Decoding vin car code. how to find out about the car on the

For most car enthusiasts, this 17-character set of characters seems incomprehensible, even mysterious. However, you can learn almost everything from the wine code about the car, because the VIN code contains almost all information about it. This is a passport or a kind of DNA of any vehicle.


  • What is a VIN code? What is it for?
  • How to learn VIN-code?
  • VIN Decryption
  • How to check the VIN code of the car?
  • Overview of online services for decoding car code wines

What is a VIN code? What is it for?

This standardization system was adopted in the second half of the 20th century. It is regulated by the ISO 3779-1983 standard. The abbreviation VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) means a unique identification number.

Prior to its adoption, it was possible to identify the car by body and engine numbers. Fraudsters interrupted, cut them down, trying to "confuse the tracks", to prevent the traffic police to track the history of the car, to determine its current owner.

Initially, the VIN code consisted of 7 digits and was applied to the chassis. Now it contains 17 characters (numbers and Latin letters). It contains a large amount of information. By wine code you can learn about the car almost everything:

  • identify the manufacturer and current owner;
  • read the history of operation;
  • find out technical specifications;
  • specify the year of manufacture, car mileage, participation in an accident;
  • read the complete set.

Decoding the vehicle's vin code is required when buying a used vehicle, because unscrupulous sellers can hide the true state of affairs from the buyer, provide inaccurate data. But even if you purchase a new car in a car dealership, deciphering the wines of a car code for free through Internet services, you can refine its model year, model, select the type of engine oil, and get acquainted with other necessary information.

Enter the wines and click on the button "Check VIN".

4. Website

Only basic information will be given to you free of charge.

4. Website

For details, you will need to pay a small amount. In this case, you will learn the most complete information about the vehicle, its history of operation.

In any case, the inspection is very convenient. It takes very little time, and the data about the car is displayed directly on the monitor screen.