Duel brotherly: volkswagen jetta and skoda octavia?


Нечасто бывает так, что автомобили, выпущенные одним производителем, становятся прямыми конкурентами внутри занятой ниши. Но в этой статье мы поговорим как раз о таком случае. Две машины гольф-класса, которые хорошо знакомы местным автомобилистам, станут участниками традиционной виртуальной дуэли. В этот раз в автомобильном бойцовском клубе встретятся Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia. Возможно, для кого-то это станет новостью, но эти модели, хоть и носят различные маркетинговые приставки, на самом деле являются продуктом одного и того же крупного концерна. Путёвку в жизнь этим машинам дал VW Group. Может показаться: ну, и что тогда здесь сравнивать? Машины находятся в одном сегменте и наверняка изготовлены по аналогии… Но так ли это? Забегая вперёд, скажем: что будут сюрпризы, поэтому сравнение более чем уместно. Итак, Джетта или Октавия — что лучше?

Одни из лучших представителей автомобилей гольф-класса - Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia

Одни из лучших представителей автомобилей гольф-класса — Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia

We will be familiar

Let's start with the names. It seems that both of them have a feminine sound. And then an unexpected turn: on the passport Jett - not the lady. The manufacturer recommends to use this name in the masculine.

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In the sixth generation

Well, the Jetta was developed on the Golf platform, which the designers in 1979 supplied with a separate luggage compartment and turned it into a new model. Since then, the car has experienced a number of restyled interventions, and in 2010 the public met with the sixth generation of the Jetta.

Second chance

But with the femininity of the name Octavia, no one argues. The roots of the car go back to 1959, where they immediately cling tightly to the markets of Western Europe. The car was simple, but had excellent driving characteristics and high-quality body. In those years, Octavia was tightly represented at various festivals and competitions of international level, where she did not hesitate to collect maximum awards.

But the production of Octavia was suspended indefinitely for a number of reasons in 1971. And only after the Czech automobile company and the Skoda brand were bought out by Volkswagen, Octavia was given a second chance.

Counter argument

In 1997, she again went into circulation. But it was a completely different car. And, you have to admit, everything was played like a note. Auto accepted very well. She put forward such an argument with which many competitors can not argue now. Excellent German quality at a reasonable Czech price. Here! Try, interrupt such a sentence ...

Car model:Volkswagen JettaSkoda Octavia
Producing country:GermanyCzech Republic
Body Type:sedanhatchback
Number of places:55
Number of doors:45
Engine capacity, cubic cm:24882998
Power, l. c./about min .:105/2000105/2750
Maximum speed, km / h:190194
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,710,8
Type of drive:frontfront
CAT:6 automatic transmission7 automatic transmission, 5 manual transmission
Fuel type:dieseldiesel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​4.9; track 4.0city ​​4.6; track 3.5
Length, mm:46444659
Width, mm:17781814
Height, mm:14821461
Clearance, mm:139140
Tire size:205/55 R16195/65 R15; 205/55 R16
Curb weight, kg:14151305
Full weight, kg:19201855
Fuel tank capacity:5550

Octavia also took a lot from the Golf. It has a moderate “appetite” and pleases the luggage compartment of increased capacity - in some versions it can take on board more than 1.5 thousand liters.

Pay more?

Nevertheless, many drivers, regardless of whether they want to drive a Jetta or Octavia, were initially deterred by the price. After all, even though Octavia is cheaper than the Jetta, both their cars are inferior in terms of cost to their external competitors.

For example, to buy Volkswagen, on average, you need about 24 thousand dollars. For Skoda, this figure runs within the "green" twenty. It is clear that in the "C" class today you can find cheaper options. The same Korean and even Japanese models are more accessible. So is it worth paying more? Do Volkswagen Jetta or Skoda Octavia deserve the attention of Russian motorists?

Who will win?

Compare Jett and Octavia can, for example, based on the model with 1.6-liter engines. Both on manual transmission.

Open your face ...

Confrontation Skoda Octavia vs Volkswagen Jetta starts with the evaluation of external data. Against the background of the Jetta, the Octavia young lady looks like a school teacher - the correct features and a strict look. There are no frills, everything is neat, simple and without frills.

The appearance of the car Skoda Octavia

Jetta also immediately hints: he is not a simple guy. The idea of ​​progressiveness and hypermodernity is “sewn up” in the interior. “To be fashionable, to be in fashion,” this motto seems to have migrated to the Volkswagen salon ...

The appearance of the car Volkswagen Jetta

Interior pattern

But we open the door and see that the interiors of the Jett and Octavia are as if by one pattern. Even the ashtrays are the same! Only donut, perhaps a little different.

Inside the car Skoda Octavia

The quality of the materials that designers have chosen to finish will please even the experienced motorist. The developers did not save on this.

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In the cabin of the car Volkswagen Jetta

Another point: although it contradicts the mat, but the Skoda looks a bit more spacious.

Tracks ran

But the roads of our duelists diverge as soon as the ignition is turned on. Here, the Volkswagen Jetta vs. Skoda Octavia puts forward a “noise” argument. Jetta was quiet and proudly demonstrates its sound insulation, even at high speeds and during acceleration. But Octavia likes to make some noise, especially when starting or adjusting the gearbox.

Reading mind

What else is marked by experienced, so this is a perfect tandem of the Jetta with the car owner. The car is so obedient that it seems the driver's thoughts are reading. In the case of Octavia, such a “love at first sight”, alas, will not work. But it is definitely possible to get used to, and even then the Skoda will also be soft and docile.

Test drive car Skoda Octavia:

Do not skid!

Continuing the comparison of the Jetta and Octavia, one can not say about the features of ASR. Both models have such a moment: if you block the anti-slip system, you can run into trouble. The turn becomes hard, and at high speeds, it seems, is about to lose control.

Good pace

You can compare the Jetta and the Octavia also in ride quality. Let's say that with all the safety precautions, you can expect good dynamics from these machines. Engines for 1.6 liters, for example, give out 102 "horse". Cars give a good pace, confidently gaining speed and are ready to immediately change the style of driving. The only time is a reverse “deficit” in the crankshafts, so you should be especially careful when overtaking.

Test drive a Volkswagen Jetta:

Your choice gentlemen

What is the result? What to choose, Octavia or Jetta? Let's just say: Jetta is more suitable for drivers who are to sports types of cars. Jetta vs Octavia is quieter and more comfortable inside, but at the same time a characteristic and bright car outside.

But those motorists who want to buy a reliable car, but they are constrained by the budget, you should pay attention to the Skoda. The model is comparable in quality and driving characteristics with German Volkswagen, but it is much cheaper.