What to choose: hyundai solaris sedan or hatchback?


You are going to buy an elegant sunny Hyundai Solaris car, but you can not decide what looks like a Hyundai Solaris sedan or a hatchback? We will help you! Each of the body options has its fans, the choice depends on the needs and purposes for which you purchase a car.

Hyundai Solaris

Each body type of Hyundai Solaris has its advantages.

Definition of body types

Так сложилось, что кузов типа седан ещё со времён СССР встречался чаще всего, ведь у седана багажник находится вне машины. Седан — это легковушка с закрытой кузовной частью. Многие придерживаются мнения, что автомобиль с закрытым кузовом имеет более представительный и солидный вид. Под хэтчбеком понимают кузов легковой машины с более короткой задней частью, у него багажник находится внутри машины. Нет разделения между салоном и багажником. Если в хэтчбеке сложить сиденья заднего ряда, то объём багажника существенно возрастает, и в таком случае имеет преимущество перед седаном в плане перевозки габаритных грузов.Читать далее о том, какой тип кузова Hyundai Solaris лучше-->

Classic elegance or futurism

In 2011, with the release of Hyundai Solaris models on the Russian market, earlier models such as the Hyundai Getz and the practically fresh Hyundai i20 were gradually superseded. This is not surprising, since Solaris surpasses these models in such important indicators as:

  • cost;
  • reliability;
  • ergonomics;
  • external characteristics.

Hyundai Solaris sedan

Initially, some time Solaris was produced only in the classic auto sedan, a little later, six months later, his brother came out on the market - a hatchback. Externally, in front of the car look almost identical, but it is worth considering them in profile, as the difference is striking. Sedan - elegant and dynamic, more compact and wavy hatchback. The hatchback has a more interesting form of taillights. Manufacturers of Solaris suggested that the model in the sedan may well act as the first and only car in the family, then, as the hatchback is more oriented as a second car, for example - for the spouse.

Hyundai Solaris Hatchback

Subject difference

If we consider the differences between the sedan and hatchback in absolute terms, they do not seem so striking. The length of the sedan body is 4 meters and 37 cm, and the model with the body door has a length of 4 meters 11 cm. It is worth noting that the space above the heads of the rear passengers in the classic Solaris car is 20 cm less than its shortened version. The remaining dimensions - the height and width of both cars are the same, as well as the clearance of 16 cm. This gives an advantage to the shortened model in urban environments. If we consider the trunk, then with the collected passenger seats, the luggage compartment of the hatchback will have an impressive volume - 1345 liters. With the standard arrangement of the seats, the boot volumes will be 370 liters and 454 liters, respectively, for the sedan. For the rest of the indicators - engine size and transmission of these models are the same. According to drivers, it can be argued that a car with a skewed auto body will behave more dynamically, even under rather poor road conditions than its counterpart in a classic body. But it is worth recalling that neither one nor the other machines are not designed to overcome the difficulties on the road.

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Hatchback trunk

Flour of choice

The problem of choosing a car body becomes especially relevant when it comes to budget options. Other things being equal, a car in a shorter body will cost less than its fellow in the classic version for the simple reason that it has spent less on its creation.

The traditional version of the body has the main advantage - prevents access to the cabin cold air when opening the rear tailgate, in contrast to its shortened relative. The interior of such a car warms up much earlier, since there is no need to warm up the trunk. The model with a shortened rear part is preferable when parking in reverse, dimensions are perfectly felt, and the curb does not cling. Also to the positive features include increased maneuverability on the road and the ability to transform the inside of the car, folding passenger seats. An additional bonus is the presence of a rear wiper.

Hyundai Solaris Sedan Review:

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Beauty or good

The problem of choosing the type of car body will be eliminated as soon as you clearly imagine for what you need a car, what functions it will have to perform. If you have a large family, a small child, and you often need to carry bulky cargo like a stroller or a refrigerator, your choice is a hatchback. If you are used to carry a lot of small loads in the trunk, or you just want classic elegance - your choice is a sedan.