How to choose a liquid for flushing nozzles?

Liquid for washing nozzles will allow to cope with sediments formed due to the use of low-quality gasoline, diesel. For washing it is worth using compositions from well-reputable manufacturers. Usually they are poured into the gas tank, directly into gasoline. The flushing fluid for the injector will help to clear the light blockages of the injectors. Especially often requires cleaning diesel.

nozzle flushing fluid


  • What to look for when choosing a fluid for flushing, cleaning nozzles?
  • Cleaning fluid for injectors RVS-Master
  • Liqui Moly Nozzle Cleaning Fluid
  • Hi-Gear Wash Fluid
  • Professional washes
    • Wynns nozzle flushing fluid
    • Detergent for injectors "Lavr"

What to look for when choosing a fluid for flushing, cleaning nozzles?

It is important to remember: the nozzle cleaning fluid is not a panacea for clogging the injector. But in some situations, detergent is enough. To avoid negative effects on the engine, it is necessary to carefully examine the basic properties of the injector cleaning fluid. There are only 2 types of products of this type on the market:

  • direct action;
  • flushing poured into the tank.

Many car owners first of all are guided by the reviews of previously using the corresponding brand of washing liquid for injectors, nozzles. This practice is obviously wrong. Since not any composition is suitable for a specific vehicle. Before use, you should consult with an injection specialist. The optimal solution is to use the composition recommended by the automaker.

Important features of the choice of fluids for cleaning the injector:

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Wynns nozzle flushing fluid

Wynns flushing fluid

Vince is one of the most powerful professional cleaners for the fuel system. Deletes old mineral pollution on valves, injector nozzles. It is possible to restore the fuel system even after heavy pollution. A number of experts assure of the possibility of replacing ultrasonic cleaning with Wynns detergent.

It is important to be as careful as possible when using the injector cleaning fluid. Since Wynns includes a lot of aggressive chemical elements. Failure to comply with the recommendations is likely to disable the piezoelectric elements of the injection system. This will lead to a complete failure of the injector. Another feature of "Vince" - the need to change the candles after applying the liquid.

Detergent for injectors "Lavr"

Detergent for injectors

"Lavr" - a domestic alternative to the American composition for washing injectors Wynns. The choice of what liquid to clean, it is better to entrust the experts. Many experts confirm the statement of the manufacturer: "Lavr" copes much better with the removal of deposits of heavy metals, iron from the surfaces of parts. The use of liquids is not allowed on all vehicles.

The composition of the detergent for washing "Lavr" includes a lot of aggressive substances. Therefore it is necessary to follow the rules of use. After washing, you will need to replace the candles. With a probability of 90% they will fail in the process of using the composition for washing.

The choice of fluid for washing your own car remains with the owner. But the best solution is to contact the specialists for preliminary consultation. It will allow you to choose the optimal liquid for flushing, to avoid breakage of the fuel system of the car.