The russian representative office of volkswagen reduced the

Российское представительство Volkswagen удешевило все комплектации Tiguan Compact crossover Фольксваген Tiguan decently cheaper. In particular, the basic assembly Tiguana will cost the buyer now cheaper than before, a half hundred thousand rubles. Discount touched all trim levels Tiguana. Базовая сборка (Trend&Fun), переднеприводная, со 122-сильным 1,4-литровым турбодвигателем под капотом сегодня обойдется покупателю в 1 млн 179 тыс рублей. Максимальная, Sport, 4х4, с 211-сильным двухлитровым двигателем сегодня стоит 1 млн 875 тыс рублей. Выгода по максимальной сборке составляет восемьдесят тысяч рублей, по сравнению с прежним ценником. Как говорят в офисе бренда, к имеющимся скидкам можно добавить еще скидку по трейд-ину.

It is worth recalling that под капотом Tiguana for the Russian market, the following engines are installed: a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with a hundred and fifty horsepower, and a two-liter engine with 180 horses. As transmission is used manual transmission and automatic.

In the basic configuration Tiguana sixteen-inch steel "rollers" are installed. Climate control, heated front seats, wiper nozzles are also heated, there is a start-stop system and an emergency braking system, there is an assistant at the start of the hill, on the center console the main place is given to a five-inch multimedia touch screen monitor. There is a motion stabilization system, anti-skidding with anti-skidding, "differential" lock, side and front airbags. Российское представительство Volkswagen удешевило все комплектации Tiguan By the way, it will be said that in 2017, most likely, in February, the Russian car market will arrive Volkswagen Tiguan second generation. Despite this, the past generation of crossovers will be sold on a par with the new product. There would be only money from Russians thirsty for Volkswagen. And now somehow everything is credit and hopeless. Actually, the compact crosses are cheaper. Need to look at the Korean models. At least, they have front wheel drive cars for a more reasonable price. The Germans, of course, the quality, but the Koreans, in recent times not lagging behind.

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Российское представительство Volkswagen удешевило все комплектации Tiguan