform the center console of a car. Therefore, all of the following methods for removing labels are performed at your own risk.

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As for advertising texts and applications, a hairdryer is also used here, and chemical compounds are used to remove glue, which remove glue particles without changing the paint surface. If the stickers were on the car for a long time, then it would be more expedient to drive it to the salon, since in most cases unbroken places remain on the surface of the body parts. They are cleaned by polishing. You can remove such places yourself if you wait a while until the surface burns out and becomes a uniform color.

If we consider a car with fully sealed parts of the body, then everything is more complicated. Especially if the film is advertising or decorative. Because through transparent vinyl films that have a protective anti-gravel nature, it is possible to consider coating the paint for defects, and in this case it is impossible to find out what is under the film. Therefore, removing it, you can touch the damaged pieces of paint. In the event that you recently bought a car, but for some reason it was tightened with a film by the previous owner, it is not recommended to rent it yourself. Professionals will either remove and paint the damaged surfaces, or cover the car with a new film. The work is a jeweler, as vinyl films are tenacious and will pull not only paint, but also putty.

Remove sticker from vehicle glass

Warming up with hairdryer stickers

How to remove the sticker from the car window?

If the sticker on the glass is glued not so long ago, then you need to try to remove it without any chemical effect. Just gently skim the edge with your fingernail or knife. Slowly pull off without making sudden jerks. If you remove the sticker from the glass of the car just did not work out, we take a hairdryer. We heat the label for about five minutes with hot air. But before you start the main process you need to prepare the surface and the space around it. Wipe the place of work with a damp cloth. Then pre-adjust the temperature on the hair dryer. Lift to the label, make sure that the device is not close to the surface - keep a distance.

No hair dryer, use a lamp. After that, immediately you need to rip the film so that it does not have time to cool. When the sticker fails to hook, you need to apply a rubber spatula. In the end we use polish. Do not want to risk use the unconventional method. Apply vegetable oil to the surface to be removed and leave until morning, then remove. You can also soak the label with alcohol or acetone, applying a rag or cotton swab for a few minutes. It is worth being careful if the sticker is on the inside of the glass, as fallen drops of acetone can melt upholstery or plastic parts.

Remove sticker from car window

After removing the sticker, traces of glue remain.

You can contact the departments specializing in such labels, often they are engaged not only in manufacturing, but also in the removal of their products.

Remove the sticker from the car

Remove the sticker from the bumper as you can with the glass, hair dryer. Here are some more methods:

  1. Apply a wallpaper stripper to the sticker and wait a while until the surface is soaked. Next, remove the spatula, what has departed. Continue applying the agent until the sticker and glue disappear. To return the color and shine to the surface, you can polish it.
  2. We use the tool WD-40. We put on protective gloves and soak the sticker with chemicals. After trying a plastic spatula to remove the film. Must go off the most part, to get rid of the residues use a hair dryer. After the surface has been cleaned, but small glue marks remain, we soak them in vinegar. Remove leftovers with a cloth and polish or use wax.
  3. We apply proven chemicals. You can buy them in specialized automotive stores or online stores of household chemicals. This method is the most reliable and proven, as the composition of the liquid quickly and without a trace removes stickers from any surface. When applying it is very important to remember the safety of eyes and hands. In the same stores you can buy special goggles. It is necessary to use means strictly according to the instruction. Any chemical agent can not be used for a long time, because with prolonged exposure it can burn through protective gloves. It may not be possible to completely remove the sticker at one time, so you need to wait until the surface is completely dry, and then repeat the procedure again.

    Remove sticker

    Removing traces of glue after stickers

Here are the 12 most common means for removing stickers and glue:

  • UHU liquid;
  • Meyer Chemie;
  • Würth Industry Clean;
  • Nigrin;
  • Mellerud;
  • Cleanextreme Sticker / Adhesive Remover;
  • TESA;
  • Pesto;
  • Solvent 50 Contact Chemie;
  • Damn it;
  • Wepos Sticker Remover;
  • HG.

When the question of how to remove the stickers from the car is considered, there remains one more thing - glue. Remove the sticker - this is half the battle. Eliminate dried glue is much harder. You can go back to the folk remedy and try gasoline. Just soak them clots of glue, and after a while, try to remove it.

Remove scotch from the body

It is equally important to know how to remove the tape from the surface of the car. This situation occurs after self-painting of the vehicle. The use of a solvent only worsens the situation, therefore a special circle consisting of rubber is used here. The product must be placed on the drill or screwdriver, then at medium speed you need to remove the scotch remnants. In addition, a similar method can be used to remove the labels. You can also remove scotch residue with alcohol, which does not affect the paint of the machine. After the alcohol compress you should use penetrating lubricant WD-40. Next, you must again treat the place with antiseptic to degrease the surface.