What is the minimum period of ctp for registration?

With the help of compulsory civil liability insurance, the state seeks to improve relations between road users in the event of an accident with damage. Insurance companies should deal with compensation in such a situation.

There are special conditions for the registration of this type of car insurance, but not everyone knows for what minimum period can be issued OSAGO. Indeed, in these relations there are concepts of the period of the contract and the period of use of the car. We will deal with these concepts.


  • 1 Definition of different periods
  • 2 The duration of the OSAGO
  • 3 Punishment for violation of the conditions of CTP
  • 4 Conclusion

Definition of different periods

In order to correctly establish any terms for the use of compulsory transport insurance, one must know that in Russia there are several categories of motor vehicles to be insured.

for what is the minimum period it is possible to issue a low-cost insurance policy

The division occurs by regional affiliation:

  • resident transport registered in the Russian Federation;
  • motor transport entered the long term for the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • transiting through the territory of the Russian Federation further.

For cars, which have Russian registration and regular numbers, the minimum insurance period for compulsory motor TPL insurance is 3 months.

A shorter period of insurance corresponds to a smaller amount of payment. However, this dependence is not proportional. Different periods have their own coefficient. For example, if the car owner wishes to issue a minimum period for CTP for registration in three months, he will pay half the price at a rate of 0.5.

If there is a desire to save and take advantage of insurance for 6 months, then the total annual amount will be multiplied by 0.7. Accordingly, the savings in this case will be 30%. The calculation is made according to the table of coefficients.

Considering the coefficients, it can be seen that with a shorter insurance period, every day a vehicle is used will cost more than with full payment per year.

When buying a CTP for several months, the car owner can “purchase” the remaining time in whole or in part, taking into account the money already spent. This means that by making 0.7 of the cost of the policy for the first 6 months, you can add 30% of the remaining amount in six months and safely reach the second 6 months.

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what is the minimum period of CTP for registration

Partial insurance can be distributed throughout the year in convenient periods. After paying 6 months, we choose a convenient time, for example, a couple of months in the spring, a couple in the summer and the rest in the autumn.

The duration of the OSAGO

For cars registered abroad, and entering for a short period of up to two weeks, it is required to buy a mandatory CTP for 5-15 days. Otherwise the owner will be fined.

For vehicles in transit, the period of compulsory policy is 20 days. Otherwise, the car must either leave the territory of Russia or formalize the standard version of the CTP insurance policy subject to conditions corresponding to the resident vehicle.

Punishment for violation of the conditions of CTP

There are two types of penalties for users. Both are financial. For the absence of CTP from the driver, the road inspector will demand to pay a fine of 800 rubles. If the policy implies the use of the car in a certain period, and the car owner went to a car outside this period, then the penalty will be 500 rubles.

what is the minimum period you can quickly get OSAGO

Car inspectors have the right to punish such offenses at least at every intersection. Therefore, in some cases, issue a CTP will be cheaper than regularly paying fines.


Making a policy for a shorter period will save a bit of finance. However, the amount and term will not be in direct proportion. You can also pay for the policy in parts, paying extra for the contract for three or six months.