How to recover pts on cars

The main document allowing to carry out legal operations with a car is the vehicle passport (PTS). His loss for the owner creates additional trouble associated with the need to re-register the car in the internal affairs bodies. However, not all car owners know how to restore the vehicle to a car when it is lost, what to do and what documents are needed for such an operation.

It is advisable not to delay the re-issuance of documents, as fraudsters can use the lost or stolen documents in their favor, and cars with the same registration data may appear on the roads of the country. In this case, the original car can be removed, as illegitimate. It is necessary to apply for new PTS in the same department of MREO, in which the registration of the car took place.


  • 1 Required documents for the recovery of TCP
  • 2 Problems with the necessary documents
  • 3 How to go for a new passport for cars
  • 4 Recovery by power of attorney
  • 5 Possible problems with the restoration of the passport of the vehicle
  • 6 Lack of TCP and its consequences

Required documents for the recovery of TCP

Before you restore the TCP on the car, you need to collect a full package of documents for this procedure. Often, when a TC passport is lost for any reason, there is also a loss of accompanying documents. After all, most of us keep all important papers in one place.

how to restore the TCP on the machine if lost

Form PTS

To resume the TCP need:

  • civil passport of the vehicle owner;
  • certificate of registration of cars (ITS);
  • confirmation of the purchase / sale of the car;
  • general power of attorney (if the bearer controls the vehicle according to this document);
  • policy of compulsory auto insurance;
  • application for re-registration of the TCP;
  • Explanatory note on the loss of the document, in free form;
  • confirmation of payment of state duty (certified receipt).

Problems with the necessary documents

Sometimes it is impossible to collect a complete package of documents for recovery. In this case, it is necessary to carry out additional work and obtain either copies or duplicates of the required papers. So, if there is no civil passport, then in the internal affairs bodies during the day will be issued a temporary certificate. You will need two photos on the passport office.

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In order to have a certificate of purchase / sale of the car in your hands, you can contact the former owner for a copy. Her need to notarize. The notary will also be needed when restoring the general power of attorney.

Before you recover the TCP for the loss, you can get a duplicate of the MTPL insurance policy at the insurance company. When payment was made through a bank, it would not be a problem to receive an extract with a duplicate payment receipt.

To pay the state duty you will need 1300 rubles. This amount takes into account 500 rubles for updating the JTS, in which new data from the car's passport is written. It also includes payment of 800 rubles for the replacement of the passport of the vehicle.

how can I recover the TCP on the machine if it is lost

Documents to recover TCP

The penalty for the loss of TCP by the administrative code of the Russian Federation is not provided.

Therefore, if extra money is extorted from the driver, these are illegal fees.

How to go for a new passport for cars

To complete the transfer of all documents, you can arrive at MREO on the same car, if the driver has the appropriate certificate with open categories and a CTP policy on the car. PTS for driving a car is not required.

If these documents are not available, then it is necessary to stipulate an inspection of the vehicle or its delivery to the MREO on an individual basis. For this procedure, even suitable tow.

Power of Attorney Recovery

If there is no possibility to involve the owner of the car in this case, then it is possible, in the presence of a general power of attorney, to recover the vehicle without the owner of the car. It is necessary only that such powers be indicated on the letter of attorney. In fact, by this document the owner delegates the right to dispose of the vehicle to another citizen.

The general power of attorney must include notarized data such as:

  • reliable and complete information about the principal;
  • reliable and complete information about the recipient of rights;
  • an exhaustive list of the rights and obligations of the parties;
  • the possibility of transfer;
  • final term of office;
  • the effective date of the document.
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Compliance with these formalities will help dispense with obtaining a duplicate of the PTS without the owner of the vehicle.

Possible problems with the restoration of the passport of the vehicle

Citizens who have fallen for legal reasons do not recommend that they indicate his theft as a reason for the loss of a vehicle's passport. Subsequent events will not accelerate, but, on the contrary, will delay the receipt of the necessary papers. Formally, traffic police officers are obliged to transfer information about the incident to the investigating authorities. They must open a case of theft and take investigative measures.

how to quickly recover the TCP on the machine when you lose

All this can last more than one month. At this time it will not be possible to carry out any legal actions with the car, since it will be necessary to wait until the end of the clerical work.

To avoid legal red tape will help streamlined wording about the loss of the document without giving a reason or under unknown circumstances.

Sometimes MREO employees may refuse to restore the TCP. In this case, it is necessary to require a written justification for appeal to higher authorities or to the court.

Legal such requirements can only be in such cases:

  • vehicle suspected of stealing;
  • cars with such numbers are on the wanted list;
  • objective legal restrictions on the re-registration of the car.

Any of these failures can be tried to protest if there is a written refusal.

Lack of TCP and its consequences

In the absence of a transport passport, it is impossible to sell a car or to issue it under a general power of attorney, since TCP is a mandatory document in such procedures. Also, it will not work to issue a CTP and there will be problems with the payment of CASCO.

how to recover cheap TCP on cars

Most buyers are often justifiably with caution relate to cars that have a duplicate title issued. The original document helps to track the history of the movement and re-registration of the car, if it is absent, then it is more problematic to check the car. However, an honest owner can, together with the future buyer, pass a check on the legal “cleanliness” of the car to the traffic police. In this way he will cause more confidence in himself and the vehicle being sold.