Mitsubishi pajero will be cheaper by three hundred thousand

Mitsubishi Pajero будет дешевле на триста тысяч весь сентябрь

The Japanese, as opposed to automakers who announced a rise in price of their models from the beginning of autumn 2015, decided not to aggravate their already difficult relationship with the buyer and leave the "summer" promotional prices until the end of September for several Mitsubishi car brands. Thus, the classic “Padzherik” went “into a minus” to three hundred kilorubles, and its sports version, Outlander, ASX and L200 will not be so drastically dropped, but they will still be dropped. Mitsubishi Pajero будет дешевле на триста тысяч весь сентябрь So, the whole of September Mitsubishi Pajero 2014 Today it costs from 1 719 to 2 520 thousand rubles. The 2015 version will be available for those who want to buy for 1880-2800 kilorubles. All-wheel drive SUV has two gasoline engines and one diesel unit in the engine range. 3- and 3.8-liter gasoline engines develop efforts, respectively, 178 and 250 horses; The 3.2-liter diesel "squeezes" 200 horsepower. In matters of transmission, the engines work with both the "mechanics" and the "automatic". Mitsubishi Pajero будет дешевле на триста тысяч весь сентябрь Best of all Japanese cars for sale this year Mitsubishi Outlander. Today, its basic version can be bought for 1 million 110 thousand rubles. The top grade will cost the buyer in 1830 thousand. Savings on stocks will be about 150-180 thousand rubles. Outlander is collected completely at the Kaluga Automobile Plant, it is produced both with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Its engines are only petrol. The two-liter develops efforts 146 horses, 2.4-liter presses 167, and three-liter - 230 horsepower.

Mitsubishi L200 2014 slide show year stopped the price in the range from 1,060 to 1,590 thousand rubles. Version 2015 is 170 thousand more expensive. The engine line of this all-wheel drive pickup is represented only by two 2.5-liter diesel engines for 136 and 178 horsepower. Transmission both mechanical and automatic.

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Mitsubishi ASX, also having a good demand among Russian car enthusiasts, until the end of the first autumn month can be bought for amounts from 850 to 1,540 kilorubles (concerns last year’s cars, 2014). The 2015 version is forty to fifty thousand more expensive. Drives both front and full. Diesel in the configuration is not provided. Three benzomotora: 1.6-liter for 117 horses, 1.8-liter for 140 and two-liter gives out at the peak of a hundred and fifty horsepower. Mechanics and CVT are available as transmissions. Mitsubishi Pajero будет дешевле на триста тысяч весь сентябрь Sports Pajero Sport will cost today the buyer in 1 660 000-2000000 rubles. Under the hood, he settled a 222-strong three-liter gasoline engine or a 178-horsepower 2.5-liter gasoline unit. Diesel works only with automatic transmission, the gasoline engine is aggregated with both automatic and mechanics.

Sell ​​Mitsubishi in Russia over the past year have collapsed by 50 percent, but the Japanese, however, are confident that they will be able to sell about forty thousand cars by the end of the year. Most of them - Mitsubishi Outlander.